memoryAdvantages of having a strong memory are infinite. You can easily memorize new information and keep it in your brain. Everyone in the world wishes to have a good memory. People see only the advantages of having a good memory. Have you ever considered its disadvantages? You may even think that having a strong memory has no disadvantages. If you think so, my further narration will change your opinion. Everything in this world has its advantages and disadvantages. Being rich may be very beneficial, and at the same, time your wealth may create loads of serious problems. Being poor may look disadvantageous but when you are poor, you have no fear of losing your money. Poor people have no assets, and thus, their sleep is very calm. Being extremely smart may seem to be very attractive but are you aware of the problems that clever people have in their life? Most of the genius people are very lonely and this is their destiny. Here is the famous saying of Arthur Schopenhauer: “Loneliness is the destiny of all great souls.”His saying is 100% true and does not even doubt it. 

Having a strong memory may have a multitude of different advantages and positive sides, but let me tell you about its negative sides.

Every one of us has had different terrible moments. Sometimes we feel shame ourselves when we remember different things that happened to us in past. All of us were insulted loads of times during our life. Some were indifferent troubles and put in sophisticated problems. You are familiar with the things that happened to you in your past. How often do you remember about them and how often do you try to forget about them? There is no single person in the world who have never had any troubles and problems. All of us have met evil people and sometimes we want to erase our memory. Thinking and reminding ourselves about our evil past is not the best way to have a good mood. 

People who have a weak memory may completely forget about something that happened to them in their past. Usually, these people are happier than people who have a strong memory. It is necessary to have good emotions in order to be happy. Consequently, you won’t be able to feel happy if you remind yourself of your past evil days. People with a weak memory do not encounter this problem. Some of them do not even remember the faces of their enemies. I have a good memory. I easily memorize numbers and other data. I remember what happened to me in my childhood, at my high school, and everything else. There were lots of terrible moments in my life and usually I wish to forget them all. I cannot do that because my memory is very strong. I remember everything in detail. I can exactly narrate to you the conversation that I had five or ten years ago. Yeah, that is my situation and there are loads of people who have the same problems. Do you know about the tools used in psychiatric clinics? There is such a thing called electroconvulsive therapy. This instrument completely erases your memory. The psychiatrist implemented electroconvulsive therapy on Ernest Hemingway when he was in a hospital. Specialists think that this tool is very effective because it lets them erase all the negative experiences a person had in his life. The major disadvantage of this therapy is that it erases all the memory. You will lose every knowledge and experience that you have in your mind. I do not suggest it to anyone. The fact that these tools are used tells us that a strong memory can be a considerable disadvantage. Having a strong memory may not let you be happy if you always remind yourself about your bad experience.  

Sometimes we are not satisfied with our current condition and we wish to have something else. We are not aware of how beneficial will be the thing that we want to have. If you have a weak memory that does not let you memorize different data, do not be upset and frustrated. Having a weak memory may be more beneficial and advantageous than a strong memory.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.