bloggingThere are no doubts that blogging is the most popular obsession on the Internet. Millions of people already have blogs and there are thousands of new blogs that start every single day. Let me give you some statistics about blogs. According to the newest data, there are 291.7 million blogs on the Internet. These numbers are bigger than a number of online stores and porn sites in the cyberspace.173 000 new blogs open on the Internet every day. Can you imagine yourself these numbers? There are 173 thousand people around the world who start blogging every day. Millions of online users read blogs more than twice a day. There is no need to give you more detailed statistic about blogs on the Internet. The popularity of blogging is really outstanding. We should accept this fact.

Have you ever considered about the factors that make blogging so popular and internationally spread? If you are a curious person, you must have been already wondering about the reasons that make blogs so widely used around the world. Have you ever questioned yourself why the numbers of online stores or porn sites are much less than the amount of blogs on the Internet? Let me explain to you why blogging is so popular. 


If blogging was expensive, no one would start a new blog. The main popularity of blogging is hidden in its great affordability. You may start blogging with a few dollars. You need to buy a domain name and pay for a monthly or an annual hosting. That won’t cost you too much. Purchasing a theme is not necessary because you always can use free themes. If you are absolutely broke and you have no money for a domain name and hosting, you will also be able to start a new blog right now. Ther are loads of services that offer you free domain names and hosting services. Make some researches in Googe and you will certainly find them. Blogging is available for everyone around the world. It is very easy to start a blog. Do you think that starting an online store would be so easy? What do you need to start an online trade business? First of all, you will need to have a good e-commerce website. It may be designed for you or you may buy a good e-commerce theme. Usually, these themes are not free and the cheapest of them will cost you at least 40 dollars. If you want to start trading online, you will need to have the items for sale. That means you will need to buy them. Can you do this if you have no money in your bank account? Of course no. There are also other options like dropshipping and they are not free. All of them demand monthly fees from the sellers who use their services. It is not easy to make a listing on your online store. It will take you several weeks to configure your online store and make a complete listing of your products. Thus, the process of launching a store is very complicated. 

Starting a blog is very easy. If you do not want to waste your time buying yourself a domain name, hosting and a premium theme, you may always use such online blogging platforms as or There are loads of free options on the Internet. If you are not too lazy, you will definitely find some of them.  

Why online services like Fiverr, Payoneer, or AudioJungle are not so widely spread on the Internet as blogs? You will need to have thousands of dollars to start the same projects. There are hundreds of people working for Fiverr and Payoneer. All of them require a monthly salary. The systems used in these online resources are not simple, and developing them requires money, time, and efforts. These kinds of websites will never be so widely spread as blogs. 

Blogging has a lot of advantages and benefits. Its great ease is one of the most important factors that make blogging the most popular online movement on the Internet. 

I did not intend to explain you all benefits and advantages of blogging in this article. I wanted to determine the most influential factor that makes blogging so widely-spread on the Internet. There are many factors that make blogging very popular. Yeah, blogging may be very profitable. It is prestigious to have a personal blog. It may be sometimes stress-relieving. Online stores are more profitable than blogging and it is also prestigious to have your personal store on the Internet. But why online trade is not so widely spread as blogging. The main reasons are that online stores are not easy to be started, and therefore, blogging wins this competition. Blogging is the most affordable online activity on the Internet and its ease is the most influential factor that makes blogs so popular in the cyberspace. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.