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seo продвижениеBlogging is considered to be the most time-consuming activity in cyberspace. It requires a lot of hard work. Building good, original content is not the easiest task. Blogging may be very attractive due to several reasons. It is very easy to start a blog and sometimes it may be absolutely free. The opportunity to express yourself is the second advantage of blogging. Writing can also enhance your business progress since blogs drive more traffic than other web resources. 

There are 290 million blogs on the Internet. Thousands of new blogs open every day and 98% of new bloggers stop blogging after 3 months. 98% percent of inspired people fail at the beginning of their web enterprise. There are a few blogs that are well-known and popular. Millions of blogs won’t be ever discovered. There are many reasons why newbies fail in the beginning. Let me explain to you some of the factors that cause their failure.


There are thousands of teenagers and housewives who start blogging simply to try it. They have heard about the people who make millions of dollars by blogging and they hope to have the same luck. People who fail, are not professionals and they never intend to become professionals. They are mere Internet users. Most of them have never made any money online. These amateurs do not know how SEO works and they are not aware of the factors that might make their blogs successful. Most of them have no knowledge of web science. 

When a person starts a blog to merely try blogging, he won’t be much disappointed if he fails. His intentions do not contradict the results he has. If you participate in a competition to merely participate, you surely won’t be frustrated if you do not win. This is what exactly happens with amateur bloggers. They do not have an exact objective. 


When we say that a blogger failed, we mean that he couldn’t make any money blogging, and therefore, he gave up blogging. Or we can mean that a blogger merely gave up blogging due to a multitude of different reasons. When I say that a blogger failed, I mean the person who started blogging to make money. This blogger did not see any significant results, and therefore, he gave up blogging. In this situation, we should treat blogging as a business. Every business needs to have an accurate business plan. There are a lot of factors that may improve and enhance your project, and at the same time, you need to be aware of the facts that may cause you a failure. Blogging requires a plan and a strategy. There are several steps that must be carried out before a person starts blogging. A blogger should know what will he blog about. Does he have enough information to write about a particular theme or a niche on a regular basis? Is he interested in that niche? I usually see different blogs on the Internet that have five or six posts and that’s all. When I check the date when the blog was established, I find out that it was opened a year ago or even more. That means that a person establishes a blog, writes five or six posts, and then forgets about it. There are tons of blogs that have the same problem. What conclusion can we make from these facts? This means that people do not have a clear vision of their future blog. They start it without thinking and making any strategy. Further, they discover that they have nothing to write about, or they are easily tired and exhausted by blogging. As a result, they forget about their blogs, and thus, they fail.

The absence of an exact vision and plan is one of the main reasons why beginning bloggers fail.  


Blogging requires a lot of time. Those famous bloggers whom you know, spend at least 8 hours everyday blogging. Do you know the reasons why they blog so frequently and on a regular basis? No one will read your blog if you have no enough content. It is necessary to write new posts every day in order to captivate the attention of your readers. When you visit a website that has no new posts during a long period of time, you will certainly stop sticking to it. There are tons of different web resources that generate new content every day, and therefore, a reader will always be able to find something that he is eager about. Blogging is especially difficult because you need to create original and good content. You need to spend a lot of time in order to do it. Professional bloggers spend a lot of time generating new ideas, editing texts, and photos. Specialists in blogging are the people who dedicate all their free time to blogging. Usually, these people have no regular job, and consequently, they are able to dedicate all their time to blogging.

New bloggers are usually preoccupied with their regular job. They have a few free hours every day and they decide to spend it on something more pleasurable than blogging. All they can do is to write a single blog post every week. Some days, they do not write anything. Readers won’t visit a blog that generates one blog post in a week. It is a pity amount. A blog must generate at least five good articles every day. It is not easy to write so much every day. In a result, new bloggers recognize that they have no much time to blog every day. Additionally, they see that nobody visits their blog, and thus, they absolutely lose all motivation to continue blogging. Blogging is a time-consuming activity. The absence of free time is one of the main reasons why new bloggers fail. 


Online business is less spread in the world than physical enterprises. Do you know the reasons for it? Both online commerce and physical one are profitable. Online business is more convenient than physical commerce. What do you need to make an online business? There is no doubt that you will need to have several qualities that will let you become successful in this field. Online businessmen spend a lot of time in front of a computer. Every activity and transaction are carried out online, and therefore, it is necessary to be in cyberspace as frequently as possible. There is a type of person who can feel very comfortable having this lifestyle. However, there are heaps of people who will find it really terrible to spend all the time in a room with a PC. There are active people who prefer to live in communication and more extroverted enterprises. 

Blogging is an online business, and as with every online enterprise, it requires specific qualities and characteristics. A person needs to be very patient while blogging. This activity is very meticulous. Editing text and photos are not the easiest tasks for people who are not attentive. Blogging requires specific intellectual skills and talents. All people were created for different purposes. Not everyone can blog successfully. 

The majority of new bloggers start blogging with the intention to make money. They realize that blogging may be profitable, and therefore, they start it as soon as possible. These newbies do not think whether blogging fits their personalities or it does not. Further, they recognize that they were not created for blogging, and thus, they give up.  


Have you already recognized that loads of blogs duplicate other blogs? There are several blog niches that are very overloaded. It is very popular to blog about blogging. That is why I strive to write about blogging as little as possible. When a person starts blogging, he multiplies his blogging knowledge and experience. Thus, he always has something to write about blogging. There are already lots of websites dedicated to online business, SEO, and affiliate marketing. When a blogger chooses a niche that is too overloaded on the Internet, he has pity chances to become successful in blogging. Originality and uniqueness of content are the key factors in blogging. There are loads of travel blogs on the Internet. What I have recognized is that all of them write about different trips, journeys, but their style is the same. Their content may be original but they are very weak when it comes to generating something really unique. Readers have a great variety of choices in cyberspace. They always want to have something tremendously good and awesome. The person who duplicates other blogs has no chance to captivate his potential readers. 

The absence of original and unique content is one of the main reasons why new bloggers fail very soon. 

Blogging is a science and every science requires a specific approach. People who do not treat blogging very seriously are very probable to fail at the beginning of their blogging enterprise. Blogging requires dedication, and those who have no enough free time to blog will also fail. Having the necessary qualities is the key factor in becoming a successful blogger. The absence of an exact plan also causes failures. There are loads of other reasons why new bloggers fail. I did not mention all of them because I always try to give you the most important and valuable information. 

Blogging is not so easy as it seems to be. Only 1% of bloggers succeed in this industry.  

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.