hedonistsHedonism is a philosophy that claims pleasure and happiness to be the most important priorities in our life. Hedonism is a philosophical school with loads of famous philosophers supporting it. I will not tell much about hedonism itself since it is not going to be a scientific or a philosophic talk. Mainly, it is absolutely enough for you to understand that hedonism makes propaganda of pleasure and happiness. For hedonists, pleasure is the main life priority.

I have near to no official knowledge about hedonism. At the same time, I clearly know what it means, and I know a lot of things about hedonists. During my life, I met loads of hedonists. They were differently young and old. All of them had different qualities. At the same time, there were a lot of different features that united all of them. Today, I will describe some of the facts about hedonists.

When I was younger, I was thinking that I was a hedonist. That time, I was not exactly realizing what hedonism means. I thought that everyone who loves pleasure can be called as a hedonist. In fact, that assumption was absolutely incorrect. Actually, all the people around the world want to be happy. All the people love different types of pleasures. All of us want to be satisfied. So what are the main differences between a hedonist and a simple person who want to be happy? Pleasure and happiness are the main life priorities of every hedonist. What is more, epicures are mainly aimed at physical pleasures. Thus, elements of spiritual, educational, and other types of non-material pleasures do not matter much for sybarites. Below, I will give you more accurate descriptions of hedonists.


I have met a lot of hedonists in my life. As I have previously told you, there were loads of things that were uniting those hedonists. One of these features is hatred towards education and knowledge. For pleasure seekers, education does not mean anything important. Usually, it is very difficult to study. It does not matter what subject you study, you will always have some difficulties while studying. Difficulties always cause negative emotions and frustrating feelings in our hearts. In most cases, studying is not a pleasure. What is more, while studying, you will have to use your brain. Thinking and analyzing too much usually cause a lot of stress. Thus, studying is not a purely pleasurable activity. For me, studying is the most pleasurable thing. However, most of the world’s population does not resemble me. This is why for the majority of people around the world, studying will never be associated with pleasure.

Hedonists love rocking and rolling. They do not love thinking or analyzing much. If you start talking to them about serious topics such as science, psychology, and philosophy, they will immediately interrupt by claiming that you are a very boring person. Thrill-seekers are not inclined to studying. Most of them have no good education. It does not mean that hedonists had no enough financial resources to attend good schools, universities, and courses. In most cases, pleasure-mongers have absolutely no motivation to study. For sensualists, self-improvement and self-education look to be entirely useless things. Some students dream of studying at such famous universities as Harvard, Oxford, Yale, and other legendary educational institutes. You will never find hedonists among these dreamers. In some cases, hedonists may attend good schools and universities. Even though it is probable that sensualists visit educational classes, I can assure you that none of them will seriously study. Hedonists hate studying.


For pleasure monger, reading is the most boring thing in their life. Since reading does not provide them with huge volumes of adrenalin and endorphins, hedonists assume reading to be the most time wasting activity. Whether you read a fiction book or a scientific one, you will always need to use your brain in order to analyze the information. These brain activities usually cause some levels of stress. Especially, when you read too much, you will feel stressed. Hence, reading is not a pleasure causing activity. Reading makes you more educated, knowledgeable, erudite, and smarter. Nonetheless, reading does not make a person happy. You may get some kind of esthetic and intellectual pleasure while reading. However, this type of pleasure cannot be understood by dulls.

Since reading is not an adrenaline increasing hobby, hedonists think it to be very boring. Epicureans do not waste their time educating themselves. Hedonists consider knowledge to be an absolutely useless thing. They dislike both literature and scientific books. You may assume that gluttons like reading fiction books. For, fiction books may seem very entertaining. However, sybarites do not have the same opinion. For them, reading means using their brain. As you know, intellectual exercises always cause some levels of stress. Therefore, profligates prefer watching TV. They think: “Why should I read 200 pages long book if I can watch 2 hours long film instead?!” This is the exact way every hedonist thinks.


Hedonists have only one life motivation. Pleasure is their main stimulus. In most cases, hedonists are spoiled children of rich parents. From their early childhood, gluttons were given absolutely everything they wanted. Thus, these people are addicted to ease. Hedonists were not educated to achieve high professional positions. In fact, hedonists do not need that.Gluttons do not dream about success. Since success requires a lot of hard work, epicureans think it to be a truly unattractive concept.

All of the pleasure-mongers met were from rich families. Most of them had rich fathers. In fact, all of those hedonists were spoiled children coming from rich families. If you look at some of the greatest people in our history, you will find out that those people were deprived of something during their childhood. Most of them suffered a lot. Some of them were from poor families. Others were orphans. Their great success compensated those sufferings to some extent. Gourmands are addicted to pleasure. They have nothing to be compensated, and therefore, most of them are losers.


cocaine addictedThe majority of hedonists become addicted to alcohol, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, LSD, and other types of narcotic substances. As you already know, pleasure is the main motivation of every hedonist. Pleasure mongers always look for new portions of pleasure. They chase and hunt everything that can make them happy. When they start feeling not enough happy, epicureans strive to enlarge portions of pleasure. It is a well-known fact that narcotic drugs are capable of producing huge amounts of endorphins (hormones of happiness). This is why heroin, cocaine, LSD, and all the synthetic narcotics are always wanted by hedonists. The majority of hedonists I met in my life were severely addicted to alcohol and heroin. I also met marijuana addicted thrill-seekers. In fact, every hedonist begins from alcohol, then, he starts testing marijuana. After some time, marijuana stops giving him that astounding pleasure he used to have in the beginning. In the result, these sensualists decide to try heroin. This is the beginning of their end. When sybarites become addicted to drugs, you may expect the end of their hedonistic lifestyle very soon. The majority of hedonists die of drug overdose.


You will find out that hedonists are not mature personalities. Whether a hedonist is 20 or 40 years old, he will still remain to be a child. These people are not ready for family life yet. They are not ready for any types of responsibilities. Being responsible for someone or for something is always connected with some type of stress. Stress is not a pleasure. What is more, stress always inhibits production of endorphins. Thus, stress is the main enemy of happiness and pleasure. Therefore, profligates do everything in order to avoid any types of stress.

If you look at children, you will realize that all of them are very happy. Every single day is a pure pleasure for every child. A bad weather does not influence a child’s mood anyhow. The absence of money is not a problem for a child. Have you ever wondered about the factors that make children so happy? Some of these reasons is a full absence of any types of responsibilities. Children are responsible for nothing. Nobody demands anything from them. This is one of the reasons why children have a stress-free life.

For hedonists, remaining to be children all their life is the best option to get as much happiness and pleasure as they want. The majority of epicureans are still immature children. Epicureans are very capricious and selfish.


As you have already learned, hedonists do not educate themselves much. Their life is the only experience and knowledge they have. Hedonists are not motivated to attend universities or courses. These individuals do not read books. Films and music are the only things you can discuss with hedonists. If you are a fan of different sciences and technologies, it is very likely that you will have nothing to discuss with these sensualists. Hedonists prefer other hedonists. Smart people seem to be ridiculous for hedonists. Libertines love relaxing. If your communication does not relax hedonists, they will prefer to give up your conversation. Gluttons prefer stupid talks about nothing. Hedonists are very boring people.

It is very easy to identify a hedonist. All the above-mentioned signs will help you to distinguish hedonists. These people are harmless since they are too selfish to think about someone but themselves. This is why communication with sybarites will not spoil your life anyhow. Though these people are not dangerous, I still want to warn you from joining their team. Once you joined their community, your life will start negatively changing. Their company might be very joyful and funny. You will always feel relaxed with hedonists. At the same time, you might become drug or alcohol addicted. Our friends make a great impact on us. Their interests and hobbies influence us. Therefore, stay away from befriending hedonists.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.