self-servingBlogging is attractive to millions of online entrepreneurs around the globe. Several bloggers have already proved that blogging can be a very profitable online activity. Some of the famous bloggers make more than 100K dollars every month. Pat Flynn, Darren Rowse, and Matthew Kepnes are some of them. What is more, blogging is one of the best online tools to build a respectable brand for your business. Moreover, blogging can become a powerful instrument of influence. There is no need to prove how authoritative are such popular blogs as CNN, BBC, and others. When your blog is visited by a huge number of people, you have a great opportunity to spread your thoughts around the globe. Today, the Internet gives us truly unlimited opportunities.

Even though blogging has so many benefits and advantages, it is not free of negative sides. One of the major disadvantages of blogging is that it requires a lot of time and hard work to build a powerful blog filled with huge amounts of high-quality content. It may take several years until a good blog will go viral. Thus, blogging is not the fastest way to make money online. If a person’s main objective is to make quick money, blogging is not the best option in this situation. It is better to list some of your products on Ebay or Amazon and make quick sales. Blogging is the most time-consuming online movement. To start making money blogging, your blog must become very popular. Huge amounts of web traffic are necessary to start making money by blogging.

The most difficult part of blogging is to generate new content. This requires a lot of time, creativity, and hard work. Blogging on a regular basis may become very difficult and almost impossible if you are not a full-time blogger. In this situation, you start thinking to make your blog self-serving. When I say a self-serving blog, I mean a blog that automatically generates high-quality content on a regular basis. There are already a lot of blogs that are absolutely self-serving. The managers and owners of these blogs merely moderate their web resources. All the content on these blogs is built by guest bloggers. The Huffington Post, ProBlogger, CNN, and BBC are some of the most famous self-serving blogs. Thus, making your blog self-serving is not an impossible dream. It is quite possible to make your blog self-serving. Nevertheless, you should understand that not all of the blogs on the Internet can become self-serving. If you want people to guest post on your blog, you should motivate them. If bloggers are not motivated to publish their guest posts on your blog, you won’t be able to make your blog self-serving. Thus, your blog needs to meet particular requirements. In this post, I will describe all of them. Moreover, I will give some useful tips to make your blog self-serving.


As I have already mentioned, bloggers must be motivated to publish their guest posts on your blog. Building high-quality backlinks is one of the things that motivate bloggers the most. As you know, backlinks from low-quality websites do not make any positive influence on a website’s SEO. Therefore, everyone wants to get dofollow backlinks from the websites with high DA (Domain Authority). For this reason, a blog with a high DA attracts a lot of guest bloggers. When bloggers choose a website for guest posting, DA of a web resource is the most significant sign they pay their attention at. Nobody is interested in posting at the websites with low DA.

Increasing DA of your blog is one of the best things you can do in order to make your blog self-serving. If you have a blog with DA 40 and higher, you can already attract a lot of guest bloggers who will be interested in publishing their posts on your blog. Some people say that DA is not important. These individuals are correct to some extent. Domain authority does not make any direct impact on a website’s SEO score. Nevertheless, DA is still the most important indicator of a website’s authority. Therefore, do not underestimate its importance. Increase DA of your web resource, and then, it will become fully self-serving.


A blog with high DA is not necessarily a popular blog. There are loads of web resources on the Internet with high DA. However, not all of them are popular. For example, there are thousands of web directories that are more than 100 years old. Most of them have very high DA. At the same time, none of us know these web directories because they are not popular.

Bloggers guest post for several reasons. Building backlinks is not the only thing that motivates them to publish their articles on your blog. Sometimes, bloggers want to self-promote themselves and their business. In this case, bloggers do not look at DA of a website. In this occasion, the popularity of a web resource is the most important factor for guest bloggers. A blog with millions of visitors is a great area to promote you as an expert in a specific niche. Backlinks are not much important in this case. Publishing your guest posts on popular websites exposes your business. What is more, guest posting on well-liked blogs can drive a lot of web traffic to your own web resource.

Thus, you need to make your blog popular in order to make it self-serving. When your blog is fashionable, guest bloggers will be eager to become contributors on your blog. Hence, your blog will be easily transferred into a self-serving web resource.


This is another thing you can do in order to make your blog self-serving. However, it is possible only if your blog already makes some income. Do you know how Amazon KDP Select functions? If not, you should learn about it. You can create the same system on your blog. At the end of every month, you will calculate your blog’s income. The bloggers, whose guest posts received the highest amount of views, will get the most of your blog’s revenue. Other bloggers will get a particular amount of money depending on the popularity of their guest posts. To be honest, I do not know any blogs that implement this system. It is my personal idea. I will definitely use it in order to make my blog self-serving.


This option can potentially be one of the best things you can do in order to make your blog absolutely self-serving. People need to have a strong motivation in order to guest post on your blog. If you motivate them with precious prizes, they will be highly interested in publishing their guest posts on your blog. Use your imagination, creativity, and fantasy to use this idea.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.