houseSex is highly important for every man. The men, who tell that sex is not important for them, are not real men. These men have low levels of the testosterone in their blood. Therefore, their libido is hardly distinguishable from women’s libido. A man with normal amounts of testosterone in his blood will be always eager of having sex with as many women as possible. For this reason, I strive to give as many effective sex tips as possible. I am a man, and therefore, I know everything that concerns every man. Mostly, my blog is dedicated to men because I make propaganda of the playboy lifestyle. 

We date women for particular reasons. We do nothing if we have no motivation. Motivation is the thing that stimulates us for specific activities. Sexual instinct is one of the most powerful instincts a human being has. In most cases, a man dates a girl because he plans to make sex with her. Of course, I do not deny that some men are intended to have a serious relationship such as building a family. I never have such responsible intentions, and therefore, I think that mostly, men date women to make sex with them. A romantic date in a good restaurant is a perfect preface for hot sex. Most of the women think that having sex without any interlude is culturally incorrect. As a result, men invite their potential lovers to different intimate and romantic places before making sex with them. On most occasions, new couples make sex in hotels and motels. It might be very rare if a woman invites her man to her house. In some cases, it is very popular and widely-spread. I do not know this situation in all countries of the world, and therefore, I am saying that most, new couples make sex in hotels and other neutral territories. 

I think that making sex in your own flat or a house is the best option for those who appreciate high comfort and convenience. However, this choice might not be available for the people who live with their families, relatives, or parents. You can make your house an ideal place for sex dating only if you live alone. This is the only situation when your flat becomes the best place for intimate types of dating. Why do I think that your own house or a flat is the best place to have sex dating? First of all, while dating in your house, you avoid different organizational difficulties and inconveniences. Secondly, in your home, you can arrange and manage everything as wish. Thus, your house is the best playground for sex dating.

Not all flats and houses are prepared and organized for sex, and therefore, I am going to give you some useful tips on how to make your house a perfect place for sex dating. Whether you live in a flat or in a house, my tips will be highly effective to make your home more intimate and suitable for these types of meetings. 


It is not highly significant whether your house has a luxury look or not. It does not necessarily need to appear like a 5 stars hotel room. A good-looking and tidy exterior will be enough for this type of dating. Tidy all of your rooms, and especially, make your bedroom very clean. The bedroom is the most important place while having sex dating. Actually, we do not pay much attention to the room where we make sex because our emotions and feeling are already preoccupied with more pleasurable things. However, it is still necessary to make your bedroom clean. 


It would be better if you buy a flat or a house with a ready exterior for sex dating. A flat with a good bar could be very convenient for a real playboy. However, if you have already bought your house or a flat and it has no bar in it, you can build it yourself. A bar might be situated anywhere you wish. Dining and living rooms are more suitable for this purpose. You do not necessarily need to have a sophisticated bar as can be found in different clubs, restaurants, and cafes. When I say a good bar, I mean a huge variety of different drinks. Thus, having a good bar is available for almost everyone. Go to a supermarket, choose good sorts of vodka, wine, champagne, tequila, and other types of alcoholic drinks. Buy some of them. You never know what your woman prefers, and therefore, it is necessary to have different options for all types of possible situations. Fill your bar with different types of drinks. Usually, women love more exclusive and elite kinds of drinks. Tequila will be the most suitable option if your woman prefers something special. A woman feels more relaxed and comfortable when she is drunk, and therefore I strongly recommend you to make her drunk. Also, it is more likely that she will be more passionate and open-minded in bed if she is drunk. For you, I do not suggest to drink any alcohol. Drinking alcohol negatively impacts your erection. If you want to have high-quality sex, do not drink any alcohol. Women never care about erection because they have nothing to be erected. For you, it is crucial to have a strong erection during your sex dating.   

Thus, good alcoholic drinks can benefit your woman, and at the same time, alcohol is dangerous for your sexual strength. 


All women love music. Music makes a relaxing impact on our mood. When you are with a girl, beautifully-sounding music might create a tremendously romantic atmosphere in your home. Pick some of the most intimate and passionate songs before your date. Here are some of the singers whose songs I would recommend for sex dating: Ashanti, Mariah Carey, Usher, Omarion, Keysha Cole, Brandy, Whitney Houston, and many other singers. Prepare a list of the sexiest and the most romantic songs for your date. I prefer making sex without any music because my woman’s breathing sounds more alluring and seductive than any song. If you prefer making sex with music, you can do it. It is all up to you. All people have different preferences.

I think it is not difficult to make your home a perfect place for sex dating. I wanted to continue my narration by providing you with the next recommendations; however, I found that the given ones are enough to make your flat or a house an ideal place for sex dating. Have great sex and enjoy your life! 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.