positiveOur life is not ideal. It is full of evil, envy, criminals, marginals, lie, troubles, and other things that we hate. We should accept this fact. People who say that life is perfect are wrong. These people do not know what they are talking about. Life is not a dream. Sometimes, you may achieve something that will make you happy for a short period of time. These moments do not last too long. There are loads of celebrities in the world who have millions of dollars. All of them are famous and popular. Do you think that their life is perfect? It may seem to be perfect when you see them on different fashion shows and exhibitions. You do not know what is hidden behind the curtain. All of them are human beings with the common life problems. There is no a single person in the world whose life is absolutely ideal. Look at Britney Spears. She has money and fame but she also had some sad moments in her life. She has been locked in a psychiatric hospital. Curtis Jackson has spent some part of his life in prison. Mike Tyson’s life was full of different troubles. All people have different problems. Money and fame will never solve your issues. When you are rich and famous, your problems become bigger, and additionally, they will be widely known amongst the international public. Do not chase money if you aim to become happy. You can feel happy right now. It is necessary to understand that our life is not a paradise and there will always be something negative in it. Thousands of murdering, kidnappings, rapes and terroristic acts happen every day. These problems are troubles of the whole world. 

There are two types of problems. The first group of problems is your personal troubles and difficulties. The second group consists of international problems.  You should understand that our life is not perfect. Having something that you hate is unavoidable. We can only reduce the amount of negativism in our life. Do you think that you have a positive life? If you don’t think so, can you tell me what are the main reasons that make your life negative? Now, when you have determined everything for yourself, let me give you the list of diverse tips that will make your life more positive. 


Negative people are everywhere. You may have some relatives who are usually very negative and pessimistic. There are some colleagues in your office who are awfully negative. Loads of negativists live in your neighborhood. Some of your friends are negative too. How can you understand that a person is negative? Usually, these people are always unsatisfied. They always complain. Some of them hate their destinies and lives. Negative people are more likely to perform suicides. Most of them are introverts. I do not tell you that all introverts have a negative mood. Introverts are more inclined to melancholy. Melancholics are always negative. I have already explained you some of the features of negative people and let me give you more. Negative personalities hate everything that surrounds them. They may hate their government, country, city, nation, weather, and everything that exists in their life. It is usual when these people hate God. 

What will happen if you continue communicating with negative people? These people will always charge your mood with some negative information and emotions. Your life is not perfect, and moreover, it will be spoiled by these negativists. I strongly recommend you to avoid all negative people in your life. It does not matter who are they for you. It may be some of your relatives or friends. Simply delete them from your life and do not complicate it. 

Take a notebook and make a list of all negative people who surround you. Write down their names. Avoid everyone from the list. Stop communicating with them. Their problems are not your problems. You already have loads of different troubles, and therefore, do not bother yourself with troubles of others. Selfishness is a necessary quality in the 21st century.


Television may be very informative. However, it is the biggest transformer of negative information. Things that happen today were happening many years ago. Do you think that the number of murderings and kidnappings were less 10 years ago? Today, someone was killed in New York. Tomorrow the same thing will happen in New York or in other states of the USA. It is an absolutely normal thing. Some people die and others born every day. Someone has bombed something today. Tomorrow the same thing will happen in another area of the world. Do you really need to know about everything happening in the world? There is a lot of evil in our life. Evil is a part of our life and it is inevitable. If you begin your day from watching TV news, your life will begin from a good portion of negative information. Do you think that it does not influence your mood? You must be a fool if you think so. I do not watch the news because I hate them. I know that news is used to manipulate people’s minds. Politicians are the worst creatures of God. They rule governments and they control information that you obtain. I hope that government workers won’t be insulted by my saying. Let me tell you that there are masses of exceptions in everything. I am aware of the fact that there are many good, kind, generous, and honest politicians in the world. Do not understand my words too controversially. There are a couple of governments in the world whose politicians are the worst creatures of God. If you live in some of these governments, TV new will do nothing than brainwash you. 

TV news is the main source of negative information. Evil exists in the world and you do not need to watch TV news in order to remind yourself of this fact.

Avoid watching TV news and your life will become more positive. 


People have a great ability to control their thinking. There is a lot of negative memory in your mind and you may always preoccupy yourself with remembering about it. However, let me tell you that we have enough negativism in our life, and consequently, it would be more beneficial if we think about something good that exists in our life. Having a good memory has its advantages and disadvantages. One of its negative sides that you may be unable to forget about your past troubles and evil experiences. People with a weak memory easily forget everything negative that has happened to them. The personalities who have a strong memory live in their past.  Thus, their life becomes awful.

You should learn to control your thoughts. Think about something positive that exists in your life. Ther are things that make us happy when we think about them. When I was 15 years old, I had a girlfriend whom I loved very much. A single thought and reminiscence about her would make me feel very happy. Unfortunately, I don’t have something similar in my life now. Nothing makes me happy now. It may sound very negative but let me be honest with you. I tell you the truth. However, I am able to control my emotions, and as a result, I try not to remind myself about something bad that happened in my past. Learn to do the same thing. Get rid of your past and try to forget about people whom you hate. These people do not deserve your reminiscence. Find people whom you will love and keep them in your mind.

Control your thoughts. Try to think about positive things and your life will become more positive.   


eing busy with something that you like is very important in order to be in a good mood. Some people cannot find their niche and this makes them very sad. It is very important for a person to find his specialization. You may not be interested in a specific business but you definitely have something that you really enjoy doing. These things are your hobbies. Some people adore reading, others like doing different sports. Bloggers love writing, and for that reason, they obsess themselves with blogging. Decide what is the most enjoyable for you in your life? It may be sex. If your hobby is making sex, you should do it as much as possible. 

Usually, when we are busy with something, we rarely remind ourselves about negative sides of our life. 

Dedicate yourself to a specific activity and your life will definitely become more positive. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.