timeAs a businessman, I understand that the main objective of launching any business is generating income. When we start a new financial enterprise we aim to make a lot of money and we want to see the results of your activity as soon as possible. Online business is becoming more popular. I am courageous enough to state that online business may outrun real physical business. There are several advantages of online business over a physical business. Usually, online businessmen do not have their physical because they prefer everything virtual. It is easier for them to launch everything in the global network. Some of the online active people have physical enterprises and they open a business in cyberspace just because it is popular, or they aim to supplement their physical business by the presence on the Internet. It is clear that when you have a limited budget, you will need to have your profit as soon as possible because sometimes you won’t be able to continue your enterprise if you don’t see your income for a long period of time. In this situation, we question ourselves: “ How long will it take for me to see some profit from my new online business?” Let me give you a detailed answer to this popular question.

Let us observe this situation with the two most popular types of online businesses. They are online stores and blogging. Online stores may require some financial investments to be started and on the other side blogging mainly demands your intellectual capabilities. So what kind of business should you launch if you want to generate your profit as soon as possible: BLOGGING or ONLINE STORE?


Some people think that they will build their website, buy products to sell, find good hosting, buy SSL, list their items and their sales will be boosted in a short period of time. They expect this period to be a few weeks and sometimes even a couple of days. Having dreams is very good for your psychological condition because sometimes dreams can compensate for your real terrible situation, but it is necessary to be realistic in the business sphere. In business, we deal with real money and if we dream too much, there is a great chance for us to lose our money. Ok, it is clear now. Let us get rid of our fantasies and look at the real situation. If you have already built your own online store, it has an eye-catching design and you already have products to sell. There is still one thing, that you should have to start selling. This thing is building trust. You need some time to start selling your products. Do not expect that a visitor will think: ‘Oh, what an awesome website. I will definitely buy something!” Remember that our online store is new and nobody knows it. People do not know who you are. Why should they trust you? Do you know why millions of people buy items on Amazon and eBay? These online trade centers are worldwide trusted and appreciated online stores. They have spent many years to become who they are now. People trust these shops because their names are brands. Customers buy things on Amazon and eBay because they are sure that they are protected. Ask yourself a question: “Can I offer all these features to my customers?” I think you can’t or you may do it, but it will take you a long time. There are thousands of online stores on the Internet. All of them are very competitive and try to provide their buyers with the best customer support and service. This is a common misconception that an online store is the fastest way to make a profit online. If you say eBay is the promptest way to make money online, I will surely agree with this statement. A new website, not yet famous enough and known in the Internet community has a few chances to make some sales at the beginning of its way. You definitely can be successful if you have enough funds to promote and advertise your online store. A well-promoted website can make you some money in a short period of time. To advertise your website, you will need to have thousands of dollars. Does your initial budget give you such an opportunity? Of course, you may promote your website somewhere on Facebook, paying someone on Fiverr 5$ for the promotion. These promotion strategies won’t be enough effective to boost your sales in a short period of time.  


It is well known that blogging is not the fastest profit generator business that exists on the Internet. If you read posts of famous bloggers you will see that they suggest not to blog if your perspective is to make quick money. They are true. Blogging can be a good source of income if you plan your business in the long term, but it is not the fastest way to make cash online. Let me explain this statement in detail. What do you need in order to make some money blogging? There are a few sources of income a blogger may have. Usually, bloggers earn from displaying ads, banners, and affiliate marketing. Some of the bloggers sell their services online. All these features will be available only when you have enough traffic. You need hundreds of thousands of people to visit your blog every day in order to make a sufficient income. Let us imagine that your major earnings come from CPM. For every thousand views, you earn one dollar. So how many ad views you should have in order to earn 10 dollars a day? You need ten thousand people visit your website every day to earn 10$ each day. How many visitors you need to have in order to earn 10$ a day If your major income is from CPC (Cost per click). Usually, if your CTR (Cost through rate is OK, you will earn one cent per each click. That means that you will earn one dollar when a hundred people click your ads. It is necessary that a thousand people click your ad in order to earn 10 dollars. Even if your daily traffic is ten thousand people, you have a small chance that ten thousand of them will click your ads. You may have ten thousand clicks a day if a hundred thousand people visit your blog every day. You see that you will need huge traffic to make money from blogging. Let us observe the same situation with affiliate marketing. I think that one person from a thousand will buy something from your affiliates. So in order to earn using affiliate marketing, you will need to have tons of traffic. What are your ideas? How will you drive this traffic to your blog? You may be inspired by Huffington Post or a Problogger! Hundreds of famous people write posts on Huff Post providing their readers with golden information. Are you capable of doing the same thing? What is your blog content strategy? Starting a blog may be the easiest thing in the global network, but to generate some profit by blogging, you will need to work really very hard. No need to tell how much time you will need until you see your first cents in your bank account. 

We have seen that launching an online store also requires some time to start generating income. It is not as easy and fast as some people suppose to assume. You will need some time to become a trustworthy and reliable online store in order to have regular sales. You will need more time to start earning by blogging. There are loads of factors needed to be considered while starting a blog. The most important of them is a blog content plan and a strategy. If you are put in a situation when you need to choose between these two options and you need to have your income as soon as possible, I would advise you to open your online store. With all its disadvantages and requirements online store is still a faster income generator than a blog.  You will see your first earnings much quicker by selling from your online store rather than by blogging.

Wish you good luck in your new enterprises. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.