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sex in hospitalsMaking sex in hospitals is one of the most popular topics on the Internet. There are even several Web groups and communities dedicated to this theme. A sexy nurse making sex with one of her patients has been a very popular image in movies, porn films, music video clips, and other media. Whilst it is absolutely impossible to make sex with female staff in prison, hospitals seem to be an ideal place for having some naughty sex adventures. Spending your time in hospitals is not the best thing you can dream for yourself. Nonetheless, we never control our life. Our destiny is absolutely uncontrollable. Therefore, we encounter different life situations we were never aware of before. Today, you might have good health. Tomorrow, everything may change. This is why we are never sure what will happen tomorrow. For that reason, we should be ready for different situations and problems.

When you are hospitalized in some of your city’s hospitals, you will have a few options to spend your time. Some of them are reading, watching TV, playing chess, and conversations with other patients. Hospitals do not resemble hostels, hotels, clubs, or any entertaining places. Usually, hospitals have very sad aura. It is absolutely clear that a person will not willingly hospitalize himself in a hospital. To get there, a person needs to serious problems. Consequently, the majority of patients in hospitals are in a bad mood. Problems with health do not make any of us happier. In fact, health is the most precious thing we have in our life. Without good health, all of our money, fame, popularity, and success are absolutely useless. Usually, people suffer in hospitals. You never visit hospitals if you have no problems with your health. Anyway, not all clients of hospitals are in severe mental or physical conditions. You might have small health problems, and for that reason, you will be hospitalized in a hospital. Anyway, if you are already in a hospital, you will definitely want to make your time more interesting. Having some fun and rolling would be great to make your time in hospital awesome. Making sex with some sexy nurses will definitely embellish your life in a hospital.

I have been to hospitals several times. Every time I visit hospitals, I will find myself a gorgeous nurse to beautify my time with everyday hot sex. This is what I was exactly doing while I was in hospitals. Making sex in hospitals is an absolutely possible thing. Additionally, nurses are the sexiest women in the world. These women are not strict. They love sexy and horny men. Usually, hospitals have a lot of rooms. For this reason, find a place for sex in a hospital will not be a problem for you. Nurses work 24 hours a day. Therefore, you will always have some pleasurable night time with them. Since I am very well experienced in making sex in hospitals, I decided to write this wonderful blog post that will give you all the necessary tips on how to make sex in hospitals.


You will be able to find female doctors in all hospitals. However, trying to seduce doctors is not the best thing you can do. Female doctors are not as easy to be seduced as those lusty and horny nurses. Usually, doctors are very perspicacious and serious people. The majority of them have very high career ambitions. Female doctors dream about wealth and fame. Have you ever wondered why they became doctors? These women had the opportunity to become simple nurses. At the same time, they made another choice. These women are very dominant. It will be very difficult to seduce them. Therefore, I do not suggest you wasting your time with female doctors. In fact, these women are too busy. Most of them do not dream about extreme sex at all.

Whilst female doctors are included in the category of the least available women in hospitals, it will be very easy to seduce beautiful nurses there. Almost every hospital has a few beautiful nurses working there. Do not pay attention to their age. If you decide to make sex in hospitals, it is very probable that you will want some temporary sex adventures. Therefore, do not try to find supermodel nurses in hospitals. Nurses are not supermodels. For this reason, they work in hospitals. A nurse should be enough pretty to make sex with. She should have a beautiful body. Do not be too demanding while looking for someone to make sex with within hospitals. Her beauty is the first criterion you will need to emphasize your attention. Secondly, try to explore her character. If she is too capricious and stubborn, I will advise you not to waste your time with her. These types of women cannot be easily seduced. If you continue sticking to someone stubborn, as a result, you will merely waste your time and nerves. Try to find a good-looking nurse with good character and temperament.

When you have already found someone you are planning to make sex with, you will need to apply all the standard and classic seduction tools. I will not mention these seduction tips in this blog post. If you are not a professional seducer, you will need to carefully read some of my blog posts dedicated to professional seduction. Thus, when your future mistress is found, you will need to start seducing her very slowly. Do not hurry up. Otherwise, you will fail the project.


While developing your sex plan, you will need to identify the exact place where you are going to make sex. Usually, hospitals have loads of different sexy places available for sex. Some of them are shower, kitchen, hospital rooms, doctors’ rooms, and many other empty places. It might be the kitchen since nobody is thereafter 22:00 o’clock. If your nurse has keys from doctors’ rooms, it will be a great option to make sex there. Usually, doctors have very comfortable armchairs. You may use them for different sex positions. In fact, finding a good place for sex in hospitals is not a real problem. It is always possible to find a silent and comfortable place to make sex with some gorgeous nurses. I am sure it won’t be difficult to find a secure and available place for your future sex. Plan everything before you start acting.


I am sure that night is the most appropriate time for making sex in hospitals. In most hospitals, daily working time ends at 21:00 o’clock. After 22:00 o’clock, both patients and the hospital’s staff will be asleep. This time is ideal for making sex in hospitals. When I was in the hospital, I was usually making sex with nurses after 22:00 o’clock. When the time has come, take your sexy nurse and go where you plan to make sex with her. Enjoy your cute nurse as much as possible.

Making sex in hospitals is a very good option to beautify your life to some extent. Usually, being in a hospital is very boring. Therefore, if you are already there, you will need to try doing everything in order to make your hospital life more exciting. Follow all the above-mentioned tips, and your dreams about making sex in hospitals will become your reality.

Written by Bahtiyar
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