indian girlsIndian girls are extremely popular among the international travelers. Even though Indian girls are not the most beautiful women in the world, almost every man dreams of having sex with Indian girls. To be honest, I do not think that Indian girls are very sexy, passionate, and hot. No, this is not my opinion. However, I am still interested in making sex with Indian girls just to satisfy my curious sexual appetite. Indian girls are not too easy and available to make sex with. India is a very strict and sexually restricted country. This is why people are interested in specific information on how to find Indian girls for sex in India.

India is a huge country. India’s population is the second largest population in the world. If you think about India, you will find that the country has a lot of cultures and religions. Mainly, there are three religions in India. They are Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. The number of Muslims and Hinduists in India is much bigger than the number of Buddhism. Apart from these three religions, there are loads of other religions. Thus, you should know that Indian girls are very dissimilar. While traveling in India, you will encounter different Indian girls who belong to diverse religions and cultures. Hence, to seduce them, you will implement different seduction tricks.

I will divide this blog post to several parts. In the beginning, we will study the national mentality and psychology of Indian girls. This stage is extremely important in the art of seduction. Of course, if you plan to make sex with Indian prostitutes, you won’t need to become a good psychologist. To have sex with Indian prostitutes, you will merely need to have some money in your pockets. If you want to start seducing non-prostitute Indian girls, it will be necessary to explore Indian girls better. Therefore, I will give you all the necessary information to let you understand Indian girls very well. When you know how a person thinks, it will become easier to deal with him. For this reason, learn how Indian girls think, and you will start seducing them like a PRO. In the second part of this blog post, I will give you some of the most effective tips on how to seduce Indian girls for sex in India. In the third part of the current article, I will talk about Indian prostitution. I will describe Indian prostitutes. Also, you will find a lot of useful information on how to find the sexiest brothels across all India. This guide is effective to seduce Indian girls for sex in all countries of the world. Whether you want to have sex with Indian girls in the USA, Australia, or in India, my tips will be equally effective in almost every country of the world. However, from case to case, and from a country to a country, you will need to be more careful and perspicacious to successfully seduce Indian girls for sex. Here is some useful information that will let you get to know Indian girls better.


Indian girls are not beautiful. This is a well-known fact. The world knows it. However, there are still loads of men who assume Indian girls to be the sexiest women in the world. If you think so, my further words will definitely disappoint you. Usually, men judge Indian girls by looking at Aishwarya Rai, Priyanka Chopra, and other beautiful Indian celebrities. In fact, most of the Indian female celebrities are mixed. Usually, they are a mix of Americans and Indians. There may be some other nationalities in their blood. This interracial and international mix makes Indian celebrities extremely seductive and sexy. An average Indian girl is not beautiful. Usually, if 80% of a nation’s population consists of beautiful women, we will say that the women of this nation are beautiful. I cannot say that even 50% of Indian girls are beautiful. Majorly, Indian girls look unattractive. Being overweight is common among Indian girls.

Usually, when a Western man comes to India, he will find that the majority of Indian girls are not beautiful and attractive. However, he will be still interested in having sex with Indian girls. Beauty is not the necessary element of sexiness. There are millions of ugly women who are still very voluptuous and sexy. For me, it is not important whether a woman is beautiful or not. Beauty does not turn me on. In women, I love passion and lust. These are the main qualities that turn me on. Hence, if you are not ill about beautiful girls, you will be satisfied by Indian women. Of course, it might be difficult to find Indian girls with sexy and thin bodies. However, you will be still able to find some model-looking Indian girls if you are patient enough.


indian womenAll of us know Kamasutra. Kamasutra is an Indian sex book. Just because Kamasutra is an Indian book, men tend to think that Indian girls are very hot, passionate, and sexy. If you read Kamasutra, you will find that all Indian girls are drawn in utterly lustful and sexy positions. This makes men think that Indian girls are sex professionals. This is a very wrong assumption. Most of the Indian women have never had Kamasutra in their hands. Kamasutra was popularized in West. In India, people have a too difficult life to be interested in Kamasutra. The level of Indian poverty is well-known across the world. Indian people have to work very hard in order to survive. This is why you will find that the majority of Indian women are not sexually perverted.

India is not a liberal country. Minds of Indian people are strictly controlled by two religions. They are Islam and Hinduism. These religions make a very powerful impact on thinking and lifestyle of Indian people. When I analyze different countries, I find out that a religion is what makes some countries sexually liberal. At the same time, another religion makes other countries sexually restricted. For example, Thailand is a Buddhist country. In Buddhism, you will find absolutely no sexual limitations. Whether it is gay, swinger, lesbian, or another type of sex, everything is allowed in Buddhism. As long as people do not harm each other, Buddhism allows everything. On the other hand, you will find that Muslim countries are the most sexually antidemocratic and bordered countries of the world. Islam is very popular in India. The majority of Muslim Indian men and women are very religious. This is why you will find that most of the Indian girls are not sexy and hot in bed. In India, sex might be treated as something shameful. Therefore, sexual liberty is nonsense in India.


indian girls I will be wrong to think that Indian girls are open-minded. Even if we start talking about western-oriented Indian girls, you will find that these Indian girls prefer dating local Indian men. For example, Thai girls and Filipinas are very interested in dating Western men. For them, it is a great happiness to have a Western boyfriend. In India, you will see an absolutely opposite thing. As I told you before, most of the Indian women are very conservative. Their main life mission is to get married as a virgin, and then, build a family. Indian girls are genetically programmed to have this lifestyle. This is why average Indian girls will find it shameful to date foreigners. In addition, Indian girls are afraid of the public opinion. These are some of the reasons why Indian girls are not open-minded.


Even though all the internal and external circumstances do not make Indian girls available and easy for sexual seduction, you should not forget that Indian women are human beings. And as all human beings, Indian girls have a sexual instinct. Some of them are extremely horny and perverted. You will need to be more insightful and perspicacious while dating Indian girls. As all girls around the world, Indian girls can be seduced for sex. If you are professional enough, you will definitely seduce and enjoy sex with some of the hottest Indian girls in India. Here are some of the most effective tips on how to seduce Indian girls for sex in India.


Keep in mind that India is a very religious country. Both Hinduists and Muslims in India are very strict in their creeds. Indian Muslims do not resemble Muslims of Central Asia. I mean Indian Muslim girls are not as open-minded and sexually liberal as Muslim girls from Central Asian countries. In India, adultery is considered to be one of the biggest sins. What is more, the cult of virginity is still very popular in India. This is why I am sure that trying to seduce Indian Muslim girls will be a waste of your time. I assume that non-Muslim Indian girls are easier to be seduced. I am a Muslim, and I know how strict Islam is when it comes to premarital sexual intercourses. Therefore, I would not waste my time dealing with Indian Muslim girls in India.


When you have already chosen your potential Indian sex girlfriend, you will need to build a confidential communication. Your relationships with Indian girls must be kept in secret. Indian girls are afraid of Indian males. They do not want to lose their dignity dating Western seducers like you. Therefore, it is very unlikely that an Indian girl will communicate with you in public. The Web is the best place for you to communicate with Indian girls. When you take her phone number, you will be able to chat with her on WhatsApp, Skype, and other popular messengers. This type of communication will be fully confidential. Also, it will be a great idea to make your potential Indian sex girlfriend your guide in India. If she looks like your travel guide, nobody will pay attention to her and you. This is a brilliant idea. Ask an Indian girl to become your travel guide. Thus, you will have a lot of opportunities to get to know her better. What is more, you will have more chances to get laid with her.


As I told you before, India is a very conservative country. Sex is treated as something shameful and forbidden in India. Also, Indian girls try to save their virginity for their future husbands. For these reasons, you will need to hide your sexual intentions. You might mention some sexual jokes while speaking with some of your Western girlfriends. American and European girls will treat it normally. With Indian girls, your sexuality and liberalism will definitely warn them. Therefore, you will need to look more asexual to succeed with Indian girls.


An American or a European girl can kiss you on the first date. They can even have sex with you the first day they meet you. With Indian girls, you will be very lucky to get a kiss at the 5th or at the 6th day of your dating. Indian girls are very conservative. Even kissing is treated as something forbidden in India. Do not hope to have sex with Indian girls in the beginning of your communication. This will not work with them. If you are too fast, you will spoil all the deal. Do not hurry up. Give your Indian girls some time, and soon, you will enjoy their bodies.


Indian hotels are not the best places to have sex with Indian girls. Usually, Indian girls will be afraid of your hotel’s staff. Just imagine yourself an Indian girl visiting a Western man in his hotel. It will look too suspicious. This is why it will be better to rent a flat. If you plan to stay in India for a while, I will recommend renting a nice flat in a good and safe district. This will let you invite whomever you want to your apartments. If you prefer staying at a hotel, it won’t be too problematic to invite your Indian girls there. Of course, it will look somehow suspicious, and therefore, Indian girls might refuse to come to your hotel. Nonetheless, this is still a doable issue.

When she is in your apartments, everything will be done like a charm. Turn on some relaxing and sexy music. Prepare champagne. Make her relax. Be calm and confident. When she is drunk, you will do everything you do with your other girlfriends. Kiss and hug her. Touch her hips, breast, butt, and vulvar lips. Touch all the sexually sensitive parts of her body. This will turn her on. When a girl is sexually excited, she will beg for sex.


All the above-given information was aimed to teach you to seduce Indian girls for sex in India. If your time in India is limited and you do not want to waste your time, you will definitely like to have some hot sex with Indian prostitutes. For this reason, I decided to supply with all the necessary information regarding Indian prostitutes.

Prostitution in India is widely spread. There are thousands of prostitutes in India. There are loads of sexy brothels and red light districts in all cities of India. Fortunately, you will not need to have a lot of money in order to have sex with Indian prostitutes. They are very cheap. In addition, you will not need to drive them to your apartments. Usually, red light districts have thousands of available apartments for sex. Of course, they are not luxurious and fashionable. However, I think that a bed and a small closed territory will be absolutely enough to enjoy sex with some of the hottest Indian prostitutes. The biggest red light districts in India are Allahabad –Meergun, Jaipur – Tiiawala, Kolkata – Sonagachi, Mumbai – Kamathipura, Muzaffarpur – Chaturbhuj Sthan, Nagpur – Itwan, New Delhi – Garstin Bastion Road, Pune – Budhwar Peth. Of course, this is not a full list of all red light districts existing in India. There are hundreds of different cities in India. Each of them has several red light districts and brothels. If you plan to visit all red light districts in India, you will need to search for them. The best way is to have some local Indian friends. They will be able to provide you with all the necessary information on how to find Indian prostitutes. Here are some of the things you will need to do while visiting Indian prostitutes.


Red light districts in India are not safe enough. There are loads of criminals and other shady personalities in Indian red light districts. You will also find a lot of Indian gangs rolling there. Therefore, I’d like to recommend leaving your Rolex watch in your apartment. Put your camera, smartphone, and other gadgets in your hotel. Do not carry them with you while visiting Indian prostitutes. Also, it will be better not to have your credit cards in your wallet. Take as much money as necessary to buy some prostitutes. I am sure that 200 $ or 300 $ will be absolutely enough. Of course, these estimations are not correct since Indian girls are some of the cheapest prostitutes in the world.


Before you visit Indian red light districts, buy yourself a few condoms. Protect yourself while having sex with Indian prostitutes. Most of them have STDs. Some Indian prostitutes have AIDS. Therefore, do not be risky. In addition, I would not recommend practicing oral sex with Indian prostitutes. Even though oral sex is the safest form of sex, you will catch some STDs Indian prostitutes give you blow jobs without a condom.

If you search for Indian sex in Google, you will find millions of different pages. However, I am sure that my sex guide is the most helpful, informative, and effective among all the information given on this topic. If you had carefully read this blog post, you will easily seduce hundreds or even thousands of sexy Indian girls. Wish you good luck having sex in India!

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