facebookSocial media marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive some high-quality web traffic on our web resources. What is more, I think it is much quicker and easier to get huge volumes of web traffic from social networks than from search engines. It is not a secret that SEO requires a lot of time. Thus, you will wait for several months if not years three-years-old start getting some organic web traffic. For this reasons, the majority of beginning online entrepreneurs and bloggers focus their efforts, time, and investments at improving their SMM campaigns.

On the other hand, social networks were not created for promotions, advertising, and other business-related stuff. Communications is the main purpose of building and establishing online social networks. Some of the famous social networks treat this rule very seriously. For example, Facebook will clearly tell you that you cannot open accounts on their network with a sole objective of promoting and advertising your web properties or services. and create was said to me several times. Other social networks such as Twitter, Google +, Tumblr, Pinterest are less strict. On the previously mentioned social networks, you can do almost everything you want from sharing porn to promoting gambling, and etc. What is more, these online networks are not concerned about your real identity. They do not care if you open an account by using a fake name. Facebook differs from the rest of the popular social networks. Let me tell you why.


For my blog, Facebook was the main source of web traffic. My website was getting thousands of visitors from Facebook every day. 90% of the traffic on my blog was driven from Facebook. I was using special autos sharing that let me get a lot of traffic from this social network. Nearly one month ago, Facebook blocked my account. It requested the documents proving my identity. This Facebook account was almost three years old. During that time, Facebook said nothing regarding my identity. After three years, Facebook decided to block my account.

I never send my passport ID credentials on the Web. As long as a website is not PayPal or Amazon, I will never give my IDs. Therefore, I decided to ignore that request, and forget about that three-years-old Facebook account that had thousands of people whom I knew. Then, I decided to open a new Facebook account. After a few hours from the registrations, Facebook blocked my new account. This time, it was also demanding for my passport. In this case, I decided to provide this scrupulous network with my ID. I sent the ID. The next day, I received a message from Facebook saying that my new account is deactivated.  This might be because I created a page for my website to further promote it. A few days ago I repeatedly opened a new Facebook account. That account was also deactivated after a few hours of the registration. In a few words, I was opening different Facebook accounts, and Facebook was always blocking them. I was using the same PC, but different IPs to open new Facebook accounts. Even though the IPs are different, Facebook always blocks me.

In the result, I decided to forget about Facebook. Of course, Facebook was giving me a lot of web traffic. I was using it only for my business purposes. I was never using Facebook to chat with someone. By losing Facebook, I lost almost 90% of my blog’s traffic. Nowadays, I am trying to improve my SEO. It seems that my work is giving very good results. My organic traffic has significantly increased within a few weeks.


A few days before the suspension of my Facebook account, Facebook made a temporary block because of some sexy photos shared on my website’s Facebook page. You wonder what were the photos shared on Facebook.  You can look those photos by visiting my blog’s homepage. These are not porn photos. They cannot be classified as erotic photos. There is nothing wrong with them. Nonetheless, Facebook decided to block my account for 3 days because of those photos. This is ridiculous. Nowadays, I don’t have a Facebook account. SEO is the only option I use to get web traffic on my blog.

I am sure that Facebook is the most unreliable source of web traffic on the Web. It can deactivate your yearly aged account in a matter of a few seconds. Further, Facebook is not going to give you any detailed explanations about the things that caused the suspension. What is more, to register an app on Facebook, you will need to verify your identity with your phone number. This means that you won’t be able to open unlimited numbers of Facebook accounts. I have noticed that such services like TextNow do not work with Facebook. Therefore, you will need to have real phone numbers to get verified and create apps for sharing on Facebook.

I was never searching for friends on Facebook. The Internet is not the best way to find new acquaintances. In addition, I am too busy with my online businesses to waste my time chatting on Facebook. However, Facebook was a good source of web traffic for my blog. Now, when I have completely lost it, I will strengthen my website’s positions on SERPs. Also, I am going to run very powerful brand building campaigns to get my website absolutely independent on the Web.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.