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mass gainers vs protein powderMass gainers and protein powder are one of the most popular supplements in bodybuilding. I bet almost bodybuilder has tried these supplements at least once. After creatine, mass gainers and protein powder are absolute leaders among all other bodybuilding supplements. I have drunken loads of bottles of mass gainers and protein powder. I really love these supplements. I am sure that everyone who wants to build muscles should definitely include mass gainers and protein powder in their diet.

Professional bodybuilders and people who have some knowledge in nutrition supplements already know what mass gainers and protein powder are. On the other hand, there are a lot of newbies who are not familiar with these things. For them, I decided to write a thorough article explaining mass gainers, protein powder, and differences between these bodybuilding supplements. In the beginning, let me say that both of these nutrition complements are useful and beneficial. At the same time, depending on your goals, one of them will be more useful than another. In some occasions, using both of them will skyrocket your bodybuilding goals.


Mass gainers consist of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, amino acids, and different vitamins. Thus, the content of mass gainers is not homogeneous. Let us briefly look at the content of a mass gainer powder. 60% of it consists of carbohydrates, 30 % is pure protein powder, and 10% is given to fat. Thus, a mass gainer is a universal nutrition supplement. When you consume it, you get almost all the necessary substances needed for your body to function properly. What is more, mass gainers are especially good for getting a required amount of calories. This nutrition supplement is especially good for this purpose. A typical portion of a mass gainer contains approximately 1200 calories. Thus, to get your daily required amount o calories (2500 calories), you will merely need to drink two portions of your mass gainer a day. We know that we take the major part of calories from carbohydrates. Since 70% of mass gainers consist of carbohydrates, this bodybuilding supplement is the best and the most convenient source of calories you can ever find.

What I really like is that drinking mass gainers is very convenient. It is very easy to take a few spoons of a mass gainer, drop it in a shaker, pour some milk or water, shake it, and rink. Since I am a very lazy man, sometimes, a mass gainer serves as a food substitute for me. 


Mass gainers are beneficial for both thin and bulky bodybuilders. Some people think that mass gainers are good only to thin men who have mass yet. This is not true. As I said, a mass gainer is a universal nutritional supplement. It can be used for diverse purposes and goals. In different situations, mass gainers will be useful for everyone.

To build 500 grams of lean muscles, your body needs 2500 calories a day. Hence, you need to stay ina big calorie surplus if you want to build muscles. Sometimes, it gets really difficult to get a required amount of calories from food. For example, my bodyweight is 230 lbs, 104 kg. If I want to build muscles, I will need to consume at least 5000 calories a day. It is tremendously difficult to get that amount of calories from food. If you don't have a personal cook, you will definitely need someone who will cook for you. In addition, often, your fantasy gets exhausted, and you don't really know what to cook. Sometimes, you get that much tired after training that you don't even want to move. In this case, you can forget about cooking or visiting cafes and restaurants to eat. In all the above-mentioned situations, a mass gainer will give you a required amount of calories. It is not always when you have ready meals in your kitchen. Especially, if you are not married and don't live with your girlfriend, I bet most of the time there is nobody cooking in your kitchen. In this situation, it will be a great idea to have a bottle of mass gainer.

Most mass gainers include all essential and non-essential amino acids. This is especially good since muscle building is dependent on amino acids. If you don't get any of the essential amino acids from food, then your body will be struggling to build muscles. 


mass gainersAs it was said above, mass gainers contain protein powder, however, carbohydrates make the main ingredient of mass gainers. Therefore, gainers are excellent for getting a needed amount of calories. On the opposite side, protein powder has a very small number of calories. There are only 4 calories in 1 gram of protein. Thus, if you drink a 30-gram protein shake, you will get only 120 calories. 100% of protein powder's content consists of proteins. There are no carbohydrates nor fats in protein powder.

Every second, your body destroys and creates new proteins in your body. For normal functioning, your body needs at least 80-90 grams of proteins a day. This is the number of proteins required when you don't bulk. On the other hand, when you actively train to build muscles, your body needs at least 2 grams of proteins per 1 kilogram of your bodyweight. According to another opinion, you need 1 gram of protein per every single lb of your bodyweight. All knowledge regarding absorption of proteins by the body is absolutely theoretical. There is no an exact answer to how many proteins your body can absorb at once. Some say it is 30 grams of proteins. Others say that the body can absorb up to 50 grams of proteins at once. Everything is absolutely individual. Our bodies are different. Therefore, there are no exact answers to these types of questions. At the same time, I would definitely recommend at least 2 grams of proteins per 1 kilogram of your bodyweight.

As you already understood, protein powder is a very convenient source of proteins for your needs. You don't always have fried meat, chicken, fish, eggs, and other protein sources in your kitchen. So when you need proteins and there is nobody to cook for you, you can get your protein powder, drop a couple of scoops in your shaker, pour some milk or water, and drink it with pleasure. 
Both mass gainers and protein powder are very useful and convenient nutritional supplements. At the same time, we should remember that mass gainers and protein powder are mere supplements. Therefore, we need to treat them accordingly. It is always better to get required calories, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, amino acids, and other needed substances from your food. Mass gainers and protein powder should merely supplement your diet.

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