mean genes by terry burnham and jay phelan


mean genes by terry burnham and jay phelan‘MEAN GENES’ is another great book written to explain our behavior from an evolutionary point of view. Genetics, evolution, evolutionary psychology, hormones, and many other things are frequently mentioned in the book. There is no doubt that genetics and our environment make an impact upon our life. At the same time, I want to mention that our evolutionary instincts shape our daily inclinations. This is what exactly the authors prove in ‘MEAN GENES’.

In the book, scientists Terry Burnham & Jay Phelan explain the reasons and factors behind such things as laziness, liposuction, dieting, addictions, drugs, infidelity, materialism, joy, marriage, conflicts, warfare, and many modern and ancient subjects. ‘MENA GENES’ is a very informative book written in entertaining and easy writing style. I highly recommend this book.

Written by Bahtiyar
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