men and women mixed in prisons


men and women mixed in prisonsLoads of books have been written on the history of prison. Prison is one of the oldest institutions that exist in this world. Empires, states, and governments always have categories of people they need to isolate from the main portion of their society. I am sure that political prisons were more prevalent during ancient times. Criminal prisons are a modern invention. Anyway, the main purpose of a prison is to isolate and improve certain people. As a punishment, the main purpose of prisons is to steal people's physical freedom. When in prisons, an inmate has everything except a right to physical freedom. Inmates are obliged to remain within a specific territory without crossing its border. 

Thus, prison as punishment must play its function, and not go more than that. Today's prisons deprive people of everything. This is wrong. What is more, women and men are incarcerated separately. This is a big mistake. I am sure that men and women must always be mixed in custody, jails, and prisons. There are only a few prisons around the globe where men and women are mixed in prisons. I believe that in all countries of the world, male and female inmates must be mixed and live in the same blocks. In this blog post, I will tell you about the main reasons why men and women must be always mixed in prisons. 


Violence in prisons is a well-known thing. Violence in penitentiary places is rough and very rude. Physical attacks, fights, murders are always prevalent in prisons. What is more, sexual aggression exists and prospers in all prisons around the world. Strong and dominant male inmates rape weak and submissive men, alpha females rape and force other females for sexual intercourse. Everyone knows about it. Movies depict scenes of sexual behavior in prisons. Sexual dissatisfaction is the main cause of aggressive sexual behavior in prisons. When both men and women need and desire sex but can't get it, they will definitely start raping other inmates. Governments make prisoners rape other inmates with their inadequate actions. 

If governments mixed women and men in custody and prisons, prison rape would disappear. Nobody would have a reason to rape other inmates. Women and men would willingly engage in sexual activities with each other. They could do it either in cells, or openly in prison wards, prison kitchens, and in all other places they would like to have sex. We must mix men and women in penitentiary institutions to eliminate rape. 

Some people might argue that there will be loads of unwanted pregnancies and STD if women and men are mixed together in prisons. To eliminate this probable problem, condoms must be freely given to inmates. Inmates must be regularly checked for STDs to prevent mass epidemics in prisons. 


There are too many prisons in the world. This is a big problem. In the whole history of the world, there have never been so many prisons as today. Governments spend money to build new facilities, custody, jails, prisons, and other types of penitentiary institutions. While male prisons are half-empty, governments spend their last money to build new facilities for female inmates. This is a big mistake. During the difficult time of COVID-19, when millions of people around the world urgently need financial help, it is wrong to waste money. 

Instead of building new prisons for different genders, governments must mix men, women, transgender people inmates all together in the same prisons. There is no need for female prisons, male prisons, mtf transgender prisons, ftm transgender prisons, and prisons for hermaphrodites. Instead, governments must incarcerate everyone in one universal type of prison. This will let government save billions of dollars. This money would be further distributed to old people, single mothers, people with disabilities, and other vulnerable parts of their populations.


Why UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Singapour, and other wealthy countries have a very low level of crime? The answer is very simple. Prosperous citizens have no reasons to commit crimes. When everyone is happy and satisfied, nobody will steal, rob, rape, and kill. Societies will be ideal. What are the most criminal cities and districts in the USA? It is Harlem, Saint Louis, Detroit, and other similar places. Is it a coincidence that poverty is also spread in these places? No, it isn't a coincidence. Poverty leads to dissatisfaction, and dissatisfaction leads to crime. 

I am always shocked when government authorities blame prisoners for being violent! What have you done to make them less violent?! Nothing! Punishing people is the best way to make them worse, more aggressive and violent!

If men and women are mixed in prisons, inmates will have more communication, more sex, more good hopes, and consequently, they will become less violent. Repressed sexual energy is the main cause of violence. If we let prisoners satisfy their sexual urges with other inmates, there will be no more violence in prisons. All inmates will be satisfied and happy. As a result, they will be more grateful to their governments. It will lead to the improvement of their behavior and lifestyles. 

These are some of the main reasons why prisoners must be mixed in custody, jails, and prisons. My arguments are very strong and irrefutable. If you don't agree with me, kindly express your thoughts in the comments below. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.