transgenderThe number of transgender people in the world keeps increasing every year. It is not a secret that Thailand has the highest amount of transgender people. The amount of MTF (male to a female) transgender people is higher than the number of FTM (female to male) transgender people. I have never read any specific literature on this topic. However, I am conscious of the main reasons why many men become transgender people. I am not a woman, and therefore, I know nothing about the factors that make them become FTM transgender people. At the same time, I can provide you with some of the most informative knowledge explaining why some men prefer becoming transgender people. Here are some of the reasons why millions of men have already become transgender people.


Transsexual men identify themselves as women. Even though these men have all primary and secondary signs of the male sex, they identify themselves as females. In other words, these men feel like women. It is like being transformed into another person’s body. If a man’s soul is transplanted into a female body, this person will definitely have some difficulties in his gender self-identification. The same thing happens with men who become transgender people. Due to some unclear reasons and factors, these men identify themselves as people of the opposite sex. This creates an annoying discomfort in their soul. Further, some of them decide to entirely change their gender.

Transgenderism is officially classified as a psychological disorder. Even in some Muslim countries such as Iran, transgender people are allowed to change their sex. To be honest, I have never felt myself as a woman. Therefore, I cannot understand how transgender people feel. However, I am sure that problems with gender self-identification exist.


Lack of testosterone might be one of the main reasons why so many men become transsexual people. A man with a high level of testosterone hormone in his blood will definitely feel like a man. His thinking, worldview and level of empathy will be predetermined by the level of male hormones. This fact is not absolute. However, I can confidently say that testosterone is what makes a man feel and act like a real man. Without testosterone, men become more feminine, sensitive, and vulnerable.

It is well-known that Thailand has the highest number of transgender people. Most of them are MTF transgender people. In Thailand, the ratio of MTF transgender people to FTM transgender people might be equal to 95 % to 5%. Thus, FTM transsexual people almost do not exist in Thailand. Also, if you look at Thai men, you will recognize that they are genetically feminine. Thai men do not belong to a masculine type of men such as Caucasian and Arab men. This means that Thai men genetically predetermined to have a low level of testosterone hormone in the blood. Thus, the lack of testosterone hormone might be one of the factors that make men become transsexual people.


In all books dedicated to transgenderism, you will never find narcissism as one of the factors making men become transgender people. However, I guess that narcissism can be one of the things that cause men to become transsexual people. We all agree that women are more physically attractive than men. Women look like beautiful flowers that attract thousands of bees. Women are flowers, and men are bees. Women were designed to attract males. I may not understand how men can be attractive to women since I am a man. Nonetheless, I am sure that both men and women will agree that women are naturally more wonderful and gorgeous than men.

Some male beauty lovers may be discontent by being males. Usually, these men are narcissists. Some of them are very handsome men. This type of man does not chase women. They are too proud of being handsome. Have you ever wondered why some men worship women? Most of the women worshippers have a very low self-estimation. Sometimes, these men have a very low height, ugly faces, or other things that make them physically unattractive. They chase beautiful women in order to compensate for personal psychological problems.

On the opposite side, you will find that male narcissists are very proud. They never chase women. Oppositely, they prefer being chased by others. At the same time, male narcissists realize that women are naturally more attractive than men. This is why some of the male narcissists decide to become more beautiful by becoming transsexual people. Thus, you will find that the majority of transgender people are ex-male narcissists.


Transgender hormonal therapy changes everything in a person. From physical appearance to the width of a person’s skin, everything changes with the help of estrogens. This is a very interesting process. To be honest, I would like to test it myself, if it was not dangerous and had no negative consequences. Unfortunately, I will never do it. However, I have seen how men change after a few months of taking estrogens and inhibitors of androgens. Hence, curious men may become transsexual people simply for the sake of experimenting.


You will find out that a big percentage of transgender people had some gay sex experience before their gender transformation. Bottom gays realize that the number of straight men is bigger than the number of top gays. What is more, there are millions of men around the world who are sexually attracted to MTF transgender people. Transgender people have bigger butts and breasts than men, and therefore, millions of straight men are attracted to them. Hence, for bottom gays, becoming transgender people is a very effective way to attract more straight men. This might be one of the reasons why you will find a lot of former male gays among MTF transsexual people. Well, these men are still gays. However, in their past, they were called male gays. Now, they are transgender gays.


In some Asian countries such as Thailand and the Philippines, being a transgender is more profitable than being a man. Asian transgender people have some chances to marry some Western men and have a good life. Also, transgender people have more opportunities to succeed in sex escort service spheres than straight or gay men. Thus, being a transgender is financially profitable in some regions of the world. Poverty might be one of the main socio-economic factors that motivate people to change their gender.

These are some of the main reasons why millions of men become transgender people. My blog post is not a scientific report. All the above-mentioned conclusions are based on my personal analysis and observations. Therefore, I might have missed something. If you want to add some valuable information with regards to this topic, please, leave your comments.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.