interestNo doubts, sex is one of the most important things in our life. It is the most powerful motivator. According to a famous psychologist Abraham Maslow, sex is the strongest stimulus in a life of a human being. Sex is a serious thing. The majority of our intentions and activities are motivated by sex. We all want and love sex. In other words, we can say that sex is life.

It is not a secret that men have a higher libido than women do. Since we have seven times more testosterone in our bloodstream than women, this amount of the hormone gives us constant sex drive. This is not to say that men never suffer from loss of sex drive. No, we all are human beings and our physical and psychological conditions always change. Therefore, our libido never stays the same. In winters, people usually have weaker libido than in summers. If you are successful and prosperous, you will definitely have more sex drive than someone who is a loser. 

I am not going to discuss strength and effects of sex as a stimulator in this blog post. No, to be honest, I want to talk about another thing. During my life, loads of women have been telling me that men lose interest towards their women after having sex with them. So is this true? This will be the main topic of today's, article.


I cannot generalize all men around the globe. However, I can give you a very good answer from my point of view. I have had dozens of women whom I started loving even more after having sex with them. Thus, my interest towards these women increased after having sex with them. This is true. Hence, I did not lose interest towards them after sex. I kept dating them on a regular. So I can say that I do not lose interest towards a girl after having sex with her. Oppositely, my interest, sympathy, and maybe love towards my lovers increases. 

Finally, there is no scientific proof that men lose interest towards women after having sex with them. This is just another myth made by stupid women who are terrible in bed. Men left them because they don't know how to make sex. Let me tell you about the reasons why men lose interest towards women after having sex with them.


If a man is dating a woman to have sex with her and this is the only aim of his relationship, it is very probable that he will lose interest to his woman after having her in his bed. If there is nothing more than sex that is attracting a man to a woman, it is likely that this man will stop dating his lady after reaching his goal.


If a woman is terrible in sex, her men will lose interest after bedding her. Actually, sex can improve or spoil everything. Even if your relationship with your partner is ideal and you perfectly understand each other, terrible sex will destroy everything. Rigid women and women with no passion will lose most of their men due to bad sex.


Men do not lose interest to women after having sex with them just because of sex itself. There are other reasons making a man lose interest. If a woman does not satisfy her man physically and emotionally, one day, he will lose his interest. Mainly, there are two core reasons why a man might lose interest to a girl after having sex with her. Firstly, this will happen if sex was his only motivation. Secondly, if a woman is not his sex-type, this might also lead to the loss of interest.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.