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professional seducerThe art of seduction is a complicated and sophisticated system of different sciences. To become a professional seducer, a man must master his skills in numerous fields. Psychological knowledge is the most significant element that has a foremost influence in the art of seduction. When a man does not understand a girl, he will never be able to seduce her. In my previous article, I have given you 5 useful tips that will improve your seduction skills. Today, I will describe some of the dangerous actions that might ruin your seduction campaign. Being a professional seducer is not as easy as it might seem to you. Looking too professional and smart is also very dangerous for the success in seduction. Usually, people tend to afraid and stay of smart, wise, and very perspicacious individuals. This is what usually happens to me. Insightful people are always disliked in all types of communities and societies. If you aim to become a truly professional seducer, you will need to master your skills in some specific fields. At the same time, it is necessary for you to be aware of the things that are destructive in a relationship with a woman. This is what exactly I will teach you now.


Women and men have diverse thinking. For men, the quantity of sex is a foremost important factor. Women treat sex differently. For a woman, it is essential to have a single man. A woman cannot fully devote herself to multiple men. Therefore, the quality is the most significant thing for every woman. A professional seducer must understand the way women think. If you know a woman’s psychology and the way she thinks, you will definitely succeed in the art of seduction. Otherwise, all of your attempts will fail.

For a woman, it is important to know that she is the only one for her man. She must know and be sure that her man considers her to be the most beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, passionate, and seductive woman of the world. Only in this situation, a woman will feel happy. When a professional seducer is dating a girl he wants to seduce, he never stares at other women. This is very important for having success in this field. A professional seducer knows very well that a woman wants to be adored and worshiped. At least, a real seducer makes her think that she is the only one for him. In fact, this might not be true. Nevertheless, a professional seducer will do everything in order to assure his woman that she is the only one he wants to have. Staring at other girls while dating can be your fatal mistake. Women are very insightful creatures. If she recognizes you hungrily looking at other women, she will definitely have some doubts regarding your fidelity and seriousness. This is the first mistake you should avoid in order to become a professional seducer.


If you look too smart, intelligent, and wise, these things will for sure make your woman aware of you. Clever people always look very suspicious. We do not await something hypocritical from a fool. A fool is not capable of representing something truly sophisticated to us. He has no enough intellect and cunningness to manipulate us. On the opposite side, smart individuals are very powerful manipulators. A professional seducer knows these facts very well, and therefore, he strives not to look to professional and clever. It will be a ridiculous mistake to say your girl that you regularly read blogs and books dedicated to seduction. If you do so, do not even expect to have any success in the art of seduction. With this attitude, you will fail very soon. Also, do not tell anything about your past girlfriends and mistresses.


As you already know, women have loads of psychological problems. Most of them are not satisfied by their faces, eyes, noses, lips, hair, bodies, sizes of their breasts and butts. Thus, all of the women have some psychological complexes. When a professional seducer talks to a woman, he will never praise or honor other women. By giving beautiful compliments to a woman, you make her more confident. Other women might be more seductive and sexier than you women, however, never let your girl know or think about this fact.


Who is a seducer? A seducer is a man who professionally seduces women to make sex with them. If a seducer sticks to a woman, he has some sex-related purposes and objectives behind his activities. A professional seducer is not a family man. A specialist in the art of seduction never intends to build some serious relationships with the women is trying to seduce.

Revealing your real intention will be the biggest mistake you could ever commit while trying to seduce a woman. If you directly say that you merely want to have sex with a woman, you will never achieve your goals. A professional seducer never reveals his real intentions. His actions look like he wants to have something serious, stable, and regular with a woman. Nevertheless, all of us perfectly know about the real intention hidden behind his mask.


A truly professional seducer knows that the art of seduction is a very time-consuming activity. It is impossible to seduce a woman in a matter of a few days. Of course, if she is a prostitute or a whore, men can achieve faster results with these types of women. Otherwise, it might take from several weeks to several months to seduce a woman. A professional seducer has a very strong patience. He knows that seduction is a psychological process that requires a lot of time. Learn to be patient if you want to master your skills in the art of seduction. Without patience, you will never succeed in this field.

These are some of the most common mistakes that must be avoided in the art of seduction. A professional seducer never commits them. For this reason, he can be classified as ‘ a professional seducer’.

Written by Bahtiyar
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