seductionMen who are successful in the art of seduction, usually question themselves about the ways to monetize their superior abilities. When people ask me about the reasons of my success in the area of seduction, I say that seduction is in my blood. I may be honest to some extent. However, it is not the only factor that lets me seduce women with ease. One of the most important things is your experience.When I was 15 years old, I was definitely less professional in seduction than now. Today, I have a great experience in seduction. I can confidently state that I am a real professional in this field. Being a good psychologist is another factor that lets me succeed with women. I never tried to monetize my abilities. I seduce women just because I enjoy the process itself. Seduction is a game and I enjoy playing it. I have enough income sources, and therefore, I never fancied of making some money by seducing someone. 

I have found a lot of questions from men who are interested in becoming a professional seducer to earn money. There are loads of women who use their seductive skills to make a living. They do it very successfully. Of course, it may be shameful to seduce someone in order to make a profit. However, time has changed and our principles change every day. Today, these things are not shameful anymore. I am not here to give a moral estimation of something. I am a philosopher, and therefore, the concepts like “good” and “bad” sound to be very relative for me.  

Let me give you some of the most effective tips to monetize your seduction skills.


This concept is usually related to women who seduce rich men to get their money. A man who seduces women to get their money is also a gold digger. Ther is no a difference between a man or a woman gold-digger. When a man teaches someone, we say that he is a teacher. When a woman does the same thing we also call her a teacher. The same thing happens when we use “gold-digger” as a concept to describe a person who uses seduction in order to use someone’s money. Gold digging is not a crime. It is not forbidden by any laws as long as you do not do anything fraudulent or dangerous. 

First of all, let me tell you that I am not a gold digger and I do not need it in order to make money. However, I could become a successful gold digger if I wanted it. 

So what are the steps to become a professional gold digger? If you say that you have some good seduction skills, let me avoid teaching you. You already know what to do in order to seduce a woman. This process is not short. You need to be very patient. Women are more insightful than men. A man who is sexually motivated may be blinded by a sexy appearance of a woman. In this mind condition, a man does not care about his money and a gold digger woman can manipulate him as she wants. A gold digger man needs to be more careful. Women have weak sexual desires, and love is the most important feeling for them.   A man is always ready to make sex with a woman. On the opposite side, it takes a long time for a woman to fall in love with a man. 

It is clear that you need to look for rich women. Gold digging is impossible with women who have no money. Forget about young girls. Some of them may be rich, but they do not need you. Why should a young and gorgeous girl give you money in order to stick you to her? She is sexy and wonderful. There are thousands of men who are ready to give everything to be with her. A young, rich girl is not the best victim for you. Search for wealthy and mature women. Some of them may be married and others are already divorced. Both of these women groups can be good for gold digging. Mature women are more realistic than young girls. A girl in her 18s assumes that the whole world belongs to her. She is very far from the reality. After 5 or 6 years, she will learn how the real life looks like.  Mature women have been married and most of them are not satisfied by the quality of their unions. I have met a woman who was over 45. She was still beautiful, gorgeous, and very passionate. She was married, but her husband was very tough. That woman complained me about her sexual life. She said that she is not satisfied in bed. The woman said that she hates her husband and many other things. It does not matter how beautiful a mature woman is, she does not feel beautiful enough in her ages. These women have already lost their confidence and feeling of the infinite power. Mature women need someone to assure them that they are gorgeous and sexy again. Some of them will be ready to pay you.   

 I did not explain you all the necessary steps to seduce a woman because you are already familiar with them. When you have seduced her, you may use her money as you wish. Buy yourself anything you want or she may shop with you and spend her money on you. 


You may think that seduction is the easiest thing in life. You do think so because you have a good appearance and all the necessary skills to seduce any women you wish. Remember that there are loads of men who are not so self-confident and experienced as you. These men need a good adviser. 

I am a professional seducer but I do not think much about women. Neither I spend lots of hours hunting different sexy ladies. You will be amazed if I tell you that I do not have a girlfriend at the moment. Yeah, that is true.  Do you wonder of the reasons why I have such lifestyle? I have had loads of different women in my life. I started seducing girls from my school time. I am not eager for it anymore. Nowadays, I have another goals and ambitions. They are connected with my personal success. Thus, I dedicate all of my free time to my projects. I do not even have any time to think about sex. That is my position because I am a self-confident man. I do not need to prove anything to myself. I am sure that I can seduce hundreds of different women in a single week. Seduction is not a priority for me anymore. 

Men with low self-estimation think differently. They are not confident in themselves, and therefore, they strive to seduce as many women as possible. These men need women to keep their self-estimation at a good level. If you present yourself as a professional seducer, you will definitely have many men who will be ready to become your students. Organize your own courses. Rent an office and tell people that you teach how to seduce women. Most of your students will be teenagers. This group of people has a lot of free time to think about sex and women. Sex is the main priority in their age.  


Online courses on seduction may be the best way to monetize your seduction skills. Plan your enterprise and you will definitely succeed.


Making money by selling your books is one of the best tools that easily lets you monetize your knowledge. Amazon and CreateSpace give you fantastic opportunities to self-publish your digital and physical books with ease. It usually takes a few minutes to self-publish your books on these online resources. 

First of all, you will need to build a structure of your book. Make a detailed plan and identify what kind of information will be included in your book. When you have already written it, you will need to hire a good editor. Do it on Fiverr. Secondly, hire a professional book cover designer and your book will be ready. Publish it on Amazon and CreateSpace. Set your price and start promotions. Advertise your book using different promotional tools. Receive your royalties in the end of each month. 

Writing a book is one of the greatest ideas that will let you monetize your seduction skills. 


Blogging is extremely popular nowadays. There are nearly 290 million blogs on the Internet. Keep in mind that this number is growing day by day. There are already thousand of people who make a living by blogging. If you are really professional in seduction, you will definitely have many things to tell your readers. You may suggest you tips or share your stories with visitors of your website. You may offer your online seduction courses from your blog. You will find that there are numerous people who will be ready to pay you for your service. Firstly, you will need to establish yourself as a specialist in the art of seduction. When you have already built your reputation, you will have several tools that will let you monetize your website. 

Blogging is very popular nowadays. There are a few blogs dedicated to seduction, and consequently, you will have less competition in your online business.


Business means communication with people. When you are good at communicating, you will definitely succeed in any kind of business. Keep in mind that there are many companies and enterprises that are managed by women. A woman is a woman even if she is a business-lady. Thus, every business-lady is prone to the effects of different seduction methods. Making business with a woman is easier because you may always use the power of beautiful compliments and other famous tricks that let you seduce different women.

We have business communication because we need to negotiate different agreements. Sometimes, we encounter different problems while trying to protect our interests and objectives. Use your seduction skills while having a conversation with a business-lady and you will see that she will become more obedient and compliant when you seduce her. Thus, you will surely reach your business goals. 

I have suggested you the most effective tools that may let you monetize your seduction skills. Be attentive, use your imagination and you may discover something more effective and profitable. Do not forget to leave your tips for me!

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.