Money: Mater the Game by Antony Robbins


Money: Mater the Game by Antony RobbinsIt seems like the world’s richest people buy and sell stocks. If you have big money, stocks trading is one of the most lucrative business activities you can do to quickly increase your financial assets. ‘Money: Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom’ by Tony Robins is that very all-encompassing books that will make you familiar with stock trading. 

Like all books written by Antony Robbins, this book is an international bestseller that has already sold millions of copies. I am sure that there is no necessity to introduce Tony Robbins to you. He is a billionaire self-help guru, the founder of several successful companies, and of course, the author of a few international bestselling books. ‘Money: Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom’ is a book about stocks trading. I can’t tell you that this book is a fundamental work on stocks trading. However, the author shares a lot of beneficial information, tips, and insights on how to profit from buying and selling stocks. In the book, Antony Robbins shares his personal experience of buying and selling stocks and profiting from this activity. He also gives some good tips on how to analyze markets and precise predictions. This is not a book about business, money-making, and so on. The topic of this book is stock trading.

I am not a millionaire businessman, and therefore, I am sure it is not time for me to engage in stocks trading. If I do something, I will do it on a great scale. Right now, I don’t have a couple of spare millions of dollars to invest in stocks. For me, this book was not essential. However, I enjoyed the wise tips given by Tony Robbins in the book. This man has decades of experience in stocks trading, and therefore, it was a good idea to learn about stocks trading from Tony Robbins. 

This book will be a great read for those people who are already engaged in the business of stock trading. If you plan and want to start buying and selling stocks, then, this book will also be a good choice for you. ‘Money: Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom’ is a book for those people who already have some good financial savings and a steady income. This book will teach you how to save money, invest your funds, and finally, achieve financial freedom by multiplying your wealth. As I have already mentioned this book is not a book about business and money in general. Thus, if you are not interested in stocks trading, then, you should skip this book. 

Written by Bahtiyar
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