dangerousTravel is one of the most enjoyable activities we have in our life. While traveling, we forget about our past, problems, and many other negative things we have in our life. There is no an absolutely happy person in the world. Thus, traveling becomes the most stress-relieving hobby a person might have in his life.

Of course, travel is a wonderful thing. However, we should agree that not all destinations of the world are enough safe for our visits. There are many factors that might make a country dangerous for tourism. The dictatorial, autocratic and tyrannical government, high level of crime, unfriendly people, and many other things make travel in particular regions of the world tremendously dangerous. Since my blog is partly dedicated to travel, I strive to give my readers the most useful and effective information. In this post, I am going to give you a list of the most dangerous countries of the world. Traveling is some of them might be dangerous for your life, freedom, financial assets, health, and many other valuable and precious things you have in your life. My rating is not based on writings of other popular web resources. I made my list using my own knowledge and experience. 


north koreaNorth Korea is one of the most closed and radical countries of the world. It is tremendously difficult for a tourist to get a visa for entering North Korea. Even though a traveler has a visa and all the required documents for entering this country, the government agents will never let him alone. Tourists from western countries are the most suspicious people for this tyrannical government. It is not necessary to describe all the terrible facts about this autocratic government. It will be enough if I say that North Korea is a communistic country. Communist is a pure evil, and almost every one of you will agree with this fact. Millions of people in North Korea are forced to work for a government. North Korean prisons and camps are considered and accepted to be the toughest in the world.

I have written enough basic information about the country. Now, let me tell you about the reasons making North Korea the most dangerous country for travelers. North Korea is an international outcast. The government of North Korea ignores all the international laws and rights. Thus, its crazy ruler can do whatever he wants to do. If a western person is imprisoned in some safe countries of the world, foreign embassies can help their citizens. This saying might be true if we do not speak about North Korea. If a traveler has some problems in North Korea, only God can help him. The government is very suspicious, and therefore, every foreigner is suspected to be a potential spy. There is no a single country in the world that is merciful towards spies. The government of North Korea is the toughest in the world. Therefore, North Korea is considered to be one of the less tourist friendly countries of the world.

If you are a risky traveler and you do not afraid of North Korean concentration camps, you should definitely visit this country. Otherwise, I suggest you be far away from this tyrannical territory. 


uzbekistanI was thinking about placing this country on the first order; however, I realized that this country is not equally dangerous for all people around the world. What I can definitely say is that Uzbekistan is the most dangerous countries for Muslim travelers. Its former president Islam Karimov was the most dangerous Islamophobe in the world. He imprisoned millions of Muslims with even when they were not suspected in any types of radicalism. Men in Uzbekistan are forced to shave their beards. Uzbekistan is the most anti-democratic country in the Middle Asia. Its citizens afraid are scared of their own government. In Uzbekistan, neighbors are always suspected to be potential spies. I would never wish to live in that dictatorial country. Now, Islam Karimov is dead, however, I am sure that his tyrannical regimen will be continued by some of the members of his family. 

Western travelers might be safe while traveling in Uzbekistan. On the other hand, if you are a Muslim wearing a beard, Uzbekistan can be unsafe for you to travel in. The government agents are extremely tough and cruel against Muslims. Even though you are a foreigner, you might have serious problems In Uzbekistan just because you are a Muslim. The country ignores all the international laws and human rights. Do not expect that your powerful government will influence decisions and actions of Uzbekistan.

I would never visit Uzbekistan. I do not see anything attractive in its culture and nature. Moreover, the country might be dangerous for my freedom, financial assets, and even life. 


syriaToday, Syria is one of the most dangerous countries of the world. It is not necessary to give you the reasons making this zone so unsafe for travelers. Western travelers face more risk while traveling to this region. In Syria, every western tourist is a potential victim of ISIS. I am sure that traveling in Syria is not popular today. People are aware of the danger they might face in Syria.

Syria has sunk in ruins. The country was a very attractive and popular travel destination during several decades. When the war started, Syria became one of the most dangerous places on Earth. Today, there is nothing to do in Syria. If you a fan of ruins and flying bullets above your head, you can visit it. Otherwise, I would like to recommend you forgetting about travel in Syria. 


iraqToday, Iraq is one of the international leaders by the count of murdering per year. The country is very close to the war zone. Iraq was attractive in times of Saddam Hussein. It was a prosperous country with many gorgeous places and attractions to visit. Today, Iraq is one of the most unattractive places for international travel. 

I know nothing to see in Iraq. Maybe if you want to explore the situation in Iraq and speak with its citizens, you may go there. Otherwise, Iraq is the worst playground that can be found on Earth. 


mexicoMexico is dangerous for its high crime level. Of course, the government of Mexico is corrupted; however, it is not dangerous for travelers. The government regime in Mexico is not tyrannical, communistic, dictatorial, or anti-democratic. While traveling in Mexico, you are at a high risk of being killed, robbed, and kidnapped. The level of crime in Mexico is tremendously high. As you know, the most dangerous city in the world is situated in Mexico. Ciudad Juárez is a city in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. The city has the highest level of crime in the world. Other cities of Mexico might be a little bit less criminal and dangerous than Ciudad Juarez. 

Mexico is a very attractive place. I also plan to visit it. While traveling in Mexico, a tourist should be very cautious. Group traveling in Mexico is safer than travel on your own. 


venezuelaVenezuela is famous for its gorgeous women who have amazing butts and boobs. Butt cult is very popular in all Latin America. Of course, Venezuela has a tremendously beautiful nature. These and many other factors make Venezuela one of the best travel destinations in the world. However, due to a high level of poverty, Venezuela has a widely spread crime. In Venezuela, criminals are everywhere. At any time, you might be killed, kidnapped, robbed, or raped if you are a woman. 

Every traveler should visit Venezuela. Nevertheless, all of us should never forget that traveling in this country may be very dangerous for our life. 


ukraineUkraine is a famous war zone right now. Today, the country has very serious security and financial problems. Moreover, I do not find anything attractive in Ukraine right now. In all international stats of 2016, Ukraine is included in top 5 dangerous countries of the world. There must be very significant reasons for that. 

Written by Bahtiyar
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