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the most dangerousSometimes, our world resembles wild jungles. I think that almost everyone of you will agree that people are the most dangerous animals that exist in this world. Of course, we have some qualities that distinguish us from animals. However, human beings and animals have loads of similarities. A few days ago, I was surfing the Internet. I spotted an interesting post and decided to read it. What I still remember from that the saying that people are the most dangerous animals. If I analyze my life, I will make a conclusion that animals never hurt me. Maybe sometimes I was bitten by a bee and that is all. Each summer, a few mosquitoes take some of my blood; however, I think that it might be even beneficial for my health. I live in a city, and therefore, I live far away from dangerous animals such as crocodiles, tigers, lions, snakes, and other wild creatures. Even though I have encountered wild animals only in zoos, I have suffered a lot because of more dangerous animals who live in our cities. These animals are people. In fact, people are the wildest and the most dangerous animals that exist in the whole world. Look at your life and ask yourself how many times you were hurt by animals. You will find that it happened a few times in your life. At the same time, analyze your life and question yourself about the number of times you suffered because of the people who surround you. You will definitely discover that some people are the most devilish creatures that spoil our life.

In this article, I will describe the most dangerous types of people who exist in our life. These people are truly hazardous. Avoid them in your life.


If you at history, you will find that the evilest people were those who suffered a lot. Poverty, different types of physical disabilities, sufferings, and a hard life do not make a person kind and merciful. On the contrary, you will find that the people, who have been through serious difficulties, are the most devilish. Have you ever analyzed biographies of different tyrants and dictators? I have a good knowledge of history. I have studied and analyzed lives of such cruel people as Stalin, Hitler, Mao Zedong, Paul Pott, and many other hazardous tyrants. None of these people were born in rich families. All of them were poor during their childhood and young ages. Most of them were imprisoned during their life. Stalin spent 8 years suffering in Siberian camps. Hitler was a very weak boy. His youth was full of poverty and anger. These tyrants killed millions of people. Mao Zedong killed 80 million of innocent people. We see loads of people blaming tyrants for their political repressions, murdering, and other evil activities. At the same time, only a few of us are aware of the circumstances that developed and built these tough personalities. Today, people are blaming ISIS for their public executions and wild exhibitions. Most of the people from ISIS were imprisoned in different places of the world. You will definitely find some former Guantanamo prisoners in ISIS right now. Most of the ISIS members spent a lot of time in American camps in Iraq. What can we conclude from all of this? None of the tough people were born tough. Life and evil made them tough.

Throughout our history, the people who suffered a lot were the most dangerous and toughest human beings.


Corrupt judges are definitely one of the most dangerous groups of people who live around us. I do not wish anyone of you to be in a situation when a corrupt judge will decide your further destiny. These people will suffer a lot in the next world. Corrupt     judges are extremely dangerous for a multitude of different reasons. First of all, these people have power. Thus, if they want, they can legally perform their evil activities. Have you ever wondered about the number of people who lost their freedom or property with the help of corrupt judges? This number can be counted in millions and maybe hundreds of millions. Corrupt judges are more dangerous than mafia members. Corrupt judges are legal criminals. For this reason, I consider this type of people to be one of the most dangerous. 


Poor policemen are the main problem of the countries that belong to the third world. Poor policemen are the main reason why crime prospers and develops. Poor policemen are dangerous for the following reasons. A policeman is a person who also wants to have a good life. He wants to have good clothes, a good car, a good house, a good salary, and all the good things other people have in their life. When a government is unable to provide its policemen with good salaries, these poor policemen become corrupted. In some countries of the world, policemen are more dangerous than criminals. These policemen illegally imprison people, and then, demand money for their freedom. This money can be required from a prisoner, his friends, his family, his relatives, and his parents. In this situation, people have nothing to do, and therefore, they do everything demanded by these corrupt policemen. For poor policemen, accepting bribes is a regular tradition. If you look at some of the prosperous countries of the world, you will find that policemen in those regions are less corrupted. I see a lot of western businessmen praising making business in the third world. One day, their opinion will change. Making business in the third world might be very dangerous for their freedom and financial assets. 


Politicians are the people who rule our world. A good politician should care about his nation. When a president, a minister, a deputy, or any other member of a government has some personal ambitions, life becomes very dangerous for the whole society. These people are extremely dangerous because they have a lot of power. If you look at the world very carefully, you will find that most of the international crime, intrigues, and evil are made by ambitious politicians. If a corrupt policeman makes crime regionally, ambitious politicians are global criminals. Moreover, all of their crime is made absolutely legally. This fact makes them one of the most dangerous types of people in the world. 

I think that these are the above-mentioned groups of people are the most dangerous. It is unsafe to live among them. Look at your country. Analyze the people who have power in your region. If these people have some wildish inclinations, you should leave that place as soon as possible. Life in that region can be dangerous for your life, freedom, health, family, and of course, financial possessions.  

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.