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best glute exercisesWhen it comes to muscle building, there are no anatomical differences between men and women. Men and women have identical muscle fibers. Therefore, there should be no difference in exercises recommended for men or women. Thus, there are no male nor female exercises. All physical exercises are for both men and women. Hence, I didn't write: "Best glute exercises for men and women."If someone tells you that women need to train their muscles differently from men, you should know that this person knows nothing about bodybuilding. Women have the same glute muscle fibers as men. For this reasons, there will be no difference in glute exercise between the sexes.

There is no need to tell you about the reasons why you decided to enhance your glute muscles. If you are reading this blog post, I assume you already know about the benefits of having strong butt muscles. Actually, there are loads of glute exercises that can improve your glutes. On the Internet, you can find dozens of recommendations. If you do not train your glutes seven times a day, you will definitely need to choose only the best glute exercises. This will save your time and energy.

When we talk about glute exercises, we usually mean isolated workouts that target glutes. While talking about glute workouts, we should not mention squats, leg press, and other compound exercises. Even though these workouts stress our glutes to some extent, they are not as effective as isolated glute exercises.

To be honest, I do only three isolated glute exercises. I do them every training day. Consequently, I will recommend you what works for me. Since I have achieved great results with these isolated glute workouts, I will bravely recommend them to everyone who wants to build strong and big glute muscles. 


Hip thrusts on Smith machine is definitely the most effective glute exercise. According to Brett Contreras Ph.D., hip thrusts will give you the biggest glute muscle activation. Thus, hip thrusts are much more effective than squats and deadlifts. When you do hip thrusts, you will feel a great pump in your glutes. You will also have your glutes sore after this wonderful glute exercise. Usually, I do not feel any glute pumps while squatting. Also, there is no soreness in glutes after squatting. On the opposite side, a heavy set of hip thrusts will make your butt very sore next day.

I always use Smith machine to do hip thrusts. It is more convenient and safe to use the machine. My working weight is 140 kg. I do from 8 to 12 repetitions in 5 sets. I recommend to squeeze your glutes and hold your body in the upper point for at least 5 seconds. This will maximally flex your glute muscles. This will lead to a greater glute muscle hypertrophy. 


Bulgarian split squats are one of my favorite glute exercises. If there is a question: Bulgarian split squats vs Hip Thrusts for glutes, I will tell you that both of them are very effective. However, I am unable to tell you which of them is more productive. Both of these exercise target glutes very well.

I use Smith machine to do Bulgarian split squats. I have never tried doing it with free weights. As I have told you before, Smith machine is a very convenient thing. Therefore, I use it in many exercises.

I do from 8 to 12 repetitions in 5 sets. My working weight on Bulgarian split squats is very near to my barbell squats working weight. In this exercise, only one of your legs is activated. You go down, then, when you stand up, try to focus all the pressure and weight on your heel. This will maximally activate your glutes. Bulgarian split squats target your glutes separately. If you use your right leg, your right glute will be activated, and vice versa. Therefore, try to put equal stress on your glutes. Otherwise, one of your glute muscles will be more developed and bigger than another. This will not look attractive. 


Romanian deadlifts are very effective for building glute muscles. It is one of my favorite glute exercises. Classic deadlifts also activate your glute muscles. However, its activation is very low. Classic deadlifts mainly target your back muscles and quadriceps. On the opposite side, Romanian deadlifts are one of the best exercises to activate your glute muscles. 

I do from 8 to 12 repetitions in 5 sets. Usually, my working weight on Romanian deadlifts is a little bit smaller than I use while doing classic deadlifts. It is an averagely difficult exercise. Therefore, you should use a comfortable weight in order not to get injured.

These are the best glute exercises. You can find dozens or maybe hundreds exercises to activate your glute muscles. However, most of them will be ineffective. You will merely waste your time doing those pointless workouts. I stick to the three above mentioned glute exercises, and I have great results. All famous fitness experts put these three glute exercises forward. Make each of these glute exercises every training day, and very soon, you will definitely see some impressive results.

Written by Bahtiyar
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