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photo sessionI have not been updating my photo profile for more than a year. I was too busy to get a photo session. Actually, my businesses and bodybuilding routine got all my time. Strict training and strict diet. I was spending the rest of my time launching different enterprises on the Web. Therefore, I was not bothering myself with photos of me on my website.

Every day, I receive loads of messages on my email from people around the globe. Some of them are interested in a business partnership with me, advertising on my website, guest posting, and other money-related stuff. Also, I get a lot of personal email from men asking me about dating advice, business recommendations, and etc. I kindly answer all the messages I get. Whether it is a business-related message or it is a simple message from a person who is interested in me, I always find some free time to give thorough answers to all the queries I get.

People visit my About Me page and see a photo that is more that one year old. I have changed a lot. I gained almost 52 lbs – 27 kg of lean muscles due to the bodybuilding bulking phase. Currently, with the height of 185 cm, my bodyweight is 230 lbs – 104 kg. I am muscular, masculine, bold, strong, and huge. Hence, I decided to show my visitors who is Bahtiyar nowadays. Here is a sexy photo session I recently got. Actually, the photo editing phase is not finished yet. However, I decided to publish the photos as soon as possible. Enjoy!

Written by Bahtiyar
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