succeedBlogging is a very seductive online movement. Blogging is the most available and affordable way to make money online. Even if you have no money to start an online business, blogging requires nothing than your intellectual potential. If you have good ideas and you can produce some good content, you can start blogging. When I analyzed all types of online businesses that exist on the Internet, I made a conclusion that blogging is the most widely spread activity on the Internet. The number of blogs is higher than the number of porn sites and online stores. All of us have already heard about famous bloggers who make money by blogging. Some of them became millionaires by the help of their blogging activity. The most famous names are Darren Rowse, Patt Flynn, Matthew Kepnes, and others. Impressive income reports of famous bloggers made all of us consider about starting a personal blog.

People start blogging for different purposes. Since blogging is a very time-consuming and meticulous activity, the majority of people who launch blogs do it solely for financial purposes. Further, when their blogs become more popular, they plan to monetize them. Otherwise, they would not bear this daily hard work they need to perform in order to write on a regular basis. When I say ‘to succeed in blogging’, I mean monetize a blog and make it popular. Consequently, if a blog is already popular, it will be very easy to monetize it. A high popularity of a blog attracts a lot of web traffic. In the result, any auditory with huge volumes of web traffic can be monetized. Advertisements, affiliate marketing, and online trade are some of the tools that let you make money on a popular web resource. Blogging is a business. As all types of professional activities, blogging requires particular professional and personal qualities to succeed. In football, you need to be very fast and active in order to succeed. Chess requires good mathematical and analytical skills. Wrestling requires technical skills. Thus, every professional movement requires and demand specific qualities and talents. Today, I will talk about the necessary qualities needed to succeed in blogging. This will let you make sure that you fit blogging or not.


Patience is the most important quality required to succeed in blogging. Whether you write high-quality content or working on your SEO, patience is the most significant quality. As you know, blogging is a tremendously competitive niche. Therefore, you need to produce a great content in order to succeed. Millions of bloggers write about the same things you do. Readers prefer dealing with good content. Today, search engines provide people with the best information available on the Internet. Whether you want to get good results on SERPs or you want to captivate your readers on your blog, you will need to work very hard in order to produce the necessary content. This work will require a lot of patience. In the beginning of your blogging activity, you will not see huge web traffic on your blog. SEO needs at least 6 months to start giving some serious results. If a website is less than 6 months old, it is considered to be a new web resource for search engines. Consequently, search engines do not trust new websites. As a result, new online projects do not get sufficient amounts of web traffic to succeed. Be aware of these facts. Only a few people will visit your blog. It is very easy to give up blogging in this situation. A patient blogger will definitely succeed. If you have no patience, you should forget about blogging.


Blogging is a very hard work. When you visit someone’s blog, everything is ready for your consumption. A blogger has already prepared everything for you. You do not even imagine how much work was done before an article was published. Blogging is not as simple as it may seem. Writing your articles is one of the blogging stages. Further, you will need to edit your articles, find good images, and optimize your post for search engines. Usually, one good article may require up to 3 hours of hard work. Therefore, hardworkingness is one of the necessary qualities to succeed in blogging. If you are a lazy person, blogging will not suit your natural inclinations. An indolent individual may start blogging, however, he will give up very soon. 80 %of new bloggers give up blogging after three months. If you are not hardworking, blogging is not for you. Blogging is a tremendously hard activity. What is more, making money by blogging is more complicated than blogging itself. Before you start blogging, carefully explore yourself. Analyze your character, and then, decide whether blogging suits you or not.


Blogging resembles show business. In show business, you always need to invent something unusual and impressive in order to succeed. The same thing happens when you start blogging. Millions of bloggers write about online business, affiliate marketing, SEO, travel, and other popular niches. To succeed in this movement, you need to produce absolutely unique and original content. It must be informative, engaging, and very interesting. You won’t be able to fulfill this task if you have no creativity. Being creative is necessary to succeed in blogging. Sometimes, you may realize that you have nothing in your mind to write about. In this case, a person starts thinking that his blogging career is over. To pass this negative and desperate stage, you will need to turn on your creativity. Blogging is a whole act of creativity.


Blogging mainly deals with writing. Of course, most of the blogs on the Internet have videos and photos. Even though, writing is the main activity of all bloggers. For this reason, you need to have good writing skills in order to succeed. I do not say that you should write like Jack London or Shakespeare. At least, you must be aware of common grammar and spelling rules. Your blog must be readable. You should carefully edit all the posts on your blog. Before publishing, it is always better to use automatic tools that will check your writing for all types of mistakes. What is more, it is necessary to make a manual check to make your writing ideal. Finally, blogging requires good writing skills. It is a great benefit if you are talented in writing.


It is impossible to write if you have nothing to write about. You do not necessarily need to be a great professional in a specific niche to start blogging. However, you need to have some knowledge in order to teach other people. For example, the most viewed and popular article on my blog is ‘How to withdraw money from PayPal without a bank account.’ This blog post solves people’s problems. A lot of people have problems with PayPal. On my blog, they can find very practical recommendations to resolve all problems with PayPal. I would not be able to suggest these useful tips if I had no experience. Therefore, being knowledgeable is necessary to succeed in professional blogging. If you merely intend to launch a daily diary, you can start blogging without any professional and technical knowledge. When you plan to write about professional things, being knowledgeable will be necessary to succeed.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.