deathThe death of the person whom we love is one of the saddest events in our life. We do not want to lose our lovely people, and therefore, death scares everyone around. Thep who are not able to bear the death of a close person often commit suicides, and thus, they intend to resolve the issue. All of us has lost many people during the lifetime. If I ask you about the people who have passed away from your life, you will definitely tell me dozens of different men and women names. 

I think that you have already recognized some people who stay very calm when somebody dies. These people do not cry and suffer too much. Have you asked yourself about the reasons why these people are so rational and sober in these difficult days? They may be very emotional and sensitive, however, they understand something that is hidden from your conscience. 

I never get upset when I hear about somebody’s death. All of us will encounter death one day. It is absolutely inevitable. Our life is temporary, and one day, all of us will leave this earth. Remind yourself about traveling. Do you stay forever in the country where you are having your journey? While traveling, you know that your time in this country will end and you will visit another country. The same thing happens with the whole life. This world is not the only world that exists in the universe. Scientists have not explored even a single percent of the universe. We know nothing about other worlds that exist in our universe. The universe is infinite and it is a fact. 

I know about the reasons why God allows death. In some cases, it is absolutely necessary. Sometimes, death is better for a person than his further life. We never think about these things, and therefore, most of us suffer when somebody dies.

Let me tell you something that will change your look at death. Read the following paragraphs and death won’t cause any tears in your eyes anymore. 


First of all, you need to understand that there was no a single person whose life was infinite. Some prophets lived thousands and even more years, but their life was bringing them nothing than difficulties. Next generations lived fewer years, and today, people die at ages between 60 and 70. 

No one will live forever. Everyone will face death. Millions of people have already encountered that scary thing. Even Devil will die by the Great Judgment Day. This life is temporary.  


I believe in Paradise and Hell. I believe that the next life is much better than the world where we live. Our world is full of evil. Thousands of people killed, raped, and robbed every day. Millions of people around the world suffer from poverty, different diseases, thirst, and hunger. Millions of human beings don’t have a shelter above their heads. Millions of individuals are physically and mentally impaired. Our life may be enough good because we have some free time and opportunities to enjoy reading blogs similar to this one. There are whole continents that do not have access to the Internet. Millions of people suffer from tortures in different prisons and camps around the world. This life was not created for happiness. Even if you have everything you wish, you will never be happy. Stress and depressions are common amongst the people around the globe. Crime and corruption blossoms everywhere. 

All of the above mentioned evil things are creatures and results of Devils works. God gave Him some abilities and power, and therefore, evil prospers in every area of the earth. 

The next world is free from evil, envy, lie, and violence. There is no Devil in the next world, and for that reason, it will be ideal and perfect. Millions of people who have passed away have forgotten about this evil world and none of them wants to return back. Believe me, none of the death souls want to return back to the earth. This life may seem to be very pleasurable for you because you have already adapted yourself to everything bad and good that exists in this life. 

Be happy for those people who have already abandoned this malicious world. Their life is much better than yours and you have no reasons to get upset.


That is exactly true. Everyone of us has had the moments when we wish death to ourselves. How often have you been in these situations? Sometimes, troubles and problems are stronger than our patience, and we cannot bear them. In these occasions, we honestly wish death for ourselves. After some time, our life circumstances change and we see that our desperation had no real purposes. Thus, we continue living and enjoying our life. Do you think that our circumstances turn to better all the time? There are many people whose life situation is truly hard and it won’t ever change to better. Further life gives them nothing than bigger sufferings and troubles. Death is a great mercy for these people. Death saves them from further pain and anguish.

So should we get upset, when the person who was severely suffering from something, dies? We should never do it. God is more Merciful to this person than anyone of us. 

Sometimes, death is better for a person than his further life. This is one of the reasons why you should never get upset when somebody dies


 I have been in such situations. Life became boring for me and I lost my motivation to live. A person has different life objectives. These aims motivate us to live. When we get everything we want, life may become very tiresome. – “Strieben ist lieben.”  Have you ever heard this German saying? “Motivation is life.” When a person loses a motivation to live, he will definitely die. Have you read Jack London’s “Marten Iden?” In the end of the romance, Marted Iden kills himself because he is already bored of everything that surrounds him. He has money, fame, different women, and fantastic career. In the end of the roman, Martin gets everything he was dreaming about,t and therefore, nothing is left to be motivated and stimulated to. The hero decides to die. 

Jack London is a realist and his hero is taken from a real life. Believe that many people around the world encounter the same psychological situation. You achieve everything, and thus, you get bored very promptly. There were days when I was wishing myself death. I was very honest and sincere. That time, I did not want to live anymore because I had no interest and motivation to continue living. That condition was lasting for a long period of time. Nowadays, I am again motivated to achieve new success. 

Sometimes, people are bored to live, and therefore, death is better for them than life. You should not regret or get frustrated by somebodies death because a dead person may be glad by his own death.    


Even if a body dies, a soul is absolutely immortal. There is nothing that can kill a person’s soul. Only God Can Do it. Death does not kill a soul. It merely damages the external shell of a body. 

The soul is immortal, and consequently, there are no reasons to suffer because of someone’s death.  

Every concept in the world is relative. Death is not absolutely bad. Death can be a great mercy and a gift for a person. It all depends on how you approach it. The same thing can be both good and bad on different occasions. Do not be scared of death, since it is absolutely natural stage in our life.

No one is death because a soul is immortal! 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.