RIU HOTELS & RESORTSI have already told you about my last business trip to New York. I had some things that I needed to negotiate with my business partners, and therefore, I had to make that trip. I do not regret about the circumstances that made go to that destination. Actually, that was not my first flight to New York city. I have been there many times since my childhood. I can tell you that the journey was very beneficial for my business, and moreover, it gave me new blog ideas. I have partially explored the city, and of course, I have tested different travel services that are offered in New York. Many travel bloggers have no ideas to write about, and when they ask me for my recommendations, I tell them that it is necessary to travel much in order to be able to write about traveling. In this situation, practice is the best thing. Make a single journey and you will be able to write thousands of different articles regarding your travel destination. 

What is the most important thing that needs to be negotiated before you arrive at the country where you travel? First of all, you need to book a good hotel. Secondly, you need to buy air tickets. Some people may argue with me, because in some cases, air tickets may come in the first order. However, I think that we should book a good hotel at first. It is better to look at the availability of hotel rooms and air tickets at the same time. Thus, you will never loose. When I plan my trips, I book air tickets and hotel at the same occasion. When we have passed these two stages, we contact a good car service that will drive us from an airport to our hotel. That is what we usually do. I have already told you about the car service I used during my trip to New York. Carmel Cars and Limousines satisfied my capricious desires during my stay in New York city. In my last posts, I did not mention the hotel where I stayed. I know that you were very curious about that. I dedicate this post to describe the hotel where I stayed during my New York business vacations.

As always, I browsed the Internet to look for the best hotels that exist in New York city. I was not restricted in my financial abilities, and therefore, I was not looking at prices. I wanted to choose a luxurious hotel that could make my vacations pleasurable. RIU HOTELS & RESORTS was my choice. RIU HOTELS & RESORTS is a global network of luxurious hotels that exist in 19 countries of the world. RIU HOTELS & RESORTS was founded in 1953 by Riu family. The third generation of this family owns this company now. RIU HOTELS & RESORTS has more than 100 hotels that are visited by nearly 4 millions of international guest every year. 

I stayed at Hotel RIU PLAZA NEW YORK TIMES SQUARE. The hotel is located in the heart of Manhattan. It has 29 floors and 300 rooms. Hotel RIU PLAZA NEW YORK has everything essential to satisfy travelers who prefer traveling in luxurious style. I still cannot forget its excellent lounge bar and gym. Its swimming pool is always full of beautiful and gorgeous girls. Wi-Fi is available through all the area of the hotel. There is no need to mention such small thing while talking about luxurious hotels similar to hotel RIU PLAZA NEW YORK. Rooms in the hotel were really gorgeous and eye-catching. Decorations were well-chosen. Service of the hotel functions the best way you can imagine. As I have mentioned, Hotel RIU PLAZA NEW YORK TIMES SQUARE is situated in the center of Manhattan. It is surrounded by worldwide famous buildings and places. Some of them are Central Park, Rockefeller Center, the Empire State building, Carnegie Hall, and luxurious stores of Fifth Avenue. The hotel will be very convenient for the people who are inclined to shopping. Stores on Fifth Avenues will give you everything you need. Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabanna are some of the most frequent stores you will see on this street. Hotel RIU PLAZA NEW YORK TIMES SQUARE is a good choice for business people. The hotel offers a large variety of diverse services. You can organize a meeting or a press conference in the hotel. Agents of RIU HOTELS & RESORTS will negotiate everything necessary you need for your events. 

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As every respectable and luxurious hotel, RIU HOTELS & RESORTS offers a large variety of different programs for its regular clients. One of them is RIU Class Program. Members of this awesome program have a great multitude of exclusive advantages. All members of the program receive RIU Class card. There are several types of RIU Class cards and all of them have different benefits and levels. 

RIU Class Classic

riu classic card

RIU Class Gold

 riu gold card

RIU Class Diamond

riu diamond

RIU Class Corporate

riu class corporate

RIU Class Corporate Gold

riu corporate gold

RIU Class Corporate Diamond

riu corporate diamond

Members of the cards earn bonuses that may be exchanged to cash. These cards give their members different discounts in some of the luxurious stores. The card can be used in every hotel that belongs to RIU HOTELS & RESORTS.

RIU HOTELS & RESORTS offers a large variety of different plans such as ADULTS ONLY. This plan is dedicated to people who travel in couples or with friends.

Even though RIU HOTELS & RESORTS is a luxurious branch of hotels, its prices will satisfy almost everyone. 

Look at some evidence.

Punta Cana

Hotel Riu Republica 5*     


90 USD Pers. / Night

All Inclusive

From 18 August 2016 to 26 October 2016

Ocho Rios

Hotel Riu Ocho Rios 5*

111 USD 

All Inclusive

From 18 August 2016 to 30 September 2016

•    2 Kids Free

•    SPA credit

•    Golf Discounts


Hotel Riu Palace Peninsula


167 US

Pers. / Night

All Inclusive

From 18 August 2016 to 26 October 2016

The prices are very cheap and affordable for everyone. You may not worry about your limited budget while staying at one of the hotels that belongs to RIU HOTELS & RESORTS. These hotels will offer you 5 stars quality and services at very low prices. 

RIU HOTELS & RESORTS is one of the best luxurious hotels that exist in the world. I first stayed at the hotel that belongs to this branch in New York. I liked and I can self-assuredly state that RIU HOTELS & RESORTS is one of the best hotels in the world. Its quality and prices are very seductive for travelers who adore traveling in luxurious style. 

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Written by Bahtiyar
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