Nightclubs might seem to be the best places to meet gorgeous and sexy girls. If you ask people about the ideal place to meet a lover or a soul mate, I bet that nearly 60% of them will tell you that nightclubs are the right playgrounds for that purpose. I had the same opinion for a long period of time. However, I have changed my thoughts a few months ago. In my opinion, nightclubs are the worst places to look for a girlfriend. Let me explain to you why.


There is no culture nor etiquette in nightclubs. Owners of such entertaining places strive to make as much money as possible. Usually, they do it very well. Nightclubs sell tons of alcohol every crowded night. What is more, all alcohol and even fizzy drinks in nightclubs are 10 times more expensive than in supermarkets.

As I said, nightclub owners strive to attract as many visitors s possible. For example, if there are twenty tables and fifty bar places in a nightclub, I am sure that 80% of nightclub visitors will be placeless. In other words, they will only dance and stand somewhere near a wall. Thus, the majority of nightclub visitors will have no sitting places. So if you see a cute girl in a nightclub, you won’t be able to approach her since the crowd is too huge. Everyone is drunk and high. I tried to do it myself. It is absolutely impossible. You will have to be very patient to move in that shady, drunk crowd. I really hate that.


Ok, you found a girl whom you would like to get to know. Now, you need to approach her. Even though the crowd was tremendously big, you were able to get closer to her. Now, you need to talk to her. The music is too loud. There is no nightclub in the world with silent music. What is more, there are no breaks. In cafes, pubs, and other places, music might stop for a while. Then, when the break is over, it will start. In nightclubs, music is permanent. It never stops. Therefore, it will be absolutely impossible to talk to someone in nightclubs. Thus, nightclubs are the most uncomfortable places for conversations. Bars and pubs might be better options.


This is absolutely true. Usually, women visit nightclubs to dance. I hate dancing. I am sure every real man feels uncomfortable while dancing. Dancing suits women. However, it is very weird to see a masculine man dancing. For me, it is strange. I do not drink any alcohol. Neither do I take any drugs. Hence, my mind is always working, analyzing, and planning. A dancer has to be mentally relaxed to enjoy dancing. If you cannot do that, you will feel uncomfortable while dancing.

Most of the female clubbers visit nightclubs to dance. They do not come there to find someone to have sex with. Neither do they intend to find a boyfriend in nightclubs? Thus, nightclub women are mentally unprepared for new acquaintances while chilling in nightclubs.

These are the main reasons why I think that hunting in nightclubs is not as effective as it is in other places such as cafes, pubs, and parks. I never visit nightclubs because I have nothing to do there. I do not drink alcohol, hate dancing, I am too serious, and I do not think that good girls visit nightclubs.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.