hateLife is a very controversial thing. Some people might say that life is wonderful. Usually, I hear a lot of similar things. Nevertheless, all of us agree that like is not all about having fun, rolling, and pleasure. Sometimes, life gets so hard that a person wants to die. Have you ever been to such situations? If you are a mature individual, I am sure you have felt such emotions. Smart and intellectually developed people treat life differently than those ones who do not think and consider at all. As some great philosophers said, our consciousness does not add us anything than sadness. Look at children. They are always happy and joyful. They do not have any ambitions and selfish wishes. There are not aware of all the evil existing in the world. These are some of the reasons why children are always happy and very positive. Day by day, year by year, a mature person becomes less happy and optimistic. This is my case, and therefore, I do not want to generalize all the people living in the world. Nevertheless, I am sure that most of you will agree that a high consciousness does not make us happier. It is well-known fact that philosophers are the saddest people in the world. What does make this group of people so unhappy? Why are they so frustrated and pessimistic? The level of their reflexion is too high. Philosophers are aware of all the negative sides our life gas. This does not make them be happy and content. I am one of the people who have a high level of reflexion. I consider and reflect about different philosophical concepts and problems such as predestination, destiny, the problem of evil, theodicy, and many other things. Often, the things I realize do not let me be satisfied. Today, I will tell you about the things I really hate in our life. These things are well-known and obvious. However, I still cannot accept them.


This is absolutely true. None of us has a freedom to choose the place of birth. Has anyone asked your permission before you were born? You were not asked about your place of birth. The place of your birth makes a significant impact on your destiny. Living in developed countries of the world gives you more career opportunities. Keep in mind that during our childhood and teen ages, we are unable to independently travel the world. Therefore, we are forced to live in the place of our birth. What if you hate the place of your birth? This means that at least your childhood and teen ages will pass in hatred and frustration.

To be honest with you, I hate the country of my birth. I hate it for many reasons. God did not ask me about my opinion related to the country of my birth. I was predestined to live where I was born. Consequently, I had no chance to choose my society. External circumstances simply forced me to live where I was born. Therefore, I can tell you that almost half of my life was truly boring. There is nothing worse than living somewhere where you do not want to live.

If we do not choose our place of our birth, we can conclude that we are not free. An absolute freedom of will does not exist. If you cannot choose your birth place, accordingly, you are unable to control your destiny.


The quality of our life is not fully dependent on our potential, skills, talents, and capabilities. Most of our life is controlled and predetermined by external circumstances. In most cases, our life gives us only one step to do. There is not a second option to select from. Why only 1% of the world’s population is tremendously rich? Remaining 99% live in poverty and misery. Do you think that wealthy people are more gifted than the poor ones? No, it is not true. Rich people are not smarter than poor ones. The only thing that makes somebody rich and poor is destiny. The uncontrollable factor of external circumstances the main mechanism of destiny. Since we are unable to control external circumstances, we are incapable of controlling our life. This is what I really hate in our life. Some of us could become supermen if we controlled external circumstances.


God controls everything. I am very glad that He controls evil people. In most cases, God does not allow evil to happen. Nevertheless, due to His wisdom, evil happens in very large volumes. If God controls evil and evil people by not letting them reach their evil objectives, this is really cool. What I really hate is that God controls the level of our success and achievements. This is something I will never accept. Due to external circumstances, there are loads of talented people who cannot express and use their talents. All these things are controlled by God. Therefore, I can conclude that God limits our success to some success. Joanne Rowling became a billionaire at a very mature age. Do you think she was less talented when she was young? No, it is not the point. She became a billionaire after 80% of her life was over. Thus, most of her life she was not rich. As I understood from her words, she was a very poor person before she wrote Harry Potter. If God made her rich by giving the idea of Harry Potter, why didn’t He give her this opportunity when she was young? This is ridiculous. God controls our success. No matter how genius we are, we are unable to reach our objectives without his permission. I hate this fact.

Our life is not all about having fun and rolling. It was not created for pleasure. We are not free. Freedom of will does not exist. We are controlled. Our life is predetermined by something we are unable to control and manage. These are things I will never accept in my life.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.