monetize your blogThere are millions of bloggers around the world. Some of them are amateurs, and others are professional bloggers. All bloggers have different intentions and purposes to write their posts. For some people, blogging is a mere hobby. They enjoy writing and sharing their content with their readers. A group of bloggers enjoys blogging because it lets them express their individual opinion. Thus, every blogger has diverse perspectives. 

There is a group of people who start blogging for financial purposes. These bloggers write good content on their blogs, and then, try to monetize their websites. There is nothing bad in blogging for money. Blogging is a business as many other types of e-commerce enterprises. Moreover, if blogging gives you some profit, you will have more ability to write and publish as many articles as possible. The passive income coming from your blogging activity will let you fully dedicate yourself to blogging. What is the main problem when a blogger has a mere financial motivation to write? There is nothing wrong while a blogger provides his readers with a good content. However, many bloggers forget about good articles and start writing a promotional material. I think you have already guessed what I am talking about. You may write some promotional blog posts, nevertheless, you should always emphasize your efforts on your niche. Write your articles even if there is no a single affiliate link in your post. These ambitious bloggers forget about their niches and dedicate their time writing different promotional blog posts describing their affiliate companies. What happens in the result? Readers easily recognize these promotional data, and for that reason, they abandon that blog. People do not like advertising. Have you ever thought why Google has no a single banner on their main page yet? Google perfectly knows that they will lose at least half of their users if they start displaying banners on their pages. People hate advertisement. Banners look more intrusive than simple text links. 

When a blogger fully dedicates his website writing a promotional content, his blog becomes a simple advertising newspaper that has not beneficial information. People are not interested in reading promotional materials. 


That is the main recommendation I want to suggest everyone who wants to make money blogging. Forget about the money, and start writing about your passion. This is what exactly I would suggest to everyone who wants to make his blog a money-spinning machine. Engage your readers with interesting and exciting articles. Make efforts to make your blog pleasurable for your readers. You may write promotional blog posts, however, you should never forget about your main niche. Your niche is your passion, otherwise, you won’t have enough patience to succeed in blogging. A blogger should write about his interest in order to be a persistent writer. When you write about your niche and avoid concentrating on promotional articles, you will see that your readers become more interested in your writing. Do not doubt, if people like your writings, you will easily monetize your blog without any promotional blog posts.  

Write about your passion, forget about the money, and your blog will become a great money-making machine!

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.