online businessThese are three major questions you should ask yourself before launching an online business. Clarify your personality, talents, and inclinations, and then make the next step to choose your niche. 

It is not a secret that online business is very popular nowadays. The major online business giants have income that is much bigger than the incomes of offline corporations. Online active companies like Amazon, eBay, PayPal, Alibaba, Aliexpress, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google make billions of dollars every year. Everybody understands that online dealing will develop and prosper. Also, there are lots of advantages to making an online business. People understand these facts and everyone wants to get his part from the global online commerce market. However, a few of them understand that online commerce does not fit everyone. Everyone wants to make cash sitting at home without any efforts and struggles. It is so convenient to make money online. You earn your money even when you sleep. Usually, after I wake up, I open my Createspace and Amazon accounts and see how many dollars have I earned while I was sleeping. This is a fancy of everyone. Passive income became the major perspective of every financially ambitious person. Not everyone can become a successful swimmer or a politician. Every profession and every area of business activity require special, peculiar personal, and human characteristics. So let us clarify do you fit online commerce or you should do everything except making business through your computer. 


Masses of people want to make online business but they are not aware of its disadvantages. They think that they will start their real-time Internet deal and on occasion make tons of money. It is a common delusion. As you have understood from the heading of this paragraph online industry requires patience. If you are not a patient person you have one of two choices: 1) develop patience 2) do something else and forget about making money on the Internet. You will face different problems and inconveniences in the online zone. Some of them are technical problems with your website, hosting, sometimes you will encounter problems and questions which you won’t be able to resolve yourself. If you are not a skillful web user, you have one of two choices: 1)develop skills 2) do something else and quit a fancy of making online business. If you are not a webmaster, you will have to hire someone who will resolve all the technical problems that you will face on your path. Sometimes you may have problems with different payment systems like PayPal. It is quite annoying when you cannot withdraw your funds from PayPal, neither you can spend that money buying products from different online stores. When you call their support service, they do not resolve your troubles and refer to different technical issues. I have faced such problems and therefore I am telling you that you need to be very uncomplaining. If you are a nervous person or you don’t have a stable character, do not involve yourself in online business. There are lots of profitable businesses in real life which you may successfully fulfill. Patience is the major and the most important characteristic of every online businessman. No doubts, if you plan to make a long-term online business, you will have a lot of different problems and if you have no patience, you won’t be able to prevail in this field. Remember that online business is the business in the virtual world that gives you real money. Some problems which can be resolved very easily in the real world may be very complicated in virtual cyberspace. Answer yourself honestly: “Am I patient enough to launch an online business?” If your answer is YES, you may start it, but firstly, consider the things I will tell you in the further paragraphs.


Yes, I am sure that introverts are more suitable for this kind of dealing. Sitting ten hours a day in front of the computer, coding something without any real human communication will annoy and wear out every extrovert. While an introvert won’t find it difficult to spend all his time alone in the cyberspace, extroverts will get exhausted. The majority of technocrats are introverts. The most famous of them are Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Jeff Bezos and etc. Online business requires punctuality and analytical skills. You have to be very accurate to succeed in the virtual world. This zone is very convenient for people who are inclined to introspection. If you are too much communicative and feel yourself uncomfortable without a real human company or communication – ONLINE BUSINESS will be your HELL. The next question you should ask yourself: “Am I psychologically fit this kind of business?” If your answer is YES, I wish you GOOD LUCK, if your answer is NO, I also wish you GOOD LUCK but in a sphere which has no connection to the cyberspace commerce. 


Before launching the online business, you should look at your skills and education. If you have good knowledge in other fields than the online business, you should apply them. Not everyone can be successful on the Internet. You may be more effective and productive outside the WEB. Never force yourself to do something that is very popular but isn’t good and suitable for you! Yes, online business is very convenient, profitable, and comfortable but only a small minority of people can be successful in cyberspace. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.