search enginesIt does not matter what kind of online business you launch, web traffic is your first concern. Whether you are interested in affiliate marketing, or you sell products online, you will want to increase the amount of traffic on your website. 

There are a lot of ways to drive web traffic to your website. One of them is SEO. It is absolutely clear why so many online entrepreneurs prefer fixing their websites for SEO. If your business is not famous and nobody knows about your website, SEO is the best way to be discovered in the global cyberspace. I can say that 99% of the websites I visit, were found by me through Google search. 

To be honest, I do not emphasize my attention on SEO. There are numerous reasons why I do not rely on SEO. Right now, my blog is new. It is only 1 month old. Thus, I have no chances to have good ranks on Google. Search engines ignore new websites. New web resources are not enough trustworthy, and therefore, search engines put them in the last positions. My content may be hundred times better than the articles of famous websites; however, I will be ranked on the last positions just because my website is new. Thus, I have no reasons to rely on SEO. Even though SEO won’t benefit me nowadays, all my articles are SEO optimized, I submit my sitemap every day.

First of all, it is tremendously difficult to be ranked on the first position on Google. Your business also has pity chances to have good rankings on other less popular search engines. External backlinks is a very important factor that influences your SE rankings. It is clear that in the beginning of your business, you won’t have a huge amount of backlinks, and therefore, I do not suggest relying on SEO if your website is a beginner. Search engines frequently change their algorithms, and for that reason, it is impossible to guess what has the most relevance for SE while ranking websites. Today, high-quality backlinks and original content on your website may be the most important factors that will let you have good rankings on search engines. Tomorrow, these algorithms may change and you won’t have any traffic from search engines. There are more than 200 algorithms Google uses in its ranking. It is impracticable to identify which one of them has more relevance for Google. And of course, it is unfeasible to emphasize your efforts on all of the algorithms Google has. SEO is unpredictable to some extent. Keep in mind that all online companies strive to enhance their SEO. Thus, the competition is tremendously high. Moreover, serious companies have a lot of funds to hire great SEO specialists. For this reason, the richest companies will always have the best rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Yandex, and on other search engines. When you invest more, you have better results. SEO is a business. If you do not invest in it, you won’t have any results. 

Search engines are not reliable sources of web traffic. To have some traffic coming to your from SE, you will need to work very hard. Search engines always change their algorithms, and for that reason, you will always need to fix your websites for new algorithms. Thus may be too time-consuming and meticulous activity. Moreover, if your online business is new, you should not hope to have tons of visitors directed to your websites by Google, Yahoo, or any other search engines. Social Media Marketing is a good option if you want to have a good source of web traffic. You need to merely establish official pages of your business on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, and many other popular resources. Share the information about your business on social networks and you will always have some people visiting your website. This type of marketing is absolutely free, and hence, it is affordable for new entrepreneurs. Advertising on popular websites is another way to drive some traffic to your website. Of course, it is very expensive; however, it will give you good results in a short time.   

I do not recommend fully relying on SEO. Use all the available tools to promote and market your business. Include SEO in the list of the methods used in your marketing campaigns. It is a losing position to fully rely your business on SEO.  

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.