bloggersI have already written a lot of awesome blog posts dedicated to online blogging. Nevertheless, I still have not written anything serious about bloggers themselves. People know that there are millions of bloggers in the world. At the same time, they know nothing about bloggers. Today, ‘blogging’ is an extremely popular word. People realized that blogging is not a simple unserious hobby. Blogging is the most powerful tool of influence in the 21swt century. In fact, people trust bloggers more than they trust national TV channels, newspapers, and magazines.

Today, famous bloggers are some of the most influential people in the world. One of these bloggers is Julian Assange. This man is a hacker, a programmer, a politician, a blogger, a social activist, and a blogger. This person has a great influence on everything happening in the world. He changes governments and government leaders. His last information attack regarding David Cameron’s offshore assets made a huge noise around the world. In the result, David Cameron had to resign. This is some of the most famous examples of how Julian Assange changes governments. We have enough reasons to say that Julian Assange is one of the most influential people in the world. Actually, he is more powerful than some of the world’s leaders such as Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin, and others. Mainly, presidents, prime minister and other government leaders make local changes. Thus, their influence is always constrained by something. At the same time, Julian Assange has an ability to reach billions of people throughout the Web. For this reason, I think that this person is the most powerful politician in the world. What is more, Julian Assange is a blogger. He is one of the clear examples how a blogger can become internationally influential and famous. Malala Yousufzai is another person who had shown the unlimited power of blogging. This Pakistani girl changed the world. This is one of the examples how words can influence the whole world.

Finally, we can say that blogging became something much more than a simple hobby. Today, blogging is a very serious instrument of influence. Moreover, today’s famous blogs make thousands of dollars. Some of them even make several millions of dollars every month. The Huffington post is one of those millionaire blogs. According to the latest data, The Huffington Post’s net monthly revenue equals to approximately 2 millions of dollars. Thus, The Huffington Post makes 24 millions of dollars every year. This is a very serious business. These numbers make people think more about blogging. People start thinking about blogging more seriously. Since a good blog can become an ideal platform for making money online, hundreds or even thousands of people become cyberspace writers every day.

Unfortunately, only a few of us know something about bloggers. I bet none of you know how bloggers spend their free time. Nobody of you is conscious of how much time online writers work. And of course, only a few of you know about the main methods bloggers use in order to get some inspiration and new ideas. I decided to write a detailed blog post in order to share some information about Web writers with you. Today, I will describe some interesting facts about bloggers.


There are more than 300 millions of blogs on the Internet. Consequently, the number of bloggers may equal to 300 million or even more. Since some blogs are managed and contributed by different groups of bloggers, we can state that the exact amount of cyber writers is much more than 300 million. Only a few of them are famous and popular. If I try to determine the exact percentage of successful online writers, I will conclude that only 0,5 % of bloggers achieve some type of success in the blogging business. Most of the Internet writers will never be heard or recognized on the Web. I will not describe all the reasons why they fail. Nonetheless, I will tell you about one of the main reasons why most of the cyber writers fail. Not all Web writers are good writers and this is one of the factors the reason why the majority of bloggers fail.

At the same time, you may find out a lot of successful bloggers who are not good writers. Thus, it is absolutely possible to succeed in blogging even if you are not a good writer. I know some of the famous Internet writers who make loads of grammar and spelling mistakes in their writings. At the same time, bad writers are still very successful and rich. Their blogs make thousands of dollars every month. To be a good writer, it is not enough to be correct in grammar and spelling. What is more, a good writer always has an awesome writing style.

An overwhelming popularity of blogging makes millions of people start their personal blogs. People understand the major advantages of blogging. Most of them are financially motivated to start blogging. Unfortunately, the majority of new cyber writers are very bad writers. All you know that online business is extremely popular in India and Pakistan. I mean blogging in those regions is more popular than in Latin America, Africa, South East and Middle Asia. Indians are very inclined to online business. These people have good IQ levels. They are very good at programming. Unfortunately, the majority of them has a very weak knowledge and skills in the English language. Therefore, their writing is filled with grammar and spelling mistakes. I do not want to overgeneralize all Asian bloggers. There are loads of talented writers among them. However, the majority are not good writers.


Blogging requires a lot of time and patience. Most of the bloggers spend the main part of their time in loneliness. When you are lonely, it is always very comfortable to think, analyze, and convert your ideas into words. Spending hours of your daily time in front of your laptop is not a suitable activity for too communicative people. Extroverts lose their energy while they are lonely. These people need big groups of people in order to feel well. Oppositely, introverts are more inclined to loneliness and calmness. Introverts hate noisy companies, groups, and communities. Thus, introverts feel very comfortable in the online sphere. On the other hand, we can say that extroverts were not created for online business. They are not psychologically fit to this type of work.

The majority of bloggers are introvert. This fact can be understood by simply logical analysis. Blogging requires a lot of patience, a deep attention to meticulous details, and regularity. Naturally, extroverts do not possess these qualities. Extroverts are psychologically, physiologically, and physically incapable of becoming bloggers. Extroverts were not created for online work. The majority of programmers, online entrepreneurs, and bloggers are introverts. This is an overwhelming fact about bloggers.


To launch a successful blog, bloggers will need to provide their readers with high-quality content. This type of content is usually filled with different types of data, infographics, stats, and other visual statistics. In most cases, cyber writers give people theoretical, practical, and analytical information. To write a good blog post, Internet writers will need to firstly analyze the topic they are going to write about. This stage is impossible if a blogger has no strong analytical skills. As I have mentioned before, online writers are usually introverts. I did not make my personal researches; however, I am absolutely sure that more than 95% of full-time Internet writers are very deep introverts. As you know, introverts are very good at making an analytical job. Some introverts have a mathematical intellect. Others have more abstract intellect. At the same time, both types of introverts are very good analytics.


To regularly write new content for their blogs, bloggers need to improve their won education. As you know, reading is the best way to obtain new knowledge and information. For this reason, bloggers are always regular readers. Bloggers read book, journals, newspapers, and different blogs on the Internet. Sometimes, bloggers can become fully exhausted by their daily blogging activities. In this situation, some blog managers find out that they have nothing new to write about. I bet most of the cyber writers have been to this situation. In this occasion, bloggers start to read new materials in order to get new ideas for their future blog posts.


Bloggers are superbly busy people. Blogging requires a lot of time. You can spend the whole day writing, and in the result, you will end up with two or three god blog posts. The business of bloggers depends on their blogging niche. For example, travel bloggers spend a lot of time traveling, taking new photos and videos. What is more, they have to dedicate some of their free time to write new content for their blogs. Thus, almost all of their time is taken. Some of it is devoted to traveling, and the remaining part is given to writing. Online business bloggers are less busy than travel bloggers. Anyway, all types of blogging niches are very time-consuming. Therefore, I can assure all of you that bloggers are very busy people.

There are a lot of things about bloggers that some of you might not know. I will stop my narration at this point in order not to exhaust and tire you. Nonetheless, I will surely continue this theme in my future writing. Anyway, you are always able to explore the remaining facts about bloggers by becoming a blogger.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.