pbnPBN (Private Blog Network) is a network of blogs privately owned by a person or by a group of people. The main objective of PBN is providing backlinks to one or several money websites. PBN is one of the most used Black Hat SEO technologies. In most cases, Private Blog Network does not produce any valuable content. Its main goal is providing backlinks to the main money site. Of course, there also might be several money sites where the backlinks will be pointing to. 

Some people think that it is easier to build backlinks through these shady networks is easier than building them in a natural way. This might be your first expectations. PBN is a very complicated system and connection of several blogs. Here is how Private Blog Network is built.


Before building Private Blog Network, a person buys several expired domain names for the future network of blogs. You may say that it is also possible to buy new domain names. Yes, you are right. However, expired domain names are more powerful than new ones. As you understand, this blog network is built to provide a money website with high-quality backlinks. Backlinks cannot be powerful if they are coming for the websites with low authority. For this reason, expired domain names are better for this purpose. A domain name that is less than 6 months old is always considered as a new one. After 6 months, a domain name becomes more powerful and trustworthy for search engines. Therefore, PBN with old domain names will be the most effective for creating backlinks.


Websites without any content look very suspicious. Google hates websites that are built with a single purpose of providing backlinks to other websites. Therefore, the blog network is always filled with some kind of content. I cannot tell that the content is always absolutely unique and original. This might consume a lot of time. For this reason, PBN owners merely steal ready content from other websites. Even though Penguin is not penalizing websites anymore, the blog network can be manually penalized by some of Google’s specialists. For that reason, PBN owners strive to hide their activity. If you see a website filled with tons of backlinks, you will easily understand that the web resource belongs to PBN. Hence, PBN managers always load Private Blog Networks with some content.


This is the final stage in PBN building. After Private Blog Network is already built, all the web resources that belong to it get packed with loads of dofollow backlinks pointing to the main money site. This is the main objective and purpose of the private network.

To build an effective PBN, a person needs to go through long procedures. If the blog networkconsists of 20 websites, it is necessary to develop all of them. If a website has no authority, backlinks from this web resource are absolutely useless. As you know, only high-quality backlinks can make a positive impact on SEO. Thus, a person needs to work very hard in order to build a powerful PBN. When you are developing your single blog, all your efforts are concentrated on a single web resource. While building this shady network, you need to be a super-human in order to be so productive. Building PBN means building dozens or maybe hundreds of separate websites. All of them must be powerful in order to provide your main money website with link juice. Otherwise, PBN is absolutely meaningless.

PBN owners are always at a high risk to be penalized by Google. Private Blog Networks are officially forbidden by Google’s terms and policy. By using private networks for backlinks building purposes, a person strives to manipulate search algorithms by building shade backlinks. These actions violate Google’s policy. If Private Blog Network is recognized, all its websites and the main money site might be penalized by Google. The penalty can be temporary or permanent.

To be honest, I was never interested in building or using PBN for SEO purposes. As you saw, building and implementing these networks requires a lot of hard work and time. Therefore, I find it more effective to build backlinks in a natural way. I think that Private Blog Network is an absolutely worthless tool. What is more, you may be penalized and lose your online business. Consider about the time you will need in order to make all the websites in PBN powerful and influential. This will definitely require you not less than a year. Moreover, nobody guarantees you any success. I am sure building high-quality backlinks in legal and natural ways is easier and more effective than using PBN.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.