Have you ever wondered about the reasons why all people around you have different thinking? There is no one who thinks the same as you do. You often recognize that your closest relatives and even parents have diverse opinions. Do not try to find the person who’s thinking resembles yours. You may encounter some individuals whose interests and inclination may be very close to yours. However, it is impossible to meet someone whose thinking is absolutely identical to yours.

Do you know the reasons why people have different thinking?

I decided to write this post in order to give you a profound answer to this question.


This is the first factor that builds up our thinking. People have dissimilar talents, abilities, skills, and potential. This saying is absolutely true. Socialists are wrong when they claim all people to be the same. Their ideology is opposite to biology. There are strong and weak animals in the world. Some of them are predators and others are very peaceful creatures. The same thing happens in our human world. Some people have wild souls and desires. Have you noticed that numerous people have born talents in music, sport, technologies, math, philosophy, singing, dancing, and other fields? All of us have dissimilar skills and abilities. Some people are smarter, more creative, and productive than others.

Thus, all of us have born potential that limits our future success to some extent. Our genes partly predestinate our life. Our geographical position is another factor that predetermines some sides of our life. 

Our current abilities mainly formulate our thinking. Every person has dissimilar opportunities, and therefore, everyone will have different thinking and plans. Do you know how do you make your life plans? First of all, you look at your current situation, your opportunities, and then, you create a plan. Let us imagine that you are going to visit Dubai. What are the first things that you will consider before your departure? You need a hotel to stay at, and this is your main problem that should be resolved. If you are not a millionaire, you will spend some time choosing hotels that have average prices. Your budget is limited, and in consequence, your thinking and your plans are already predetermined by your current financial situation. Let us see how do handsome and ugly men think. A handsome man has more opportunities than an ugly one. A gorgeous man can easily seduce anyone he wishes, and therefore, he does not pay too much attention to the girls whom he has already conquered. An ugly boy has different thinking because his bad-looking appearance has already predetermined the way he thinks. It is clear that these two men will have diverse plans and think in a different way. A rich man is not restricted by financial issues, and therefore, his thinking will be more global and liberal than the thinking of a poor man.

People around the globe have dissimilar thinking because all of them have dissimilar opportunities and abilities. Your current power identifies and builds up your thinking. 


All of us have diverse ideas and values. Usually, these principles are set for us by our communities, religions, cultures, education, and other artificial institutions. Our national mentality is another major factor that makes us think in a special way. Most people around the world are brainwashed by diverse kinds of mass media. Nowadays, people prefer watching TV. A couple of decades ago, people were smarter because reading was widely spread around the world. Today’s youth tend to think that reading is something unfashionable and useless. It is always easier to watch a film than read a book. These people do not understand that reading develops your thinking and intellectual skills. 

Thoughts and opinions of American and Thai people will never be the same. Both of these groups live in different countries and societies that have dissimilar values and ideas. None of us thinks absolutely independently. All of us are influenced by social opinion and mass media to some extent.  

People around the world have dissimilar thinking because all of them are influenced by numerous ideas, cultures, customs, religions, and other artificial brainwashing tools. 


Have you recognized that two years ago you had absolutely different thinking? Now, your values and ideas have already changed. The new experience makes us realize the reality of our life. Teenagers are full of different dreams and ambitions. Mature people are closer to the reality of our world. Diverse difficulties, troubles, and other events change our worldview and thinking.

I remember myself four years ago. I can tell you that I was another person. Since that time, many things have happened to me, and therefore, countless of my old principles disappeared.

Versatile experience is another factor that makes people think in a different way. 

These are the main reasons why people tend to think differently. There may be other factors such as different inclinations, intentions, objectives, and so on. All of them are included in the second reason because they are influenced by different values and ideas.

I hope that this short, but very useful information will help you to easily understand people around the globe.  

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.