photo session


photo sessionA few days ago, I published an astonishingly sexy photo session of me posing solo and with a girl. The photos were very impressive. Actually, I did not prepare much for the photo session. I didn't even visit a make-up specialist. I merely got a shower, dressed, and took some t-shirts, casual shirts, jeans, and hats. Thus, I did not even prepare for the photo session at all. When you look naturally gorgeous, you don't have to wear makeup. Hence, I never visit makeup specialists.

Initially, I was planning to make a small photo session in order to get some beautiful photos for my website. My ABOUT ME page was very empty. Therefore, I decided to prepare some astounding photos for my visitors. I hired a professional photo studio and made an appointment with a photographer. I also invited some sexy girls to the photo session. Thus, it was a simple photo session. I was not planning to make some tremendously excellent photos for Forbes, Men's Health, The Guardian, Elle, and other famous magazines. As you understood, my intentions were very simple.


We spent a few hours in the studio. I was posing solo and with girls. When the photo shoot was finished, I invited all the hot girls to a restaurant. We had a very delicious dinner, and then, the story continued in a hotel. I won't tell you what happened there.

After a few days, my photographer sent me nearly 80 photos which were professionally edited. We got 150 great photos. However, the photographer sent me only 80 photos since other images were not ready. I published all the photos in the following blog post "MY ASTONISHINGLY SEXY PHOTO SESSION". I was doing it at night. Then, when the article was already published, I went sleeping.

In the morning, I opened my Instagram, Google +, my personal email box, and I realized that my photo session blew up the Internet within a night. I got thousands of likes on my official Instagram page, my Google + page was also filled with likes. I got amazed when I opened my email box. It was really shocking. I got emails from the world's most famous modeling agencies. All of them were asking about my current geographical dislocation, and finally, they are all willing to sign a modeling contract with me. I got approximately 25 messages from the world's most famous modeling agencies. Some of them are Gucci, BOSS, Dolce&Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, IMG Models, Azalea Models, Elite Model Management, and many other worldwide famous modeling organizations. Also, I got loads of business offers from the world's most famous men magazines and men clothing companies. Mostly, they are offering me advertisement cooperations. They want me to review their products. Some of them want photos of me wearing their clothes, and etc.


Actually, I am not a model. I am a businessman. I have never been on a model podium. I know that my appearance is really gorgeous and exotic. I perfectly know why these modeling agencies are eager to sign a contract with me. I pay attention to my physical appearance. I am an amateur bodybuilder. I visit the gym on a regular basis. Hence, being a model is not something I was really dreaming about. However, I am really glad to get that many invitations from the world's most prominent modeling organizations. So will I sing a contract with some of them? I will definitely do it! Nowadays, I am selecting among the companies and contracts I was offered to sign. I will surely choose the most lucrative one.  Even though I was never planning to be a model, I really like an idea of promoting and advertising luxurious clothes on a model podium. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.