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sexual staminaThere is a very strong link between testosterone and a person's overall strength, sex drive, physical and emotional stamina. Testosterone makes us stronger. With normal levels of testosterone in our blood, we easily tolerate stress. No doubts, testosterone improves our stamina. This is why such sportsmen as boxers, kickboxers, MMA and UFC fighters sometimes abuse synthetic testosterone steroids. In these types of sports, stamina plays a higher role than strength, muscle mass, and other things. In boxing, having a powerful stamina is definitely more crucial than having strong biceps muscles. Professional athletes know effects of testosterone. Therefore, its synthetic analogs are widely and discreetly used in amateur and professional sports. Now, let us return to our topic, and observe a link between exercising, testosterone, and sexual stamina.

Sexual stamina is usually associated with the ability of a man to last longer in sex. To answer if sexual stamina has any relationship with physical exercises, we will need to look at the effects of physical exercises on our psyche and body.

As we have discussed above, testosterone is responsible for an overall physical and psychological stamina. It is well known that physical exercises trigger the release of testosterone in our blood. At the same time, we have to keep in mind that not all physical exercises increase testosterone in our bloodstream. What I know for sure is that heavy lifting is the most effective way to naturally increase testosterone in your body. If you start squatting, deadlifting, and doing other exercises with heavy weights, free testosterone in your blood will definitely increase. In short terms, the increase will be dramatic. According to one scientific study, squinting with heave weights and leg press exercises increased testosterone levels in several adult men up to 200%. This huge burst of testosterone explosion did not last for long. After 20 minutes, all the tested men got their T levels back to normal. In long terms, heavy lifting is also very effective in increasing testosterone. Of course, nothing except steroids will increase your testosterone up to 200% in long terms. Anyway, heavy lifting is still very effective in increasing testosterone in your bloodstream. Regular exercises in the gym will definitely improve your body's natural testosterone production.

Testosterone is the main sex hormone. It improves our sed drive and sexual stamina. More testosterone means more sex drive and stronger sexual stamina. Since physical exercises increase testosterone, doing sport on a regular basis will definitely improve your sexual stamina.

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