Pogonophobia is one of the most widely spread phobias in the 21st century. Pogonophobia is an irrational and persistent fear of beards. The term is derived from the Greece language. “Pogon” in Greece means beard and “Phobos” is a well-known fear. This phobia is very common. Eight girls from ten are pogonophobes. There is a great number of men who also fear of beard. There are millions of people who suffer from this phobia. Pogonophobia have a difficult life because their objects of fear are everywhere. When a person is afraid of spiders, he may live very comfortably without any problems. You may see a spider a couple of times in a year. Even if you see it once a month, it won’t cause you too many problems. Pogonophobia see beards every day. Thus, every beard causes emotional problems and negative feelings. Everyone has different types of phobias and I am not an exclusion. Usually, our fears are rational. It is absolutely normal to afraid of snakes, spiders. Fear of height is also an absolutely normal feeling. Snakes can definitely hurt you and they have a really disgusting look. It is very easy to understand the person who fears snakes or spiders. Fear of height is also comprehensive. If you fell down from a height place, you will die. It is completely clear and understandable. If a phobia has exact rational reasons, it may be normal. However, if a person unconsciously and irrationally fears something, this may be the sign that he has some serious mental problems. Every feeling should have rational causes. Why do people, and especially, women afraid of beards? In most cases, Pogonophiobia has irrational reasons. 

As you see, I have a beard. I have not shaved it for almost 10 years and I feel great. There are some significant reasons why I do not shave. I have already dedicated a whole blog post to describe and explain the benefits of having a beard. I encounter Pogonophobia everywhere. I recognize that men without a beard are more popular among young girls. It is clear that beardy men look more handsome and brutal than those who shave their facial hair. So what is the reason why so many women prefer beardy guys? Women do it because they are afraid of beardy men. Almost 95% of women are Pogonophobia. Their psychic is childish, and therefore, in some cases, they are unconscious. None of them can give you any rational reasons for their phobia. They simply afraid and that’s all. However, I know loads of women who are fans of beardy boys. These girls adore beardy men. As I have stated, nearly 95% of women have a fear of beards. This is absolutely abnormal because a beard is a natural feature of every man. It is necessary to understand that a beard embellishes every man.

Let us clarify the main reasons why so many people around the world are pogonophobes.


A person might have some bad or even fearful association with beardy men. For example, a girl was raped in her childhood by a beardy man. In this situation, this girl associates a beard with the man who raped her. Thus, she unconsciously regards every beardy man to be a potential rapist. Another example is a person who was robbed or had encountered a beardy criminal. This person will associate a beard with criminals. Thus, he will unconsciously fear every beardy man.


Every one of us has had terrible moments in our past. It is the usual thing. Every trouble leaves a huge trace in our hearts. This life is not perfect and does not even try to make it ideal. There is no single human in the world whose life is absolutely perfect. Some of your favorite celebrities had several life events that are a thousand times more terrible than your fearful experience. I always advise not to remind yourself about your past. Our life is too short to spend it considering our past.

A beardy man may have hurt you in your past. I understand it. However, you should remember that a single beard does not make a person good or bad. There are millions of killers, rapists, robbers, terrorists, scammers, and other criminals who do not have a beard. Usually, beardy men are more generous and kinder than men who have not bearded. Do you know that politicians are the most hypocritical people? Cheating, lying, and manipulating is their hobbies. How often do you breathe? You breathe every single second. Let me tell you that politicians cheat, lie, and manipulate as frequently as you breathe. Do you know a single politician who has a beard? The king of Saudi Arabia has a beard but let me tell you that he is more honest and sincere than all western politicians. I want to tell you that a beard is not a factor that lets you identify whether a man is good or bad. Facial hair does not make any impact on a person’s heart and soul. There is no scientific proof that beardy men are more prone to crime. If you have some terrible experience associated with beardy men, you should remember that your phobia of beards is absolutely irrational. When you see a beard, you unconsciously remind yourself about that bad person. This is the main reason why you afraid of beards. 

Try to understand your fear and its reasons. Remember that a beard does not make any impact on a person’s soul, heart, behavior. and intentions.


Some people tend to think that a beard is a sign of different diseases, misfortune, troubles, and poverty. For these pogonophobes, beardy men may look unclean and untidy.

This is one of the most common reasons why Pogonophobia afraid of beardy men. It is really ridiculous.


Being shaved does not mean that a person is very clean and tidy. There are millions of men who regularly shave their beards but do not take a shower for several weeks. Being shaved has nothing with hygiene. Do you think that a beard is a feature of poverty? There are loads of beardy men who are extremely rich. Look at the countries of the Persian Gulf. Most of the local Arabs are very rich. 90% of them have beards. A beard is popular in some regions and in other places, it is less spread. A beard has nothing in common with a person’s financial status. Wealth is one of the most complicated things and it depends on a multitude of different factors. If you have the above-mentioned thoughts, I can confidently state that you have childish thinking. Look at Ben Bernanke. He also has a beard. This man is included in the list of the richest and the most powerful people in the world. I think you have already heard about Muhammad ibn Salman. He is the son of today’s king of Saudi Arabia. This 30 years old man controls the whole government. This year, Forbes stated that Muhammad ibn Salman is one of the most powerful personalities in the world. This guy has a beard and he never shaves.

Get rid of all the misconceptions and prejudices regarding a beard. Beardy men look very clean and tidy.


Look at statistics and you will see that nearly 98% of all terroristic attacks are carried out by Muslims. Muslims are the largest religious community that grows beards. If you see an Eastern beardy man, it is very probable that he wears a beard for religious purposes. Every one of us knows how popular beardy men are on CNN, BBC, TBS, and other popular TV channels. I remember the time when Usama ben Laden was shown on CNN almost every day. He is beardy men and all people who surround him are also beardy. Unknowledgable and ignorant people see that all people suspected of terrorism wear beards. Thus, they associate beardy men with terrorists.


Remember that all of our prejudices are caused by our ignorance. Become more educated, think, and analyze deeper. We can never judge a person simply by looking at his appearance. It is not right. You should avoid doing it. Associating beards with terrorism is really a very stupid thing. Have you ever seen orthodox Jews who live in Israel? I am sure that you have seen them. As you know, all of them have long beards but nobody thinks that they are terrorists. Terrorism is a violent act. If a person has not committed anything violent and dangerous he cannot be associated with terrorism.

Beard has again become very popular nowadays. We see that more American and European men wearing beards. The number of beardy men is growing day by day. Being beardy is very fashionable and stylish now. Men who have no beards are very frustrated because they genetically do not have any facial hair. Pogonophobia needs to get rid of their ridiculous phobia because it will be very difficult for them to live in a beardy world. Their fears of beards are irrational and unconscious. Everything irrational and unlogical considered being abnormal. Thus, Pogonophoby is a serious disease and every Pogonophobia must strive to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.