powerful There are three things that obsess hearts of millions of people around the globe. There are sex, money, and power. When you reach the last one, you will get the previous two things very easily.  To be powerful means to have power over other people. Power is not valuable by itself. It gives you opportunities to reach your goals. At the same time, there are loads of people who love power itself.

Some people want to become powerful to get access to money, sex, impunity, and many other privileges power can give. Also, there are loads of people who use power to humiliate, harm and discriminate other people. Mostly, these people have the inferiority complex. Some of these individuals are Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Idi Amin, Paul Pott, and others. These people used power to suppress people.  

I have never wanted power. If you ask me about a situation when I would love to be powerful, I will tell you about a couple of situations when power is helpful and even necessary. It is essential to be powerful when you need to protect yourself, your family, your financial assets, and anything else. When it comes to protecting your personal things, being high-powered will only benefit you. Thus, power is not something negative. We see that governmental power is absolutely necessary to prevent violence. Everything goes wrong when misused. So when power is used unproperly, it can bring suffering to millions of people.

In this blog post, I am not going to discuss power itself. I want to emphasize your attention on some negative aspect of being powerful. Especially, I want to prove that power enslaves a person. I think that every powerful person is somehow a slave. Whether he is a president, a minister, a king, an imperator, or anyone else "blessed" with power, he is not a free person. I will explain it in details.


chainedUsually, every power is local. If you are a president, you are a president who rules a particular country. Thus, to hold your power, you should stay in that country. If you are a king, you will need to physically stick to your kingdom. A powerful person always has loads of obligations. He is obligated to stay in a territory that is under his reign. This can never be changed.

Recently, I finished watching a popular Turkish TV show Kosem Sultan. In one of the episodes, the Sultan Murad was very nervous because of the murder of his children, and therefore, he decided to run away from his palace. When this happened, all his guards and soldiers started searching for him. Finally, they found him and brought back to the palace. A king is obligated to be in his kingdom.

A powerful person cannot go traveling whenever he wants. He cannot abandon his territory for too long. Otherwise, he will lose his power. Every powerful person is surrounded by traitors and enemies. They are waiting for a chance to destroy him. Therefore, when a powerful person is out of his territory, his enemies will do everything in order to overthrow him.

A powerful person is chained to a golden cell. Even though he may have a lot of money, treasures, financial assets, mansions, cars, and other material goods, he is still a slave. His wealth enslaves him. He is attached to his power. He is physically imprisoned in his kingdom. Thus, power enslaves people, and every powerful person is partly a slave.


A powerful person is never independent. Power always depends on people. When people submit you, you are powerful. When they change their minds and decide to disobey you, you will lose your power as well. Thus, a high-powered person always thinks about people's thoughts. He is always dependent on public opinion. A powerful person is not busy thinking about his physique, needs, styles, and etc. This type of people thinks about public opinion most of the time.

A powerless person does not care about people who obey or disobey him. He is absolutely independent. His safety and success do not depend on what people think about him. This person is free. On the opposite side, a powerful person is a slave. A president has to serve his nation. A king has to serve and take care of his people. All of them are chained by the power they have.

Power has its advantages. They are obvious. However, if you want to be absolutely independent and free, you should not be eager to become powerful. Power enchains and enslaves a person both physically and mentally. A powerful person is indeed a slave. When you think about power from a philosophical point of you, you will see that it is absolutely worthless.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.