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successful seductionSince sexual pleasure is one of the most desirable and adorable feelings in our life, all of us are interested in having a high-quality sexual life. The world is obsessed with sex and seduction, you may say. I agree with you. The world, business, TV, the Internet, magazines, newspapers, and everything else are obsessed with sex. It is absolutely normal and understandable. Sexual instinct is one of the most powerful instincts in a human being. In some cases, sexual instinct is more powerful that the instinct of self-preservation. If fairy tales about Cleopatra are true, loads of men were ready to give their lives to spend a single night with this sexy woman. Sex is a very powerful thing. Have you ever wondered about the reasons why famous car manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, Ford, BMW, Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, and others always surround their cars with beautiful, gorgeous, and of course very sexy women? They do it because their marketers are aware of the power of sex. Sex is the strongest motivator in the world. Sexual instinct is widely used to motivate people in business and other daily activities. I think that you will agree with me if I say that a movie with some sexy and seductive girls in it is more pleasurable to watch.

It is well-known and accepted that men are more eager of having sex than women. Also, men are more promiscuous than women. For these reasons, men are primarily interested in seduction. Women do not need to seduce anybody since men are already ready to do everything they wish. Thousands of books, blogs, and magazines are written to teach men perfect seduction tips. How many of them are truly effective and productive? I cannot give you the exact number. Nevertheless, I can assure you that all the tips given by me will give you the best results. Right now, I will give the best tips for a successful seduction.


Men and women are both human beings. On the other hand, they have absolutely different psychology, physiology. Consequently, men and women treat particular things absolutely differently. Sex is one of the things that are dissimilarly treated by men and women.

A man does not care about the time or place to make sex. Moreover, men rarely care about the woman they are going to have sex with. For men, a woman should not be ugly. A woman does not necessarily need to be super beautiful in order to be sexy and seductive. Thus, beauty is not an obligatory requirement for a good mistress.

Women’s approach towards sex is opposite to men’s. For a woman, it is necessary to love or at least trust the man she is going to have sex with. During sex, a woman devotes herself to the man she is sleeping with. Men do not have the same feelings.

For a successful seduction, it is indispensable to understand what women think about sex. You should understand how a woman thinks and feels about doing sex. When you get it, you will become more professional in the art of seduction.


For a woman, it is essential to know a man very well in order to get ready for sex with him. Men do not need this in their sexual adventures. Most of the men are ready to have sex with the first prostitute they meet on the street. This is our nature, and therefore, it is absolutely normal. Of course, while choosing a prostitute, we will pay attention to her appearance, body, and of course, sexiness. However, we do not need to be acquainted with a woman in order to have sex with her. This is the main difference between a woman’s and a man’s approach to sex.

To have a successful seduction, learn to be patient. Patience is the most important quality in the art of seduction. Do not be too fast. Your sexual hints at the first dating will definitely make your woman more cautious with you. Act like sex is nothing for you. Act like you have hundreds of girls every day, and for this reasons, you are truly tired of making sex. Strive to seem like you are looking for something serious. Give your girl some time to start trusting you. When she already knows you very well, a successful seduction will give you the desired results.


For a woman, beautiful compliments are like water for a flower. What will happen with a flower that does not get any water for a long time? Definitely, it will die very soon. The same thing happens with a woman who is not adored, praised, and given lots of sweet compliments. Be sure, all women are not fully confident in their attractiveness, seductiveness, sexiness, and of course, beauty. To make sure she feels wonderful with you, remind her of how gorgeous she looks. Give her some compliments praising her eyes, smile, hair, fragrance, body, and of course, her soul and character. This method will guarantee you a tremendously successful seduction.


For a woman, it is important to know and understand that you value and appreciate her as a woman. Your actions should not seem like you treat her as a mere object for making sex with. Women hate it. Show your respect. One of the best things to do in order to show how much she means to you is to invite her to some wonderful places. Having a romantic dinner in a restaurant would be a great idea. Cinema is another good place for these types of dates. Turn on your imaginations. There are loads of places in your area. Choose the best of them and invite your honey there. If you follow this tip, I can guarantee you a 100% successful seduction.


Whether your seduction victim is a serious woman or a naughty one, all women are interested in serious relationships. As I have mentioned, men are promiscuous. For us, the quantity is the most important thing to feel happy. Women are not interested in a huge quantity of boyfriends and lovers. Even if a woman is a great fan of sex, she is always interested in some serious relationships. Your words, your story and autobiography, hints, activities, and your attitude must seem like you are a very serious man interested in a serious relationship with a single woman. If you do so, a successful seduction is assured to you.

These are 5 main things you should memorize to be successful in the art of seduction. In my further articles, I am going to continue this topic. You will lots of very practical and helpful tips that will let you seduce any woman in the world. This blog post was a mere preface before a huge cycle of blogs posts dedicated to the art of seduction.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.