libidoLibido is a sexual desire a person feels. Some individuals misunderstand this concept. In most cases, people confuse with the erection. A man might have a very strong erection, but at the same time, his libido might be at the minimal level. In some occasions, a man may have a very strong libido, nevertheless, his erection might be very weak. Usually, libido and erection remind me two friends who never walk without each other. Actually, a strong sexual feeling leads to a strong erection. And consequently, a weak sex drive may cause loss of erection. Thus, all of these two things are crucial for men’s health.

Having a very strong libido is not necessarily something good. It is all up to a person. Libido is something relative. For some people, a high libido may be very desirable. For others, libido is something unnecessary. If having as much sex as possible is your main priority, then, high levels of libido will be very appropriate for you. If you are mainly aimed at achieving some professional and financial objectives, a strong passionate desire will merely distract you from your goals. Right now, my libido is at a very low level. I do not want sex as much as I wanted it when I was 19 or 20 years old. Living without sex seems normal for me. Nevertheless, most of the men wish to have a very active sexual life. Having loads of sexual partners is crucial for them to feel happy. If you are one of these men, this article will definitely benefit you. In some occasions, it is necessary to have a high sex drive. Let me describe you some of the situations when having a weak libido may be destructive for your life. A couple where a woman has a very strong libido, a man should also have strong sexual desires. Otherwise, the couple might have some serious problems. At the same time, a woman with a weak libido might be unbearable for a man whose libido is very high. These are some of the situations when all of us should control the level of our libido. In this post, I will give you some of the most effective and practical methods to increase the level of your libido.


It is necessary to understand that our psychological inclinations and behavior are fully controlled by the level of particular hormones in our blood. By knowing functions of specific hormones, we can fix and configure our interests, behavior, and desires. The main hormone that is responsible for our sexual appetite is testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone of sex, passion, and desire. Very high levels of testosterone may cause exceedingly aggressive behavior. This is what exactly happens to boys during their teen ages. Teenagers want sex the most. Mature men have no so strong sexuality as teenage boys do. Testosterone makes a direct impact on our libido. By increasing and decreasing the level of testosterone in our blood we can configure the strength of our sexual urge.

Sort is one of the most powerful tools that are capable of increasing the level of testosterone hormone. Bodybuilding and other heavy types of sport are ideal for increasing your lust. Today, we do not move much. Most of our time is spent in offices and cold buildings. Most of our daily time we sit on our office armchairs. Today’s modern individual spends the majority of his daily time in front of a computer, laptop, and a mobile phone. Nowadays, we do not move much. Life without any active movements is not beneficial for the level of testosterone in the blood. Our organism does not produce sufficient amount of testosterone when we do not make any active movements. Testosterone is mainly produced during some heavy activities. As it was said, testosterone makes a direct impact on the level of our sexual drive. Thus, I can self-assuredly say that making heavy exercise and sport are the best ways to increase your passion.


making sexDuring sex, our organism produces a huge amounts of testosterone. Sex resembles sport and making heavy exercises. Therefore, sex is a very good tool to strengthen your libido. With a weak libido, it is very probable that you will have no desire to make sex. In this situation, you should force yourself to make sex. After one or two sexual acts, your sexual desires will significantly rise up. Thus, sex is one of the commonly accepted methods to increase your sexual urge.


If you are a man, having more communications with women would definitely increase the level of testosterone hormone in your blood. Consequently, your sex drive will strengthen as well. If you have isolated yourself from the world, it is very likely that you are isolated from the opposite sex. In this situation, do not expect any libido. While communicating with the opposite sex, our organism produces high levels of testosterone. Consequently, testosterone increases your lust very well. Therefore, communicating with the opposite sex is considered to be one of the most productive ways to increase your libido.


Some vegetables, fruits, nuts, and food are famous by their ability to increase the level of testosterone. Some of them are potatoes (all types), macadamia nuts, epic bar, beef gelatin, ginger (powder is more effective), Brazil nuts, extra virgin olive oil, raisins, honey, parsley, eggs, real salt, avocados, yogurt, minced meat, and many others.


Stress produces prolactin hormone that inhibits testosterone. Consequently, low levels of testosterone will cause the loss of libido. Therefore, stress is the main enemy of libido. To reduce your stress level, try to avoid the things and situations that cause it. Of course, stress is unavoidable. Nevertheless, do all the available efforts in order to stay away from it.

Written by Bahtiyar
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