predestinedDo you believe in destiny? I believe in it and I am sure that nothing happens in our life without any purpose. Everything has a reason and we should never ignore signs of our destiny. I realize that there are loads of things that I would not do if my destiny did not put me on several occasions. People are not fully responsible for their destinies. There is a great power of unpredictable and uncontrolled circumstances that we cannot manage. Children in Hiroshima were not responsible for the bomb that was dropped on their city. Did they have any chances to become successful? No, they didn’t. There was a long line of diverse events that predestined that attack. People who were unlucky to be born in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were predetermined to die. The same thing happens with people around the world. We do not choose the place where we will born. We never selected our family and nationality. So how can we say that we are absolute hosts of our life? I know the man who has Epilepsia. Do you wonder about the reasons of his illness? He was born with this disease because his father suffered from the same disorder. This man was predestined to have Epilepsia. This disease has already predetermined his whole life. He is unable to walk without any assistance. The man is already 25 and he is still a virgin. He has never made sex. I think it is clear why he hasn’t had any sexual experience. He is unable to walk, and thus, he doesn’t have the same abilities that we have. The man does not work anywhere because he is incapable of doing any work. Fortunately, he has a mother who works and earns some money. As we see, the life of this man was predestined many years ago before he was born. Whom should he blame for his terrible destiny? His attitude to people is not good because he hates everything in his life. The man hates himself, his destiny, his life, his body, he even hates God and his own mother. I never judge or criticize this kind of hatred because I know about the reasons that cause it. I would have the same feelings and emotions if I was in the same situation. 

I am usually amazed by the level of ignorance when some people confidently claim that we are masters of our destinies. These people exclude such important factors like DNA, or genes, and circumstances that surround us. It is absolutely clear that the person who was born in the USA has more career and business opportunities that someone who was born in Kenya, Mozambik, Nepal, or North Korea. Lives of these people were predestined many years before their appearance on the earth.  

I never tire of telling that there is a multitude of different factors that are responsible for our destiny. Our potential is predestined by the genes inherited from our predecessors. External circumstances is another factor that determines a flow of our life. During our lifetime we encounter dissimilar things that change the direction of that flow. 

When I plan a new enterprise, I am never sure that I will succeed. I am too smart to be assured of the things that I cannot predict. A single event can change the history of the whole world. 9/11 attacks have changed destinies of millions of people around the world. We see effects of that attack till nowadays. Every Muslim or a beardy man is a potential suspect. That means that something happening right now in a particular area of the world can change lives of millions people around the globe. Thus, if you can change your destiny, you will be able to change the history of the whole world. It is unbelievable. I believe in God and I believe that He has already Predestined everything. The world would sink into a full chaos if there was no God. My beliefs do not make me unwilling or fatalistic. I believe that everything is already predestined but I make efforts to achieve my goals. 

I understand that all people have different opinions. Lots of you will disagree with my position and I will be very happy to see your looks and thoughts about predestination and an absolute freedom. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.