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blogging successIt is a well-known fact that 85 % of new bloggers fail after three months of blogging. This means that after three months, new bloggers give up blogging. There are loads of the reasons why new bloggers fail very soon. Most of them have very high expectations. They hope to have a very prompt success. And of course, they are eager to monetize their blogs as soon as possible. After three months of blogging, they see no results. They still could not make even a single cent by their blogging activity. What is more, they have no enough time to add more content on their blogs. This is how the picture looks.

In most cases, all of us have unrealistic expectations. We heard about the bloggers who make millions of dollars by blogging. Therefore, all of us hope to have the same tremendous success. What I want to mention is that our success does not fully depend on our efforts and hard work. You need to be very lucky in order to succeed in this industry.

Before starting a blog, a person should consider about many significant things. First of all, it is necessary to choose the right blogging niche. Otherwise, your fiasco will be very predictable. I won’t mention all the things needed to be taken into consideration before starting a blog. Instead, let me give you some tips that will nearly predict your blogging success or fiasco. By looking at the below-mentioned tips and information, you will be able to analyze your current situation, and possibly predict your blogging success.


You can predict your blogging success by looking at your blog’s niche. If you are writing about your passion, it is very likely that you will continue doing it for a long time. Consequently, you have more chances to succeed in blogging. This sphere is very competitive, and therefore, it will take a lot of time until you will see some significant results. Progress in blogging does not come fast. All the famous bloggers have been blogging for several years. Therefore, patience is the most precious quality needed to have a blogging success.

Look and analyze the things you are writing about. If you started blogging simply to start it and you are not truly interested in the niche of your blog, it is very predictable that you will fail very soon. A person always succeeds in the things he loves. We are not able to have success in the thing we hate. If you are writing about something that is absolutely disinteresting to you, you will not be able to launch your blog for a long time. As I have already told you, regularity is the most important factor that lets you achieve a blogging success. Ask yourself the above-given question. If you are not interested in your blog, prepare yourself to fail very soon.


I have heard loads of stories about the bloggers who failed because they had nothing to share with their readers. This is one of the reasons why new bloggers fail very promptly. Most of them are intrigued by income reports of famous bloggers. The numbers impress them. For this reason, they decide to start blogging as soon as possible. To be honest, most of the new bloggers are not specialized in any field and activity. They write a couple of good articles. As soon as four or five posts are published on their blogs, newbies start expecting web traffic. After a few weeks of writing, they finally realize that they are not knowledgeable enough to teach other people. This is what usually happens to the bloggers who are not professional enough in a particular sphere.

If you started blogging without a good amount of knowledge in your head, it is very probable that you will be fully exhausted very soon. Your blogging success depends on your professionalism. Of course, you can start blogging even if you are not a great specialist. Further, you can enlarge your knowledge, and share it with your readers.


If you are too busy with different activities, you might not be able to find any time for your blogging project. Thus, if you have only 1 hour to blog, it is very predictable that you will not achieve a blogging success. I heard some people saying that it takes them a whole month to write a single post. It might be true. If you have a full-time job, and moreover, you are always busy with other things, it will be very difficult for you to find some free minutes in order to write for your blog. If you are not a full-time blogger, I can self-assuredly say that it will take you a lot of time to have a blogging success. A successful blog should be filled with loads of useful materials. Otherwise, your readers won’t stay on your blog.

If a new blogger has no free time for blogging, it is very probable that this blogger will fail very soon.


We never start something without having a particular motivation. When a person starts blogging, he has a specific aim. Some people want to merely try what blogging means. Other people are financially motivated to launch their blogs. For others, blogging is a mere tool to express their worldview, ideas, and opinions.

To achieve a blogging success, a person must be strongly motivated. If you do not treat seriously, you will never set concrete objectives. If you have no plan and strategy, it is very likely that you will fail very soon.


There are nearly 300 million of blogs on the Internet. Hence, the number of blogs on the Internet is more than the number of porn sites and online stores. Consequently, competition in the blogging industry is extremely high. If you want to write about online business, thousands of other blogs are doing just the same thing. If you want to write about traveling, thousands of travel blogs are doing the same thing. When you want to write about SEO, loads and tons of other blogs are already doing the thing you plan to do. Do you want to write about affiliate marketing? There are already thousands of maybe millions of blogs dedicated to affiliate marketing.

Thus, to have a blogging success, your content must be absolutely unique and valuable. By giving your readers similar recommendations and tips that are already given by millions of other bloggers, you will achieve nothing. If you already know that your content is superbly interesting and captivating, it is very probable that you will succeed in blogging. Otherwise, wait for a very quick fiasco. Today, blogging is the most competitive online industry. You need to provide your readers with something special. Otherwise, I recommend you not to start blogging.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.