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pregnant womenHave you ever been attracted to pregnant women? You may have. However, the majority of men are strongly repelled by the look of pregnant women. I am one of these men. I really don't like pregnant women. Even if a woman might have a gorgeous butt, breast, pretty face, and a good overall body shape, when I see the sign of pregnancy on her belly, she will look very unsexy for me. What is more, I have never been sexually attracted to pregnant women. When I think about the reasons of this repulsion, I realize that there are loads of different things that cause this repulsion. In this blog post, I will try to explain why pregnant girls are so unsexy.

I do not claim that my opinion will suit yours. Nor will I say that my point of view is absolutely universal. Everyone has individual opinions and thoughts, and nobody is going to try to change them. Mainly, I see two main reasons why pregnant women look so unsexy, Let me describe these things more thoroughly.


Firstly, when an embryo starts growing, a woman's belly will grow too. So nobody will say that a big belly looks sexy. I really dislike fat women. Even if a woman is not fat, her big belly will look really disgusting. I am sure that the majority of men around the globe share my opinion. To put simply, pregnant girls look unsexy and unattractive due to their big bellies.

As soon as I see a gorgeous woman, in a matter of a few seconds, I will imagine her naked in bed. Typically, pregnant women won't look seductive when they are naked. A big and heavy belly has nothing to do with sexuality. Finally, pregnant women are unsexy because of their unattractive physical look.


evolutionThe unattractive physical look of pregnant women makes them unsexy. However, this is not the only reason why men don't find pregnant women to be beautiful and seductive. I think that there are loads more profound things beyond this phenomena.

What does a pregnant woman's round belly signal about? Firstly, her belly means that she already has a man who mixed his genes with hers. Secondly, if a woman is pregnant, this means that she cannot get pregnant at this time. Instinctively and subconsciously, when a man looks at a pregnant woman, he realizes the above-mentioned things: a man has already mixed his genes with hers, and she has an embryo, and therefore, she won't be able to get pregnant at this time. Hence, from the evolutionary point of view, it is not wise to spend your resources and time to have sex with pregnant girls. They will breed someone else's offspring, not yours.Even though a human being has become very intelligent, deep inside, we are still animals. Primary instincts have big power over us. A sick woman will never look sexy since she is not able to produce a healthy offspring. Consciously, men are not attracted to sick women due to different subconscious reasons. With pregnant girls, we see that subconscious and instinctive stuff make them so unsexy.


It will be a mistake to say that pregnant women are absolutely unsexy. Such things like beautiful, sexy, seductive, good, bad, and others are relative concepts. Two different people may regard the same thing absolutely differently. Therefore, none of my conclusions and evaluations are strictly universal. There are loads of men who find pregnant women very sexy. If you visit any porn site on the Web, you will surely find loads of pregnant ladies porn video and photo materials. This means that pregnant women are highly popular among some men.

If I was proposed to have sex with a beautiful pregnant woman, I would not refuse to do it. Even though I don't find pregnant women to be astoundingly sexy and attractive, I am sure that sex with them is doable.

Written by Bahtiyar
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