premature ejaculation


premature ejaculationPremature ejaculation is the most common sexual dysfunction reported in men, with up to 3 out of 10 men experiencing it at some time during their lives. While it can occur randomly in some men, and shouldn't be a cause for worry, in others it is a chronic condition that causes great frustration. Penis specific vitamins, exercise, relaxation and cutting out alcohol may improve premature ejaculation, but if it continues to seek medical advice.


For many years doctors believed that the cause of it was psychological in nature and accordingly referred male patients to talk to psychoanalysts, psychologists, and counselors. Much research on PE continues to focus on its psycho-emotional component, but there is also a growing body of evidence to suggest that, for many men, there is an important biological component as well. Neurotransmitters, hormones, nerve sensitivity and nervous system reflexes can be significantly different in men experiencing ejecting early. It may also be a symptom of an underlying physical condition, including neurological disorders, brain tumors, prostate inflammation, erectile dysfunction, and hyperthyroidism. When figuring out treatment plans, it is hugely important to discern what is causing the problem, not only to treat it more effectively but to rule out a more serious or life-threatening issue beneath it.


Medications for it are highly varied, despite the fact that only the most severe cases of men suffering from chronic premature ejaculation will likely be prescribed tothem. Medical treatments range from drugs to depress the nervous system and prolong before ejaculation, sprays and penis injections to numb the nerves of the penis, anti-depressants, anxiolytics, and hormone therapies.


Natural methods of treating PE involve influencing levels of the serotonin in the body. While SSRI drugs, which increase serotonin levels in the body, have been used to treat it in numerous animal trials, there are many nutrients and botanical extracts which also increase serotonin in a similar way to SSRI drugs. Rhodiola Rosea, St John's Wort and Kava have all been postulated to work on serotonin pathways in the brain to achieve their anti-anxiety and anti-depressant effects. Griffonia bean is used around the world as a remedy for insomnia, as its high levels of the 5-HTP act as a precursor to serotonin in the body. For this reason, it has also been used to treat it naturally.

Discovering the cause may need some time and some help from premature ejaculation specialist doctors because there are several reasons that may be taking part in this problem. For example, you may have one of the risk factors for heart diseases, diabetes or hypertension. In some cases, the disease itself is not the underlying cause but, your body reaction to guard itself against the complications of this particular disease.

Herbal pills as premature ejaculation treatment are the best option because they target and improve bodily functions, such as blood flow, relieves stress, revitalizes stamina by giving energy in forms of vitamins and minerals, and they can even slow down hormone production, making men last longer. Delay uses an herbal formula produced from exotic plants in India utilized for more than three decades to fight PE by slowing hormone production. After taking just one dose, the effect will be felt instantly, giving an extended penetration time.

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