resize imageBlogging is a complicated mechanism of different tasks and activities. Writing your posts is the first stage in the whole process of blogging. After you finish writing and editing your articles, you will definitely need to find and optimize images for each of your posts. This process is enough sophisticated and time-consuming. 

First of all, why do you need images for your blog posts? Mainly, bloggers want their blogs to look very attractive, and therefore, beautiful images are essential for a good-looking blog. Moreover, bloggers use images in their posts for SEO purposes. Search engines like articles embellished with high-quality images. No doubts, a profound article looks more attractive and appealing with positive and descriptive photos. These are the main reasons why images are so important if you want to become a professional blogger. Text materials without images look very strange and abnormal. Therefore, every blogger strives to beautify his blog with gorgeous images. 

If you are a beginning blogger or you plan to start blogging in the nearest future, you need to have some professional knowledge on how to prepare your posts for publishing. Today, I am going to talk about images for your articles. In this article, you will learn how to find good photos and optimize them for your posts.


Usually, new bloggers make a common mistake while searching for images on the Internet. Newbie bloggers are not aware of the fact that most of the images on the Internet are protected by copyright laws. Not all photos on the web are allowed for commercial reuse. If you see a high-quality photography somewhere on Google search, be sure that this image belongs to someone and you won’t be allowed to use it on your website. An image is someone’s property, and therefore, we should respect people’s labor. You may make your own researches on the Internet, and you will find scary stories of the bloggers who tried to use copyright-protected images on their blogs. Finally, all of them were caught and obliged to pay huge fines and compensations to the owners of the images. If you plan to start blogging professionally, do not even think about using copyright protected images on your blog. This is a path nowhere. No doubts, you will be caught and forced to pay a huge amount of money for illegal usage of the digital property. 

Most of the bloggers look for images on Google, Flickr, Pixabay,  and other image warehouses. However, Google and Flickr are the most popular and used ones. You will find that most of the bloggers advise using Flickr to find good images. Nevertheless, I prefer using Google because it finds images from all the famous image web resources. While searching for photos, do not forget to filter your search. You will see photos for non-commercial reuse, for commercial reuse, for reuse with modifications, and many other features. If your website is commercial and you intent to monetize it, then, only images, allowed for commercial reuse, may be suitable for your choice. 


Now, when you have chosen the images you want to use on your blog, you need to optimize them for your articles. I was wondering how bloggers manage to use such high-quality images on their websites. This was my thought when I was beginning my blogging career. For me, high-quality photos mean high size, and big size images could slow down a website’s speed. Usually, when you browse the Internet, you see loads of beautiful images on different websites. Before these photos are published, webmasters optimize and resize them. You cannot merely choose a photo on Flickr and immediately insert it into your posts. Often, these photos have very big size, and therefore, it will be necessary to configure them before you use them on your web resource.


I was always wondering about an ideal size of an image to use on my blog. For that reason, I read loads of blogs on this topic. However, I could not find the exact answer to my question. Different specialists recommend diverse options. I found an ideal size of an image by my own experience. An image should be from 50 kb to 60 kb large. You won’t be able to find a single image on my blog which weight is more than 59 kb. With this size, images do not lose their quality. Every blogger wants to have high-quality images with a very light weight. I recommend you not to upload to your blog images which weight is more than 60 kb. This might slow down your blog.  


To compress images, I use two tools. However, one of them is my favorite one. and are the best instruments to compress your images. Some bloggers may recommend you to use different image compressing plugins, however, I won’t advise you to do that. I could not find a plugin that is enough powerful for this type of tasks. is the best online resource to compress and resize your photos. resize imageIts simplicity is one of the most attractive sides of this website. I rarely use software; however, I can state that it is also very functional and convenient. If you are looking for a simple tool to successfully resize, edit, crop, and compress your image, I strongly recommend using I always use it and I am absolutely satisfied by its functionality. 

resize image2

Preparing images for your blog consists of two stages. Firstly, you need to find good photos allowed for commercial reuse. Then, you should edit, resize, crop, and of course, compress them. It is not too difficult. After a few weeks of working with images, you will become a professional in this field.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.