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social networksBlogging is the most popular and widely spread movement on the Internet. Millions of men and women have personal blogs. All of the bloggers have dissimilar intentions. For some people, blogging is a mere hobby. Others treat blogging more seriously. A great number of bloggers are eager to monetize their blogs. For this reason, all of the online entrepreneurs are interested in web traffic. Web traffic is very powerful. It is the most chased thing on the Internet. When your website has large volumes of web traffic, you can achieve whatever you want. Whether you want fame or wealth, web traffic will give you everything you are dreaming about. Look at the world’s richest websites. All of them cover different niches, and of course, all the web resources are dedicated to different purposes. Nevertheless, the is one thing that is common in all of them. All the money-spinning websites have huge volumes of web traffic. Therefore, web traffic is the real king. However, traffic does not come by itself. People should want to visit your website. This is the only way to increase the amount of web traffic on your website. Your cyber resource must be filled with a big amount of useful, practical, and unique content. Otherwise, people won’t need to visit your website.

For the sake of money, all of the online entrepreneurs are looking for traffic. Bloggers are also classified as online entrepreneurs. Today, there are several tools that are mostly used to drive web traffic. They are SEO, Social Media Marketing, guest posting, advertising and promoting a website on other popular resources. In this post, I will talk about promoting your website on social networks. It is also called as SMM (Social Media Marketing). I will strive to give you the most effective and useful tips to promote your blog on social networks. As always, I will try to avoid sophisticated terminologies in my writing. Here are the tips.


After my blog was fully built, I opened official pages for my blog on the world’s most famous and popular social networks. Today, my blog’s official pages exist on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram, and StumbleUpon. These are the biggest and the most effective social networks to promote your blog.

After you blog is ready, sign up to all of the above mentioned social networks. Open official pages for your blog. The pages must have the same name as your blog’s title. Put some attractive photos on your profiles. Describe your blog using some splendid words.

This is the first step you should do in order to start promoting your blog on social networks.


Now, when you have official pages on all social networks, you can go to the second stage. First of all, install special plugins that will automatically post your new posts on social networks. If your blog is built on WordPress, the best plugins for social sharing are SNAP (Social Network Auto Posting) and Jetpack’s Publicize. I use both of these plugins. There are very convenient. Moreover, the plugins are highly configurable.

My blog is built on WordPress. I like this platform very much. I do not want to use any other web platform for many significant reasons. WordPress is very convenient and functional in use. What is more, I love a large variety of powerful plugins that are compatible with WordPress. If your blog is built on WordPress, you will easily find loads of different plugins for auto posting on social networks.


Auto-sharing plugins automatically share and reshare your old posts on social networks. The best of them is Revive Old Post. Currently, I am using it. With this awesome plugin, you forget about manual sharing. In your WordPress dashboard, you set all the necessary configurations, you set the number of posts you want to share in an hour, and all is done. Further, you do not need to do anything. All fo your posts will be automatically shared 24/7. With a free version of Revive Old Post, you can automatically share your posts on Twitter and Facebook. A premium version of the plugin lets you automatically share your old posts on Tumblr, Linkedin, and Xing.


Social groups on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and other social networks consist of people with the same interests. There are groups dedicated to travel, online business, reading, books, affiliate marketing, SEO, history, and many other hobbies, passions, and interests. Find all social groups that are related to the main niche of your blog. Join all of them. I understand that it will be very difficult and time-consuming to publish your posts in social groups. Nevertheless, try to do it from time to time. If your blog is new, it is very likely that social groups have more subscribers and members than your blog’s official page. Therefore, posting in popular social groups will be very effective to promote your blog.


Almost every social network offers you paid promotions. On Facebook, you can start promoting your blog from as little as 5 $. Instagram has the same features. While running promotional ad campaigns on different social networks, you can set preferred auditory, target specific geographical locations, and man other things.

These are the most effective ways to promote your blog on social networks. Not all promotions will be successful. Mostly, your SMM success will depend on the quality of your blog posts. Sharing and reposting boring articles won’t give you any positive results. Millions of bloggers are doing the same thing. Today, if you want to make your blog really popular, you need to offer your readers something truly unusual and unique. Improve the quality of your content. Then, you will be able to successfully promote your blog on social networks.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.