women are better


women are betterWomen and men are human beings. However, they are very different mentally and physically. There are some really profound and mild differences between men and women. I am a man, and I love women. What is more, I am absolutely assured that women are much better than men. This advancement is not related to physical strength, stamina, and other similar stuff. Women are more humanistic, kind, generous, self-devoting, loyal, attentive, caring, tidy, and humane than men. This is not to say that all men are rubbish. No. However, generally, women are much better than man. Ok, let me prove my opinion.


What is a human being? First of all, a human being is meant to feel, emotionalize, and sense. A human being has emotions and feelings. If there is only cold intellect, then, a person is a mere robot. Ability to feel differentiates us from dead material.

Recently, I read a study claiming that testosterone desensitizes men. Men with high levels of testosterone are unable to cry and produce tears. I believe in this study since I never cry. What is more, due to regular physical exercises, I have much more testosterone in my blood than average men have. I feel like my emotions are very weak. I cannot say that I am absolutely unemotional. No. However, I can self-assuredly say that my rational and logical mind prevails over my emotions. This does not happen to women. Their emotional side always prevails over logical and rational thinking. This makes them more emotional. 

If you are looking for emotional care, love, passion, warmness, who will better provide you with the previously mentioned things? Men with high testosterone who do not emotionalize and desensitized because of the hormone? Or women who were created to feel, care, love, and take care of others? I bet you agree that women are more capable to love and feel. This is one of the proves that women are better than men.


Promiscuity is absolutely common in men. Promiscuity is our nature. It is a well-known fact that men are polygamous. From an evolutionary point of view, there are some significant reasons making men more promiscuous than men. What is more, women have 7 times less testosterone than men do. Testosterone is the main sex hormone. It is responsible for sex drive. More testosterone = MORE SEX DRIVE. With low testosterone, people are less obsessed with sex. It is absolutely true that some men use their balls to think instead of their brains.

There is no doubt that men are more disloyal to their soul mates than men. Actually, infidelity is a terrible thing that should be criticised. Infidelity is treated negatively in all societies and countries. Whether it is the USA or Saudi Arabia, nobody wants to be betrayed. I am not married yet, and therefore, I have nobody to betray. No matter who betrays: a man or a woman, infidelity is an absolutely unforgivable thing. 
Nobody will argue that women are more loyal than men. I do not claim that women never betray. They betray a lot. However, let's say that 95% of married men betray their wives from time to time. At the same time, only 30% of women might betray their husbands from time to time. This percentage may be less. The numbers are approximate. Anyway, I am sure you agree that women are more loyal than men.


For a woman, her child means everything. She will sacrifice her life to protect her child. A mother can devote her life to make her child happy. A man will never do that. There are some men who are very attached to their children. However, it is extremely rare. Most men can easily abandon their children. Therefore, there are so many single mothers in the world. A man will firstly think about his own comfort and sexual satisfaction. His children are always secondary to him. Women treat their children with love and care. If a child has no mother, nobody and nothing can substitute her.

This is a very strong argument proving that women are better than men. As I said, self-devotion is a second nature of women. Men are naturally unable to be that caring and tender as women to their children. 

These are some of my thoughts on the topic. I could continue mentioning and explaining other reasons why women are better than men. However, I will stop at this point. The above-given information and arguments will suffice to assure anyone that women are much better than men. One day, I will expand this topic in a more thorough blog post. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.