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protect your contentBlogging is a good activity for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. Whether you want to merely express your thoughts or you want to monetize your website, blogging is a good option. As all types of online movements, blogging has its disadvantages and negative sides. To have good rankings on different search engines, your blog’s content must be absolutely original. Copying and pasting someone’s materials on your blog won’t give you any results. This type of blogging style will not last for long. One day, search engines will include you in their blacklist. Thus, you will lose the opportunity to be discovered through search engines. This information is well-known, and therefore, all bloggers strive to write their unique content. Generating your own material requires a lot of time and efforts. Consequently, there will always be some lazy people who will steal other’s materials. This is unavoidable. For this reason, every blogger should protect his content using different tools and methods. In this article, I am going to show you how to protect your content from digital pirates. 


As soon as I publish new posts, I submit a sitemap for search engines. Thus, I ping my posts to be indexed by search engines as soon as possible. There are loads of different plugins that let you create and submit a sitemap. To be honest, I do not use any of them. I use Attracta’s sitemap submission tool. If you have a website, Attracta offers this service for absolutely free. On Attracta, you may create and submit your sitemap as frequently as you wish. When I publish my posts, I go Attracta’s website and submit a sitemap. Thus, I ping my website to be indexed by search engines. 

submit a website

submit a sitemapIf search engines have already indexed your new posts, you may forget about digital pirates. Their illegal actions won’t hurt you anyhow. Get indexed as soon as possible and do not worry if someone is copying and pasting your content. Search engines will consider your website to be the real owner of the materials. 


I use WP Content Copy Protection plugin on my website. It functions like a charm. I like it and recommend the plugin to every blogger who wants to protect his content from digital pirates. WP Content Copy Protection plugin disables right click option. The visitors of your website won’t have the option to use their right click. Thus, they won’t be able to copy your posts, images, and another content. Hence, none of the lazy thieves will waste their time manually copying your material. They’d better look for other websites that do not use WP Content Copy Protection plugin. This plugin is the best to protect your content from digital thieves. Install and use it.

protect your contentThese are the most effective methods to protect your content from digital pirates. You will also find other suggestions such as placing a note on your website that warns potential thieves. However, I can state that these notes and reminders won’t stop people from copying your materials. It is better to submit a sitemap as frequently as possible and use the plugin I have already recommended. 

There are many different tools that let you find out whether your content plagiarized or not. You might use different WP plugins for this purpose. Moreover, there are numerous online tools that let you know whether someone copies your materials or not. Use the most convenient of them. If you have found that your content is plagiarized, you should do the following steps.

a) Write an email to the person who illegally uses your materials. Remind him about your rights, and tell that you will go further if he does not stop illegally using your content.

b) If the first option did not give you any results, find out the hosting company of the website that plagiarizes your content. Tell them about your problem. The hosting company will send a reminder to the person who ignores your digital rights. 

I hope this post will help you protect your content from all types of digital thieves.  

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.