psychology saves time


psychology saves timeWhen I look at my past, I realize that I have wasted a lot of time doing different things that don't fit my personality. What is more, I wasted a lot of time talking to wrong people whose worldview makes them incapable of understanding my thoughts. Nowadays, when my knowledge of psychology is much better than it was, I spend my time wisely. Firstly, I analyze everything, then, I take actions. This approach saves my time. In other words, I can say that psychology saves my time, nerves, emotions, and energy.

Psychology is definitely one of the best sciences we have in our life. Psychology is life itself. Wherever you go, whatever you do, whoever you talk to, everywhere, you will face psychology. This is why it is crucial to be a good psychologist in order to succeed in every field of your life. In this very blog post, I will explain to you how psychology saves our time in our daily life.


When you are a perspicacious person, it won't be difficult for you to spot a manipulator, scammer, unpunctual person, or someone who is speculating. What is more, when your natural talent is strengthened with the knowledge of psychology, you will become a real human-scanner (kind of a live X-RAY).

In business, it is exceptionally important to choose right partners, workers, lawyers, accountants, and all other human resources.  
If you are far from psychology, you will make loads of mistake, and thereby waste a lot of time messing with wrong specialists and people. Psychology teaches us to understand people. When you do this, you save your time.


family psychologyNowadays, I don't contact anyone from my family. The main reason is that I am too different from my family members. My educational level, worldview, principles, life plans differ from theirs a lot. Therefore, there is no even a single topic for discussion when I meet some of them.

During my younger ages, I was wasting my time messing with some of my family members. Todays, I understand that my thinking, my abilities, my mentality, my DNA, and many other things are too different from theirs. Therefore, it is wiser not to waste my life. 
It is said we should be friendly and kind to our relatives. This is true. I absolutely agree with it. However, using psychology while dealing with your relatives is crucial. Sometimes, it is better to avoid some of them for the common benefit. I usually do. This saves my peace of mind, my energy, and time.


psychology with womenIn any type of relationship with the opposite sex, it is extremely important to be a good psychologist. Otherwise, you will waste your time messing with wrong individuals. When I look at my teenager lifetime, I realize that I was a total fool. I wasted so much time with wrong girls. Nowadays, this happens too. However, today, I am more perspicacious and wise when it comes to choosing mistresses, and girlfriends. I easily identify whether a girl fits me or not. This approach lets me save my time.

Conflict situations are absolutely common when it comes to dating, marriage, and other intersexual relations. Problem-solving skills are crucial to resolving every misunderstanding that occurs between a man and woman. When people are psychologically skilled, gifted, and armored, it becomes easier to understand each other. Conflicts become unnecessary. This saves your time.

Sometimes, it happens that women an men have different intentions. For example, a man wants to have an adventurous sex life and looking for a hot girl. On the opposite side, a woman who dates him want a serious relationship and children. If these people don't understand each other in the beginning, their further communication and relationship will be a mere waste of time. 

Being self-conscious saves your time in every sphere and field of your life. I think it is more important to understand yourself before studying other things. I know what an unconscious life means. I know the differences between your real YOU and someone who YOU ARE due to your environment. This is why it is crucial to use psychology in order not to waste your whole life. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.