Travel is considered to be the most desirable thing in the world. The majority of people enjoy traveling. People who accept my principles hate staying in a single place for a long time. Being free and mobile are my values and priorities. I have already dedicated several blog posts to the theme of traveling and this article is also dedicated to this wonderful thing. Will you believe me that I enjoy praising travel? I praise traveling over and over without stopping. What can be more pleasant than traveling? Can you give me some options that may replace traveling? Will you say that sex is more pleasant and better than traveling? Some of you may say this but I won’t ever agree with this statement. For me, traveling means life. There is no life without traveling. Staying in one place without making any trips, means dying very slowly. There may be some people who disagree with my ideas and values. These people may give their explanations and facts to prove that there are other things that are more important than traveling. I won’t agree with them because such things as “good” and “bad” are relative and not absolute. I realize the fact that something which I consider to be the best for me, maybe something that is considered to be the worst by someone in Africa. I may think Dolce & Gabbana to be the best company in the world because I like their clothes and accessories. At the same time, some homophobes think that Dolce & Gabbana is the worst enterprise in the world because its founders are gays. You see how opinions differ. How many people are there in the world? According to the latest data, there are 7.4 billion people around the globe. What does this mean? This means that there are 7.4 billion different opinions in the world and this fact is indisputable. Let us respect each other and each other’s opinions.

Who are travelers and what does make this person think in a different way? What are the things that make travelers make trips around the world and abandon their native countries? Where do they get their energy, inspiration, and motivation to travel?

I dedicate this blog post to give you detailed answers to all of the above-mentioned questions and even more.


Every traveler is independent. You may not leave your country if there is someone who does not let you do it. If there is someone who can restrict you from doing something, that means that you are not sovereign. Travelers may abandon their country as soon as they want. They do not depend on their parents, relatives, husbands and wives, girlfriends, and boyfriends. They do not need to ask anyone’s permission to travel. Usually, it is easier for men to travel because women in different countries of the world are put in an immature position. Can we say that travelers are financially independent? Yes, some of them are absolutely independent in the financial sphere. There are some travelers who are capable of traveling because someone gives them sponsorship help. We cannot say that this type of traveler is fully self-governing. What will happen if someone refuses to continue aiding a traveler? Will he be able to continue traveling? It depends on him. One thing that is absolutely applicable to every traveler is that they do not depend on regular work or a job. Some of the travelers have a regular passive income that lets them travel. 

Travelers are self-regulating in their intellectual and spiritual life. There are no radical ideas, ideologies, and dogmas, which may limit or restrict travelers from being able to travel as much as they want.  

Travelers are independent thinkers. They are less impacted by government propaganda. Travelers think individually and no one can impact the way they think


A traveler may be a citizen of a particular country, but he is never attached to it. Thus, his mind and intellect are free. They can move wherever they want and they have the ability to abandon anything they want. They are not fans of such parochial ideas as patriotism, cynophobia, and nationalism. Freedom is its value.


One of the most significant differences between travelers and non-travelers is that travelers are very curious. They are curious about everything in the world. Their main goal is to visit as many countries as possible. Travelers are aware of some places that they have never visited and they strive to go there. Curiosity is in the genes of every traveler. They are predestined to become travelers. These people are temperamentally fit to be fans of traveling. If you are not curious, you may have no motivation to travel the world. The gene of curiosity is very powerful in the blood of every traveler. The absence of this gene will make you very passive and parochial.


Travelers are free from such ridiculous things as radicalism, nationalism, and cynophobia. They are not familiar with these feelings and emotions. Being open-minded is a rule of every traveler. You won’t be a successful traveler if you are not open-minded. You will need to accept and respect different nations and cultures. You need to be open-minded in order to successfully adapt to new situations and cultures. 


Generally, a trip is not an easy thing. You may encounter a multitude of difficulties while traveling. These problems may be related to different issues. Sometimes you may have a limited financial budget or health problems, allergies, and other unpredictable situations. Staying at home is very comfortable. Do you face any difficulties In your flat or house? Usually, you do not have any troubles, and comfort is guaranteed to you. Travelers forget about comfort because it is not their privilege. There are some ways to travel very comfortably and it is called “luxury traveling”. This type of traveling may be comfortable but for some travelers, it is very boring. Can you have a luxurious trip in the jungles? No, you can’t do that. Traveling in jungles will be the same for everyone. If you plan to travel, you should be ready for different types of difficulties and problems. Your life in your native country may be very boring but it is stable and safe. While traveling, you need to forget about the following words “comfort”, “comfortable”, “luxury”, “luxurious”, “stable”, “stability”, “guarantee.” Nobody can assure you that your life during your journey will have these features. You will have a very interesting life but it will be full of risks. Patience is a necessary quality for every traveler.


Travelers are very risky people. Sometimes you may have a very limited budget and you never exactly know when it will end up. Every now and then you may be in very dangerous places and zones. You will always face different levels and types of risk on your trips. Professional travelers are aware of them and they always hope to be very lucky. In your voyage, you won’t have any stability and therefore you need to be ready for every possible risk. If you are not a risky person, try to develop that feature because there is no other way to become a successful traveler.   


Travel means encountering different nations, cultures, and people. You will need to build good communication with people in order to survive. You should forget about being lonely in a foreign country. Sometimes it may be very dangerous for you. Living and traveling overseas is very risky and you never know when you will need help. You will develop communicative skills and learn foreign languages in order to build a successful connection between you and other people. Travelers are very communicative because they realize how important it is to be forthcoming, especially when you are abroad.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.